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  • Socks Online - For Your Babies & Kids

  • When we choose socks online, we cannot touch and feel. We want something comfortable and good for our feet. So why don't you pay extra attention on the product description when you chose ones for your babies/kids as well?

    Here are some of the features of the socks materials.

  • 1. Cotton

    Cotton is natural fibre so you feel very comfortable.Cotton is breathable, which prevent from odor.Cotton is sustainable. When they get unwearable, the manufacture can recycle to produce more cottons.Cotton is absorbent. It may give you discomfort as it dries slowly.Very few people are allergic to cotton, though the growers use chemical. Organic cotton is chemical free

  • 2. Wool

    Wool keeps your feet warm even when wet.Wool is absorbent. it absorbs moisture 30% of its weight.Wool is highly cushioned, soft and comfortable.Wool is breathable and regulates body temperature.Wool can be scratchy and shrinkable. Merino wool may solve these problems.

  • 3. Acrylic

    Acrylic is light.Acrylic gives you its softness and warmth.Acrylic has high durability and compresses less than cotton.Acrylic wicks moisture away.Acrylic can hold bright colors.

  • 4. Nylon

    Nylon is very strong fiber.Nylon is stretchable.Nylon has high durability.

  • 5. Polyester

    Polyester is a man-made fiber.Polyester has high durability.Polyester is durable and colorfast.Polyester (coal and petroleum) enhanse greenhouse gas emission.

  • Socks are now one of the fashion key items to look good. At the same time, be mindful that socks were invented to protect our feet. It is important to chose right pairs for your babies & kids depending on the seasons/their activity levels/their skin conditions and so on. Buying socks online for your babies & kids is fun! You can find a lot of different colors, designs and fun socks!

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