software is the creator of crashplan, crashplan pro, and ... pro e client software protect everyone,

Download Software is the creator of CrashPlan, CrashPlan PRO, and ... PRO e Client Software protect everyone,

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  • Starting out as a software development company in 2001, Code 42 Software is the creator of CrashPlan, CrashPlan PRO, and PROe award- winning onsite, offsite and cloud backup solutions for home, businesses and enterprise.

    Today we continue to deliver high-performance hardware and easy-to-use software solutions that protect the world’s data.

  • Only CrashPlan PROe delivers multi-destination protection, flexible deployments, easy-to-use software and the expertise to back it all up.

    PROe solutions include cloud-based disaster recovery, secure private cloud backup, or hybrid deployments that offer the best of both. Users get easy access to their backed up files from any computer or mobile device. And enterprise IT gets a single product solution that’s easy to manage.

    people friendly backup for enterprise

  • PROe Client Software protect everyone, everywhere

    Engineered for laptops, PROe Client operates quietly in the background on every platform to provide continuous data protection. Its easy-to-use interface empowers users to initiate their own backups and restores, significantly reducing IT involvement and oversight.

    Cross-platform support provides a consistent user experience for everyone

    Automatic backup guarantees secure onsite and offsite file protection

    User-initiated restores enable users to restore their files without involving IT

    Local data encryption secures information before transmission allowing even the most sensitive data to be stored offsite

    Flexible file selection allows users to select files in addition to those defined by corporate standards

    Universal networking works over wireless, wired and cellular networks

  • Cross-Platform Support Provides a consistent user experience for everyone. This also means that IT needs to purchase, learn and maintain just one product to support backup on all company computers.

    Local Data Encryption Secures information before transmission with 448-bit encryption. Choose the level of encryption that provides the kind of protection and access your organization requires.

    User-Initiated Restores Users can quickly restore files themselves without involving IT. Away from the office, users can use Web Restore or their mobile device to get files back.

    Universal Networking No matter where you bring your laptop, backups and restores can take place with whatever connection is available: wireless, wired or cellular.

    Unlimited File Size Some backup services limit the size of files you can back up. CrashPlan PROe has no restriction on file sizes. Users can back up files as large as they wish.

    Data De-Duplication CrashPlan PROe’s block level data de- duplication means repeated information within a file, and across all files on a computer, is not unnecessarily backed up again.

    Flexible File Selection Unless specified by the administrator, any type of file can be backed up.

    Customizable Backup Sets Using backup sets, different groups of files can be sent to different destinations with different backup settings. Users have more choices about where and how backups take place.

    PROe Client Software features

  • PROe Server effortlessly handles backup for thousands of users while enforcing policies in real-time, verifying backup archives, balancing disk storage, upgrading users and alerting you to anything important.

    Self-managed, self-healing technology ensures backup files are always ready for restore

    Customizable reports and alerts enable you to monitor backup status and activity across the enterprise in real-time

    Central management console makes it easy to enforce policies, data retention and compliance at any time

    Continuously encrypted data prevents unauthorized access

    Open enterprise architecture enables customized reporting and integration with your enterprise name service

    PROe Server Software guaranteed backup + restore

  • Innovative Admin UI Intuitive organization and navigation in every aspect of the UI makes managing your backup easier. View high-level stats or delve into details with real-time reporting integrated throughout the UI. And thanks to HTML5, the admin console looks just as great on your iPad as it does on your computer.

    Real-time dashboard of your entire backup environment

    Flexible reporting and delivery options

    REST API tools

    Automatic, Optimized Storage Management Now managing your archives can be entirely hands-off. New clusters and innovative mesh technology eliminate the need to constantly watch your storage. No more painstaking backup archive migrations.

    A new storage architecture enables PROe Server to optimize storage and bandwidth across all storage volumes. Assign any combination of servers and storage volumes into automatically managed destinations.

