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  • 1. LinkedIn Social Media Series: Instagram, Pinterest & MySpaceDecember 2012 Will Scott Account Planner UK Jonathan Bradford Associate Solutions Consultant UK,FR,NL

2. Social Media Landscape series : Session program 3. DisclaimerA few things to keep in mind: Marketing is a fast moving market place and so product suite is subject to constant change Engagement rates and costs arent often publicly available. However guidelines based onpublic information have been included as guidelines only Social is an ever changing industry and so best efforts have been made to ensureinformation is current and valid An effort has been made to ensure the material is impartial This deck is not intended as a LinkedIn Vs other platform sales story 4. Learning objectives An overview of the platforms Recent member milestones & usage stats A few current events / recent product releases An overview of their go to market approachand commercial product offering ( where theyhave one) Ensure the LinkedIn sales team are betterinformed about other social platforms. 5. IcebreakerThose using the platform are closer than you think 6. Mission Statement 7. Quick Stats 8. A brief historyFebruary 2011November 2010September 2011 Twitter founder, April 2012Launched in the10 million users Jack Dorsey, FacebookApple App had downloadedinvests $7M in acquiresStore the app the business Instagram for$1bnMarch 2010April 2012December 2010Founded by Android appKevin Systrom & Reached 1August 2011released, with Mike Kreiger. million usersInstagram over 1 millionOriginally called announces thatdownloads inBurbn150M photosthe first 24 hourshave been uploaded 9. Site Basics 10. Site Basics 11. Rumours/News 12. Commercial Offerings 13. How brands are using the platform Innocent 14. How brands are using the platform Nike 15. Mission Statement 16. Quick Stats*Assume figures are monthly, unless otherwise noted. 17. A brief history August 2012March 2010August 2011 May 2012 Apps for iPad Launched as a Beta TIME namesPinterest is valued and Android are platform, availablePinterest as oneat between $1-1.5launchedto those with an of the Top 50bn by Mashable worldwideinviteBest Websites of2011December 2009August 2012March 2011 December 2011Founded by Paul Pinterest opensPinterestBreaks into theto everyoneSciarra, Evanlaunches its top 10 worlds without request Sharp, and Ben mobile app on largest social or invitation Silbermann the Apple appnetworks withstore11 million visits per week 18. UK Audience Demographics64%43% 60% Of visitors are Have a HHI of over 50k Do not havefemalechildren52%65% Of users are under Are classed as ABC1sthe age of 34 19. Site basics 20. Site basics Update Feed 21. Site basics - Notifications 22. Site basics Nav Bar 23. Site basics - Profile 24. Site basics - Pin 25. Rumours/News 26. How brands are using the platform - Catalogues 27. How brands are using the platform - Mosaics 28. How brands are using the platform - Competitions 29. Commercial offerings Pinnable ads 30. Mission Statement A leading social entertainment destination powered by thepassions of fans. Aimed at a Gen Y audience, Myspace drives social interaction by providing a highly personalizedexperience around entertainment and connecting people tothe music, celebrities, TV, movies, and games that they love. These entertainment experiences are available throughmultiple platforms, including online, mobile devices, and offline events. 31. Quick Stats25m 2.8m Registered UsersDaily visitors 2.2 3.2 Minutes spent per Pages viewed per visit visit 1.9Visits per member, per month*Assume figures are monthly, unless otherwise noted. 32. A brief historyJuly 2005April 2008Jan Feb 2011September 2012 Acquired by Facebook overtakes Myspace in Traffic falls by a Justin Timberlake tweets aNews Corp forterms of worldwide unique further 44% in onevideo, showing the new, $580m visitors month alone redesigned MyspaceAugust 2003 June 20062010-2011June 2011Founded bySurpassedWorldwide Myspace is sold Chris De WolfeGoogle as theunique users fall by News Corp toand Tom most visited site from 95m 63m Specific Media Andersonin the USfor $35m a lossof $545m 33. What Went Wrong? 34. UK Audience Demographics61%40% 57% Of visitors are Have a HHI of over 50k Do not havefemalechildren53%57% Of users are under Are classed as ABC1sthe age of 34 35. Whats the plan for Myspace now? 36. Site Basics - Profile 37. Site Basics - Music 38. Site Basics - Video 39. Site Basics - Events 40. Site Basics Nav Bar 41. Site Basics - Advertising 42. How brands are using the platform 43. Key Takeaways Instagram about sharing and moments. Mobile focussed,however slowing branching out onto our desktops Pinterest Your personal pin board. Graphically focused,and an area which advertisers are starting to explore Myspace is back!