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The Abbi Agency teaches social media classes covering topics like Wordpress, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter.


  • 1. Social Media Class:Wordpress, Instagram, PinterestWednesday, April 22, 2013

2. Wordpress Lecture 3. Wordpress 4. Wordpress Wordpress is a blogging platform verus Why blog? 5. Wordpress RSS & Email Subscribe Blogging best practices 300 1,000 words Once a day, once a quarter Consistency 6. Wordpress Q & A 7. Pinterest Lecture 8. Pinterest 9. Pinterest Who is on pinterest What is pinterest 10. Pinterest Why use pinterest How to use pinterest 11. Pinterest Q & A 12. Take a break! 13. Instagram Lecture 14. Instagram 15. Instagram How to download Instagram (if you dont already have it) 16. Instagram Why use Instagram? How to use Instagram 17. Instagram Q & A 18. BONUS! Apps for mobile/tablet that help with social media 19. Thank You!@theabbiagency@connieaguilar@nicolerosedion