    Data balancing equalizes archive storage across servers and storage volumes

    I/O balancing assigns users to store points based on available I/O performance

    Smart assignment rules allow you to assign backup destinations for new devices

    Deployment Flexibility Every organization is different when it comes to backup environments, so we made it easy to integrate PROe into your existing infrastructure: LDAP integration with cloud storage can connect to multiple LDAP or Radius servers. Customize user roles to fit the way your team manages and performs backup operations.

    Self-Managed, Self-Healing CrashPlan PROe runs daily integrity tests to verify that backed up files can be restored. If even a single data block fails, CrashPlan PROe detects and corrects the error. If it discovers an error that it cannot correct, PROe lets you know.

    Scalable Open architecture lets you leverage your existing infrastructure, while ensuring easy scaling as your needs grow and evolve. And with the open API you can develop customized reporting solutions.

    Security Going beyond all the traditional security measures you’d expect (like 448-bit encryption), CrashPlan PROe also enables integration with your company’s Active Directory to support LDAP integration and SSL.

    PROe Server Software features

  • PROe Client Software specs

    High Security Complete data control

    Encrypted before transport

    448-bit data encryption

    128-bit communication encryption

    Remote laptop tracking

    Bullet-Proof Backup Continuous or scheduled

    Offsite and onsite destinations

    Incremental versioning

    Unlimited versioning

    File compression and data de-duplication

    Background validation and verification

    Multiple file stream / fork support

    Guaranteed Restore Any date, time or version

    Direct, LAN or Internet

    Admin or end-user initiated

    File search


    Extreme Performance Byte differential transmits and stores only new data

    Unlimited file size, versions and archives

    Client server / binary protocol

    High-efficiency non-blocking I/O

    Governed I/O, bandwidth limits and idle job scheduling

    64-bit native, multi-core and multi-threaded

    Universal Networking Works everywhere: dynamic IP locator, TCP NAT traversal, QoS

    Bandwidth governing

    Email alerts and reports

    Maintenance Free Automatic upgrades pushed by PROe Server administrator

    100% remote administration and updates

    Windows: Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008, 2003 / 1GHZ+ CPU Linux: 2.6+ Kernel / 1GHZ+ CPU / Oracle (Sun) Java version 1.6+

    Mac OS: OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 / G4, G5, or Intel CPU Solaris: OpenSolaris, Solaris 10 / Intel CPU / Oracle (Sun) Java version 1.6+

    system requirements:

  • PROe Server Software specs

    Windows: Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008, 2003 / 1GHZ+ CPU Linux: 2.6+ Kernel / 1GHZ+ CPU / Oracle (Sun) Java version 1.6+

    Mac OS: OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 / G4, G5, or Intel CPU Solaris: OpenSolaris, Solaris 10 / Intel CPU / Oracle (Sun) Java version 1.6+

    system requirements:

    Bullet-Proof Backup Incremental, differential storage

    Enterprise data de-duplication

    Automatic archive validation

    Guaranteed Restore Web restore provides more convenient restoration of files for your users

    Background archive validation

    End-user or admin initiated

    Centralized auditing

    High-speed disk to disk

    Easy Administration Remote client configuration

    Remote web management

    Automatic reports and alerts via email, web and desktop

    Organize: divisions, departments, users, computers

    Audit: usage, restores, activity

    Enforce: policies, alerts, retention

    Monitor: disk, client network and archive status

    Automatic client upgrades

    Installs in minutes

    Simple License Key Management Multi-seat keys

    Reassignable license keys for inactive user accounts

    Cost Efficient–Lowest TCO PROe Server is FREE

    Cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux)

    Utilize existing infrastructure

    Virtual appliance option

    Reduced disk and bandwidth consumption


    Enterprise Architecture On-demand, unlimited storage allocation via NAS

    No single file or archive size limits

    Unlimited virtual I/O channels

    Fault-tolerant architecture with clustering and replication

    High-performance non-blocking I/O architecture scales to tens of thousands of concurrent clients

    All the benefits of virtualization



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