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  • Social Studies CoursesFreshmen/Sophomores

  • World Affairs

    Mrs. MollSemester CourseSophomores SeniorsTopicsEconomics, Government, Enviornment, Terrorism, Health Issues, Human Rights and GeopoliticsMethodsSimulations, Discussions, Debates, Group ProjectsFinal Project no exam

  • Full Year Course Mrs. Moll9th and 10th GradeFor students who are interested in how mankind developed and how this influences the way we live todayTopics Include:People and societyHow the people, places, ideas, and events of the world have shaped who we are todayHow the environment has different effects on societies around the worldThe causes related to the issues of the modern worldStudy skills, reading skills, and test taking skills will be developed and reinforced along the way

  • World GeographyFull Year CourseMr. WahlenRegions Studied:Western Hemisphere, Africa, Asia, Middle East, OceaniaTopics:Major Land Forms, Cultures, Languages, Groups, Politics, Economics, Diversity

  • World HistoryFull year courseMr. Phillips, Mr. Koller, Mr. MehreioskoueiA survey of western and non-western civilizations. Students will trace the development of nations and learn the economic, intellectual and social advances of humanity. Simulations, lectures, videos, projects

  • AP European History10th-12th Full Year CourseMr. PhillipsRequires recommendation or successful experience in AP USStudies European History from the Renaissance to PresentMethods:Discussion, presentations, role playing, lecture, other engaged learning activitiesHigh Success Rate of former participants when in college!

  • AP Human Geography 9th-12th Full Year CourseMr. WahlenRequires recommendation Intense study of the relevance of geography to todays human problems.Topics and Current Events:Population growth, Immigration, Pop Culture, Languages, Religious Issues, Conflict over Ethnicity, Growth and Problems of Cities, World Resources Methods: Discussion, Debate, Presentations, Lecture, Video High Success Rate of former participants when in college!

  • AP World History: 10-12th GradeFull Year Course- Mr. MRequires recommendation or successful experience in AP USTopics: Intense analytical examination and discussion of world civilizations.Methods:Discussion, presentations, document analysis, lecture, other engaged learning activitiesHigh Success Rate of former participants when in college!

    Social Studies=Success in Life!

    Social Studies=Success in Life!

  • Multicultural Perspectives10th-12th Semester CourseMr. KollerPortfolio CourseNo Tests Topics: Prejudice, Ones own heritage, African American, Hispanic, and Asian culturesActivities: Share ethnic heritageMusic, food, family tree, cultural traditions Creation of Self-Culture Power PointConflict Resolution

  • Law and the Individual11th and 12th Semester CourseMr. BaxterStudies:Rights and LibertiesAnalyzes the criminal justice systemDiscusses current legal issues

  • Leadership for Life10th,11th 12th Semester Elective CourseMrs. WienkePrerequisite for Leadership IIContent:Encourages self-identity, self-development, self-improvement and leadership skills. Course is activity and project based, allowing individuals to learn their leadership style, their strengths and weaknesses, with an emphasis on teambuilding and leadership strategies. No Final ExamField Trip to Outdoor Teams Rope Course

  • Leadership IISemester Elective Course: Mrs. WienkeMust take Leadership I to take Leadership IIContent: Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, & ValuesLeadership in Action: Activity and Project basedGuest speakersApprentice Team Challenge: teams put leadership skills to test in a competitive team environmentChallenges: Design an item of clothing for school store Plan a Pep and Promote Assembly Create a mentoring program for Incoming Freshman Redesign the Cafeteria (food and structure)*The goal is for the winning team to implement their programsPlanning School Wide Semester PresentationPast topics: AIDS Awareness, Election 2004, Prejudice and Stereotypes, Teen Dating Violence, The Unseen, High School Choices, The Environment

  • Leadership

  • Womens Studies10th, 11th, 12th Taking the His out of HistorySemester CourseMrs. WienkeOpen to both Males and Females Topics:The Role of Women Throughout U.S. historyWomen and the Work forceWomen, Education, and SportsWomen, Politics and LawThe Media and Body ImageActivism of Womens causes throughout the centuryThe Effects of Violence Against WomenField Trip to Outdoor Teams Rope Course

  • Womens Studies

  • Psychology I11th and 12th Semester CourseMrs. Dvorak, Mrs. Wedoff, Mr. CosentinoTopics:History of Psych, Research, The Brain, Sensation and Perception, Sleep and Dreams, Behaviorism, Development, Personality, MemoryMethods:Projects, Demonstrations, Videos, Lectures, Role Playing, Group Activities, Experiments

  • Psychology II11th and 12th Semester CourseMrs. Dvorak, Ms. Kassner, Mr. CosentinoMust have a C in Psych I to takeTopics:Conformity, Attraction, Motivation and Emotion, Aggression and Violence, Drugs, Stress, Psych DisordersMethods:Projects, Demonstrations, Videos, Lecture, Discussions, Experiments, Group Activities, Experiments

  • Psych Pics

  • AP Psychology--11th and 12th Year Long CourseMrs. DvorakAlternative to Psych 1 and 2Recommendation or past success in APPreparation for the AP Exam and College CreditComprehensive overview of psychologyMethods:Experiments, Demonstrations, Activities, Collaborative Student Projects, Lecture and Discussions, Simulations

  • AP Psych.Activities

  • Junior Required Course OptionsUS History 341US History 342General American Studies 331American Studies 336 AP US History 369

  • US History 341 and 342Mr. Cosentino, Mr. Mehreioskouei, Mr. Rubin, Mr. Wahlen, Mr. Yanule Survey of US HistoryFull Year CourseFull year Course1st SemesterExploration and Colonization through Imperialism 19002nd Semester1900 to PresentVariety of Learning MethodsSimulations, Group Activities, Lecture, Projects, Videos

  • American Studies 331/336Teachers:Mrs. Lopez/Mr. Micheletto, Mrs. Wedoff/Mrs. Lagioa, Lazzara/Richards, Cosentino/Davis, Cassidy/CurtinTeam Taught w/an English TeacherDouble PeriodYear Long Course w/both English and Social Studies CreditThematic ApproachCombines History and Literature with art, music, architectureAttempts to answer the questionsWhat is the American Dream? What is an American?

  • AP US HistoryMrs. Lopez and Mr. RubinAdvanced Placement LevelFull YearEnglish 208 or Social Studies Teacher RecommendationEmphasis on research, writing, discussion, and primary resourcesAP Test Prep/Possible College Credit


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