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This slide desk is from a collaborative workshop with Emily Dieringer-Winnebago Co. Health Dept; Sara Mader, Madison Dane Co Health Dept and Annie Allen Sauk Co Health Dept. #wspc2011 More information at


  • 1. Wisconsin State PrevenDon Conference June 14-16, 2011 Social Media Host/Moderator: LaDonna Coy with Emily Dieringer, Winnebago Co. Public Health Sara Mader, Madison Dane Co. Public Health Annie Allen, Sauk County Public Health #WSPC2011

2. LaDonna Coy, MHR, CPS, CDLA! 3. #Hashtag #WSPC2011 h0p:// 4. Learning ObjecDves Dene presence in Social Media Deciding to post or not to post Share stories and examples IdenDfy a set of tools to help you dene your social media guidelines or policy 5. Networked ExpertiseKnowledge gets shared throughout Networks 6. RelaDonships Like Comment Digg TweetFriend Share Text Follow! Update! make media social! 7. Social Media Tools 8. Establish Your Presence by ing Shar CommenDng 9. Napkins & Cards 10. Emily Dieringer Winnebago Co. Public Health 11. re:TH!NKs Social Media 12. re:TH!NKs Social Media 13. re:TH!NKs Social Media 14. WCHD Social Media 15. WCHD Social Media 16. Tracking Social Media 17. Organizing Social Media 18. Sara Mader, Madison Dane Co. Public Health 19. Facebook Prole Page 20. Facebook Info Page 21. Annie Allen RN, PHN Sauk County Health Department 22. Where To Get Content? Websites YouTube Twi0er Facebook News Coworkers Community Events Department Events 23. Be Aware of what You Post 24. Dealing With NegaDvity 25. 5 Reasons a to have Social Media Policy 26. 1. Establish Clear Guidelines 27. 2. IdenDfy Standard Responses 28. 3. Have a Consistent, Coordinated Presence 29. 4. Protect Equipment Sta Ume Data ReputaUon (yours & organizaUons) 30. 5. Have a plan in place for crisis situaDons 31. Knowledge is shared And change happensThrough our Networks 32. Amplied as we Like Comment Digg Tweet Friend Share TextFollow! Update!make media social! 33. Social media [is] a rapidly evolving culture, and a fundamental shi: in communica;ons, community building and decision making. To succeed in the 21st century, you need to know what this is all about, and how you can align your work in this new era. --Lisa Colton, Darim 34. References & Resources All materials and links from todays workshop h0p:// Red Cross Social Media Strategy Handbook h0p:// handbook Mayo Clinic Policy h0p:// employees/ Policy Tool for Social Media h0p:// CDC Social Media Tools, Guidelines and Best PracUces h0p:// 35. References & Resources Social Media Guidelines by Socialsh h0p:// guidelines.html NTEN Tips for wriUng your rst social media policy h0p:// rst-social-media-policy Photo CitaDons All Photos from or 36. This presentaUon is licensed under CREATIVE COMMONS. This means you can use it, or parts thereof, as long as appropriate a0ribuUon is given and your resulUng product is made available under this same license. The license prohibits using this presentaUon for commercial purposes. A list of citaUons and links is included for your reference and use. Please cite all creaUve commons photos to the original source. Suggested A0ribuUon: Source: LaDonna Coy, MHR, CPS, CDLA with Learning Chi, Inc. with Emily Dieringer, Winnebago Co. Public Health; Sara Mader, Madison Dane Co. Public Health; Annie Allen, Sauk County Public Health; for the Wisconsin State PrevenUon Conference, June 14-16, 2011.