social media: what is it? why you need strategy & how to get it

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Social Media: What Is It?, Why You Need Strategy & How To Get It. Many businesses now realize the need to be involved in Social Media yet lack the knowledge and know-how of implementing a clear strategy backed by sound tactics. Learn what fuels the Social Media industry and how to get your foot in the door on an arena your business can’t afford to ignore. Join Ben as he shares personal insights & inspiring stories from others who have literally re- written the rules of business by harnessing the power of social media.


  • 1.Social Media What Is It? Why You Need Strategy & How to Get It what? why? how?2011 Finch

2. what?2011 Finch 3. what? social media: The use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue.2011 Finch 4. what? key word: dialogue2011 Finch 5. what? how do you communicate with a digital world?2011 Finch 6. what? more importantly... how does a digital world communicate with you?2011 Finch 7. what?you may want to consider: Over 50% of the worlds population is under 30 years old In 10 years over 40% of the Fortune 500 will no longer be here Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web Facebook tops Google for weekly trac in the U.S. 1 in 5 couples meet online What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas! If Facebook were a country it would be the worlds 3rd largest & 2x thesize of U.S. 80% of companies use social media for recruitment; 95% use LinkedIn2011 Finch 8. what?2011 Finch 9. what? Portfolio Website2011 Finch 10. what? Blog2011 Finch 11. what? Facebook2011 Finch 12. what?2011 Finch 13. what? LinkedIn2011 Finch 14. what? Pinterest2011 Finch 15. what? Instagram2011 Finch 16. what?2011 Finch 17. what?2011 Finch 18. what? ickr2011 Finch 19. why?2011 Finch 20. why? why social? what fuels the industry?2011 Finch 21. why? why social? what fuels the industry? Top Reasons Brands are Investing in Social...1. To generate word of mouth advocacy2. Develop brand loyalty and build closerrelationships with customers3. Address customer care issues4. Educate customers and media aboutcompany-related issues5. Support product/service sales & eventsSource: FedEx Social Brand Study2011 Finch 22. why? why businesses fail at social media.2011 Finch 23. why?We are going toWe are going toDo FacebookDo Social Media why businesses fail at social media.(sound familiar?)We are going toDo Facebook2011 Finch 24. why?please dont.2011 Finch 25. how?2011 Finch 26. how?1. have a reason, a strategy.2011 Finch 27. how? strategy: Strategy is when you have a plan to accomplish something.2011 Finch 28. how? tactics: Tactics are specic actions, sequences of actions, & schedules you use to fulll your strategy.2011 Finch 29. how?tactics without strategy is dumb.2011 Finch 30. how?where are you headed?what do you want to do?2011 Finch 31. how?Serve where should abrand start? Brand positioning indicates how Activate Earnthese brands may have entered into social media. Where theymove from here depends onhow their customers need themmost over time. David Rollo, 22squared Amplify2011 Finch 32. how?2. choose a platform(s).2011 Finch 33. how?let your strategy dictate your platform.2011 Finch 34. how?A social networking service, birthed by collegestudents. The site still maintains a youthful &unguarded culture. Users must register & create aprole, add other users as friends, & exchangemessages & receive notications when theyupdate their prole. Users express themselvesthrough status updates & by joining common-interest groups.2011 Finch 35. how?A social networking and microblogging servicethat enables its users to send & read text-basedposts up to 140 characters known as tweets.2011 Finch 36. how?A business-related social networking site. Insome respects similar to Facebook but with amore professional, business-like culture. Usersregister & create a prole, connect with otherusers, recommend others & display work relatedexperiences & resumes.2011 Finch 37. how?A video-sharing website where users can upload,share & view videos.2011 Finch 38. how?3. conversational = like a friend. add value.2011 Finch 39. how?do what friends do.2011 Finch 40. how?listen.2011 Finch 41. how?engage.2011 Finch 42. how?engage.2011 Finch 43. how?engage.2011 Finch 44. how?engage.2011 Finch 45. how?engage.2011 Finch 46. how?engage.2011 Finch 47. how?engage.2011 Finch 48. how?content is king.2011 Finch 49. how? 2 questions must be asked.2011 Finch 50. how? 2 questions must be asked. 1. Is it helpful?2011 Finch 51. how? 2 questions must be asked. 1. Is it helpful? 2. Is it entertaining?2011 Finch 52. how? authentic messaging. A necessity for transparency & authenticity in every social media program, no matter its simplicity or sophistication.2011 Finch 53. how?think long term.2011 Finch 54. how?4. images & videos rule.2011 Finch 55. how? Provide the ultimate social experience for sports fans. Bualo Wild Wings2011 Finch 56. how? Provide the ultimate social experience for sports fans BWW.2011 Finch 57. how? The volcano has been turned o, visit Iceland.2011 Finch 58. how? The volcano has been turned o, visit Iceland.2011 Finch 59. how?words rule too, but only whenentertaining or helpful.2011 Finch 60. how? The Chair: One Mans Crusade to Own the Worlds Coolest Chair... EVER!2011 Finch 61. how?5. promote others. share the love.2011 Finch 62. how? TwitChange How Social Media Is Changing the World.2011 Finch 63. how? Help Portrait A Global Movement of Photographers using their time, gear & expertise to give back to those in need.2011 Finch 64. how?highlight partners & vendors.2011 Finch 65. now what?2011 Finch 66. now what?nally... invest, track & measure.2011 Finch 67. now what? 5. invest. track & measure.FacebookAnalytics2011 Finch 68. now what?Analytics2011 Finch 69. now what?Social Media Studies2011 Finch 70. now what? social must become a way of life.2011 Finch 71. lets connect! @johnbennch email Finch


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