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DESCRIPTION Slides from Judi Knight's presentation at WordCamp, Savannah August 21, 2010, on "Social Media Plugins WordPress '


  • 1.Easy, Breezy Social Media Marketing with WordPress Social Media Plugins

2. Key to Business Success Not enoughto have a snappy, looking website.You Need a WordPressWebsite andLearn to useitto Actively BuildYour Business! 3. Website the Hub of your Marketing

  • Make Your WordPress Website The Hub of Your Social MediaMarketing

4. Levels the Playing Field 5. ACT Method for On-line Marketing

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Transform
  • Measure

6. ATTRACTION To attract means to get attention or stand out. You have to attract traffic to your website your main online marketing tool. 7. ATTRACTION

  • To attract:
  • Write Great Optimized Content (Blog Posts)
  • Push the Content Out with Social Media.

8. Content is King

  • Give away content, it educates prospects and demonstrates expertise
  • Posts, Articles, Videos, Podcasts
  • Lifeblood of search engines


  • Content is King, but. . .
  • What if you write it and nobody comes?

Content is King 10. Content is King

  • You push your content out inorder to bring people back to your site.

11. Social Media PluginsDevelop a Business Plan For your Site and use these cool Social Media Plugins to help you. 12. WordPress Social Media Plugins

  • WWSGD:What Would Seth GodinHelps welcome new visitors to your site and asks them to subscribe to your RSS feed. It shows 3-5 times and then another messages comes up for return visitors.

13. WordPress Social Media Plugins Sexy Bookmarks I had been usingShare and FollowandAdd To Anyfor awhile, buta few months ago found the Sexy Bookmarks plugin and find it looks great on my site. I love how the icons peek up. It is not for all sites. Some need a more conservative look . But it is pretty cool. See itherebelow post. 14. WordPress Social Media Plugins Follow Me :Offers a way to have visitors go toyour pages and follow you by installingFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn icons show up in your sidebar. This saves you from having to fool with adding a lot of linked images to a textbox widget then this is a great little plugin. Check it outhereon my test site. 15. WordPress Social Media Plugins I have described my list of eight cool Social Media Plugins on a post on my New Tricks Website.Check them out. 16. WordPress Social Media Plugins All for nowTo follow me: And please sign up forJust a Digital Minuteandreceive on social media tip in your e-mail box every Wednesday morning.