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  1. 1. Tittle : Draft Comic Slide Presentation Group Members : Erica Chin - 0320460 Shze Hwa Lee - 0320053 Hazel Crisostomo - 0320152 Tan Yong Chien - 0320200 Joel Takimara - Social Psychology
  2. 2. Concept Sexism Extrinsic Motivation Social Learning Persuasive Messages Counterfactual Thinking
  3. 3. Sexism Discrimination directed at a specific gender . Treating people unequally due to their gender
  4. 4. Sexism Sexism Taylor student Having a Charity Business group project by collecting sponsorship and selling T-Shirts . everyone need to form a group of 5-to-6 people. there was 2-female left without a group and force to join 4- male in members. The group leader is MALE and he underestimate the capability of the 2 female member .the boys also treated the female member not equally and unfair due to their gender.
  5. 5. Extrinsic Motivation Motivation that comes from outside an individual. Motivation factor : rewards such as money or grades. The rewards provide satisfaction and pleasure.
  6. 6. Extrinsic Motivation Extrinsic Motivation Aiming to get A+ marks for the project The task as been divide into group . They motivate to sell more product to earn more profit to hit the target , help the Charity and eventually get high marks from this project.
  7. 7. Social Learning theory is the view that people learn by observing others. learned primary by observing and imitating the action of others can be influence by rewarding or punishment for these actions.
  8. 8. Social Learning Social Learning On the actual day of the Charity Booth Selling T-Shirt One of the female assign to be the sales promoter but she found it so hard for her to do her job as a sales person because she dont have the confidence to deal with others. Then when she started to observe the other promoter beside their booth . she found out that other promoter enjoying and confidently promoting their product from the student who are passing by their booth. she was then learned from them and she started to improve her promoting skills .
  9. 9. Persuasive Messages Routes to persuasion occurs when a person attempts to convince an individual or group to take actions. Two type of persuasive messages workplace are sales and marketing which are utilised to achieve organizational objectives
  10. 10. Persuasive Messages While observing the other booth they found out that having promotion SALE is an effective way to attract more buyers That why the group decided to change their marketing strategic , they come out of the promotion SALE and give flyer of buy 2-free- 1 T-shirt To attract more buyer and hit the target sales
  11. 11. Counterfactual Thinking upward counterfactuals thinking about a past that did not happen this often happens in if only situation where we wish something had or had not happened `
  12. 12. Counterfactual Thinking After the Charity Selling Product though their sales is high they still didnt manage hit the target thats why the group get A- marks for the project If only they notice and pay attention for the Sponsorship maybe they cover up the few amount of money to hit the total amount to complete the target sales .