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Presented to the Revere Chamber of Commerce. In this seminar, you will learn: The impact of social media on business - yes, it can be used for marketing! Creative ideas for using social media to promote your business


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2. SlidesSlides are available to attendees by emailing Julia atjulia@jcsocialmarketing.comIf you like the presentation, please Like my Page onFacebook! @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 3. What We Will Cover TodayIn this seminar, you will takeaway: The impact of social media onbusiness - yes, it can be used formarketing! Creative ideas for using socialmedia to promote your businessQ&A after the presentationTweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 4. Why Use Social Media? Building the brand trust, affinity, authority Engaging withcustomers word ofmouth marketing Customer service answering questions,demonstrating theproduct in action Crowdsourcing ideas getting innovative ideasTweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 5. Why Use Social Media? Marketing Optimization Google Analytics, determinewhat terms people aresearching and from whatsites they are coming from Attract and educate newcustomers driving traffic Increasing salesTweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 6. Is Social Media Just A Fad? 78% of consumers say that the posts made by companieson social media influence their purchases. (Forbes) 62% say that Facebook is the most useful social mediaoutlet for researching small businesses before visiting astore in person. Nearly 85% of the shoppers surveyed said local dealsand offers on Facebook are important in their decisionsto purchase an item in-store.Source: Your Business's Biggest Mistake: Not Being on Facebook @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 7. First Things FirstIf you do not have awebsite or yourwebsite is awful, socialmedia will not beeffective.Your website is yourmarketing hub.You get out of socialmedia what you put in like exercise!Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 8. Its Not About You.Using social mediaeffectively meansunderstanding yourtarget audience and targetcustomer.What do they like? Whatare they interested in?What moves them? Whatdo they like to share?What do they like toread?HINT: Its more than justyour business!!!!!Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 9. Its About THEM.For example if you provide aproduct or service to moms,create content (posts, blogs,tweets, videos) that help,inform and entertain moms. Recipes Snack ideas Kids activities Articles about current issuesWhat do your competitors post?Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 10. Respect the Channel.The platforms are different, and each has its ownaudience, users and unique culture.What works on Pinterest may not work on Twitter.Speak the language of the channel you are using: Animated GIFs on Tumblr. Infographics on Pinterest. Stunning photography on Instagram. Funny, light-hearted posts on Facebook.Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 11. 6 Ways to Get More Engagement1) Add photos to eachpost or tweet.Dan Zarrella of LikeableMedia conducted a studywhere he tracked andanalyzed more than 1.3million posts from the10,000 most-Liked FacebookPages, and he found thatphotos work best.Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 12. Photos, Visuals, Graphics!Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 13. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 14. A Note On Photos and LinksFacebook is cracking down on linkbait and memes.we will start taking into accountwhether people tend to spend timeaway from Facebook after clicking alink, or whether they tend to comestraight back to News Feed when werank stories with links in them.People prefer links posted as links.The Facebook newsfeed algorithm nowprioritizes links that are posted aslinks, and show fewer links in photos,videos and status updates.Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 15. 6 Ways to Get More Engagement2) Post at the right time of day for YOUR audience. Buddymedia published a study where theydiscovered a 20% higher rate of engagement on postspublished in the mornings and evenings. Dan Zarellas study found that content posted laterin the day (EST) got more likes and shares peakingaround 8 PM. You should always use your analytics to determinewhen your audience is looking at and interacting withyour posts.Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 16. 6 Ways to Get More Engagement3) Ask for interaction. Dont make people think about their answers. Think about how people consume Facebook whilewatching TV, while waiting in line, while doing work. Questions that work: Fill in the blank My favorite back-to-school memorywas when____________. Like if you agree! Comment if you disagree! Share please! Yes or No questionsTweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 17. 6 Ways to Get More Engagement4) Be relevant. Remember WHY people are on social media! To see what the world is talking about. To see what their community is talking about. To have fun. To be entertained. To interact with friends and family. Make sure to keep your pulse on what people areinterested in, talking about and thinking about insert your commentary or ask people for theirs.Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 18. 6 Ways to Get More Engagement5) Be funny.Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 19. 6 Ways to Get More Engagement6) Give something away.Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 20. Sharing is the Goal.People only share on socialmedia if it will resonate withtheir friends & connections if it will make them look good.Make posts PG or G rated sopeople will share it.Do you want people to like thepost, share the post, commenton it or click on the link?The risk of going for everythingmeans ending up with nothing.Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 21. Recipe for Success Your posts, your audience, your time of day EXPERIMENTTweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 22. Measurement Is Key. Google Analytics ConversionsWebsite traffic, email sign upsTweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 23. Tools Google Alerts for the social web Schedule posts HootSuite Schedule posts, analytics Discover content Free e-book from Marketo Contagious Content @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 24. Learn More About Social MediaSocial MediaBreakfast NorthShore meet monthly onthe last Tuesday of themonth at 8 AM.Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 25. To learn more: www.jcsocialmarketing.comTweet: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber 26. Questions, Comments, Feedback? Email: Website: Cell: 978-578-1328 Twitter: @JuliaCSocial Facebook: @JuliaCSocial @RevereChamber