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LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that can facilitate the development of professional relationships and lead to job opportunities! This presentation provides some brief commentary on the benefits of LinkedIn, particularly to college students and recent graduates. Enjoy!


  • 1. Social Media + OnlinePresence Workshop:LinkedInWednesday, May 9, 2012Facilitated byKin Camara and Teila EvansSpecial Guest: Hollie Hilde, MarketingManager, Moss Adams LLP

2. #SMOP2 @Kine_Camara#WWU @TeilaEvans 3. ICEBREAKER Introduce yourself to your neighbor. How is your day? What do you hope to gain from this workshop? 4. PREVIEW1. Overview: Benefits of LinkedIn2. Etiquette3. Success Stories4. Tutorial5. Open workshop6. Networking reception 5. VIDEO: Facebook Ruins JobInterview Do you think employers should prejudge you based on your social media accounts? Has anyone had any experiences like these? 6. 161 million professionals around the world in 2012 4,743 students and alumni found WWU 7. BENEFITS OF LINKEDIN Network with professionals Direct communication Establish a professional identity Positive personal branding Find possible paths to your desired career 8. LINKEDIN ETIQUETTE Be reflective on your experience using LinkedIn Be direct, open, honest Formal or informal not sloppy 9. PEOPLE WANT TO HELP! 10. DEFINE YOUR STRATEGY 11. TUTORIAL Sign in to your linkedIn accounts! 12. Thank you for participating! Please fill out feedback forms Connect in room 203 for refreshments & networking opportunities!