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  • A Complete Solution SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum edition solves many problems like: bulk data transfers, Lift & Shift of applications and data to the cloud, saving customers money on expensive cloud storage costs and data integration and digital transformation.

    • How do I consolidate my on-premise workloads and move them to the cloud?

    • How do I balance the high-end storage needs of my demanding application, and still save money on legacy data?

    • How can I move mountains of data to the cloud quickly?

    • I don't want to rewrite my applications just to use cloud storage.

    • My data-driven business requires constant uptime and performance. How do I ensure my cloud workloads have a reliable recovery option in the event of a disaster or unplanned downtime incident?

    SoftNAS Cloud Platinum

    is an integrated, global

    cloud data platform

    with high speed data

    transfer, Lift & Shift,

    and storage auto-

    tiering of aged data.

    SoftNAS Cloud Platinum Edition Cut public storage costs up to 67% through auto tiering and native support for both block and object storage across cloud platforms. SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum edition is a fully integrated cloud data platform for companies that want to go digital-first faster with hybrid/multi-cloud deployments while maintaining control over price, performance, security and reliability.

    Benefits of SoftNAS Cloud Platinum

    1. Simply Powerful - All the features and benefits of SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise, a powerful, full- featured enterprise NAS filer.

    2. High Speed Data Transfer -UltraFast™ accelerates storage traffic up to 20 times faster compared to TCP/IP network transmission speeds.

    3. Auto Tiered Storage— Define policies to ensure recently accessed data resides on top-tier storage, and save money by sending seldom accessed storage to less expensive storage.

    4. Lift and Shift File Migration (powered by Apache NiFi) - Point SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum edition to existing NAS shared storage volumes, select your public cloud storage destination, and immediately begin moving your data to the cloud.

    5. Cloud Data Management Environment for DevOps and Administrators - Create custom cloud data management and flows with SoftNAS FlexFiles Architect.

    6. SoftNAS Dataflow Templates - Pre-configured Data Templates to get you started immediately: One to Many, Many to One, and Lift and Shift

    7. Three layers of Support -

    • SoftNAS Support for Lift and Shift DataFlows • SoftNAS Professional Services available for a fee to create custom data flows, templates,

    or modify existing ones • NiFi Community Support to leverage Apache NiFi's knowledgeable community for

    assistance with using NiFi, and creating dataflows and templates

    Control Any Data. Any Cloud. Anywhere.™


  • SoftNAS Cloud Platinum FlexFiles Architect™ is a development environment that provides a seamless experience between design, control, feedback and monitoring for developing data integration and movement flows. Create custom cloud dataflows with SoftNAS FlexFiles Architect.

    SoftNAS Processor Library

    • Includes built-in community NiFi processors and SoftNAS custom processors all organized by category for easy filtering and use in FlexFiles Architect.

    • SoftNAS custom processors include: GetFileList, ProcessFileList, and RsyncFile.

    SoftNAS Dataflow Templates

    • Data flows can be exported as dataflow templates for use in the creation of later dataflows. SoftNAS also provides simple out-of-the- box templates to get started that are not available out of NiFi open source depot.

    • SoftNAS templates: one-to-many, and many-to-one.

    • SoftNAS NiFi templates are included as part of the Platinum edition and can be imported into FlexFiles Architect.

    CLOUD NAS— ENTERPRISE GRADE, VIRTUAL, SOFTWARE ONLY • All the features and functionality of SoftNAS Cloud® Enterprise

    edition, the full-featured enterprise-class cloud NAS filer, are included with SoftNAS Cloud Platinum edition.

    • Supporting NFS, CIFS, iSCSI block and Apple File Protocol (AFP) storage protocols, SoftNAS Cloud Platinum also includes high- availability, deduplication, compression, replication, cloning, encryption (at-rest and in-transit), LDAP and Active Directory integration, thin- provisioning and scheduled snapshot policies.

    • SoftNAS Cloud® supports nearly 140 AWS instance or Azure VM options and six storage backends across the AWS and Azure Marketplaces or on-premises on VMware vSphere.

    • SoftNAS Cloud Platinum offers customers the broadest range of storage options in terms of price vs. performance, backend storage selection and file protocol support, on-demand at petabyte scale.


    • SoftNAS® UltraFast™ provides high speed data transfer, accelerating storage traffic up to 20 times faster compared to TCP/IP network transmission speeds.

    • Unlike WAN acceleration products, SoftNAS UltraFast is an intelligent, self-tuning storage acceleration technology over the WAN.

    • SoftNAS UltraFast is UDP-based and is designed to address latency, congestion, poor QoS, as well as, slow data replication speeds, all without redesigning or changing applications, networks or storage.

    • SoftNAS UltraFast Bandwidth Scheduling enables throughput and bandwidth throttling schedules to regulate network traffic and prioritize bandwidth use.


    The Lift and Shift feature of SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum edition provides a wizard to live migrate on-premises file data to the public cloud while it’s in production. Point SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum edition to existing NAS shared storage volumes, select your public cloud storage destination (fronted by SoftNAS Cloud), and immediately begin moving your data to the cloud. Source files can be hosted on a SAN / NAS with an exposed mount point (CIFS/SMB or NFS), or Windows file servers.

    LIFT & SHIFT FILE MIGRATION (Powered by Apache NIFI)

    SmartTiers™ is an intelligent, policy-based, auto-tiering data management feature that automatically migrates aged data from one storage tier to another, while keeping frequently accessed data in high-performance storage. Storage tiers can be comprised of block, object*, or both types of storage on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud platforms. SmartTiers can cut cloud storage costs by up to 67% by automatically moving older, less-active blocks of data from higher performance, more expensive block storage to less expensive cloud object storage.


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