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<ul><li>1.Business Exchange Empowered<br />Social Media why how strategy<br />Viral Marketing for Facebooks, Twitter, LinkedIn &amp; Others<br />By Sonja Onthank<br />3/8/11<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Communication Info Executive (CIO)<br />Listen To The Buzz<br />Fix Customers Who Had a Bad Experience<br />Focus on Strategies that Educate<br />Find Ways to Engage Employees<br />Keep Followers Engaged<br />Be Aware of the Expanding or Decreasing Participation in Your Social Media Sites<br />See What CompetitorsDo To Engage Followers<br />3. Why do people use social media<br />Small Communication Bits<br />Trendy<br />Mobile Friendly<br />Interactive and Real Time<br />Reacting to an Emotional Topic<br />There was a Hook<br />It is a Sales Tool (LinkedIn)<br />4. 7 Steps for social media<br />Create a Profile in Facebook<br />Create a Profile in LinkedIn<br />Add Groups and Events in Those Profiles<br />Join Groups that Relate to You<br />Create a Profile in Twitter<br />Start a Blog that Appeals to your Audience<br />Solicit Friends and Connections From Business Cards You Have Retained<br />5. How Much Time for Social Media<br />2 Hours a Week for a Small Business<br />6 Hours/Weed forMid-Sized Business<br />16 Hours/Week for a Large Business<br />Double Online Time with Preparation:<br />Writing Articles<br />Creating Emotional-Compelling Content<br />Validating Facts<br />Review Follower Interactions Daily<br />6. Who Benefits from social media<br />The people who publish info.<br />The people who receive &amp; interact with info.<br />7. What is the Hook?<br />Find Urgent, Relevant News for Pull Marketing<br />Have a Mini-Website for the Call-To-Action<br />Use Google Analytics to Know What Social Media Thread Created the Call-To-Action<br />A Call-To-Action Captures Information for your Push Marketing, but Followers Expect a Reward<br />8. Turn social media to press releases<br />Followers are Your Testimonials <br />Analytics Are Gathered<br />Mastermind Your Ideas<br />Keep Up with Virtual Responsibilities<br />Be Prepared for the Unexpected<br />9. Presentation summary<br />Social Media Points to Various Links<br />You Have Several Sites to Maintain: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn <br />You Monitor What People Are Interested In<br />You Respond to Complaints and Compliments<br />You Maintain a Reputation<br />Dont Trick People Keep It Honest<br /></p>