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<ul><li> Welcome to Marketing Campaigns that deliver results via Social Media Presented by Jackie Bese Managing Partner at Atomic Design &amp; Consulting#SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> WHO AM I LISTENING TO AND WHY? Jackie Bese; 15 years as Internet Marketing Agency OwnerB2B, B2C, Nonprofit, Publishing, Sports and Public Active in Social Media Marketing Community HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> TODAYS FOCUSIntegrating Social Media into your business Simple ways to manage your networks Some common mistakes we see Making sense of it all HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> Twitter Vocabulary @mention or @reply example: @AtomicJackie RT, Tweet example: RT @AtomicJackie #hashtag example: #SSSDFW DM or DM me example: d AtomicJackie Via #FF HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> Families, Friends and Brands are driving people to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> Ouch, I just got in a car wreck! WHO CARES? HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> THE IMPORTANCE OF ACTUALLY LISTENING HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> WHERE TO START, HOW TO MANAGE ALL OF THIS? HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> GETTING STARTED: DEFINE GOALS HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> GETTING STARTEDPlaces you may need to be Google+ Participate where your Facebook customers, staff, and Twitter vendors already are. LinkedIn / LI Groups How do you know Foursquare where that is? Flickr ASK if you have to! Blogs Industry Specific Niches HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> GETTING STARTED: PROMOTIONBe sure to involve your entire organization. Thecompany staff should know why &amp; how you areusing social media.PROMOTION TIPSHave staff promote, place in your email newsletter&amp; marketing materials, website(s), emailsignatures, receipts &amp; invoices, banner ads, getCreative! HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> TOOLS AND LINKS / Enterprise Level:MarketMeSuite, MutualMind, Raven, Radian 6, Visible Technologies HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> My Favorite Discovery &amp; Management Tools HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> HootsuiteHASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> Tweet AdderFind. Add. Remove. Automate! HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> Topics Sentiment Top keywords Top users Top hashtags # Sources Links to articlesHASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> COMMON MISTAKESWe see these all the time No defined professional manager No SM policy for employees No strategy, goals, measurements defined Inconsistent branding &amp; naming Me!! Me!! Me!! Infrequent updates Not claiming directory listings (ie. Google Places) Staff not promoting HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> Facebook Quick Tips 80/10/10 Rule Create a landing page Invite clients to participate Entertain Inform Ask for the business Add photos Promote others Leverage Facebook ads HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> Location Based Social Media Check in, add tips &amp; ratings tolocations around your area to alert people youre nearby. HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> SEO BENEFITSSocial signals are factoring in organic results.Personalized results are already a reality for searchers! </li> <li> MEASURING ROI: AN IMPERFECT SYSTEM Direct / referral traffic to site Organic search results Event participants Newsletter registrations Reach, Fans, Engagement Redeemed offers Support costs down? Recruiting costs down? HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> CASE STUDY: DAVEYOBRIEN.ORG Doubled previous years registrations in 18 days Over 3,000 Facebook fans in first month (now almost 20,000) At height of campaign; mentioned every 2 minutes on social media 8,431% increase in site traffic after one month HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> <li> Thank you, time for Questions? Connect with me here: Download these slides at: HASHTAG: #SSSDFW @AtomicJackie </li> </ul>