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ADULT CONTRIBUTOR RELEASE FORM To: Adult Contributor Name/Address Date: Dear Sirs, [Programme Title] (“the Programme”) (working title) In consideration of our agreeing to pay you the sum of £________ you hereby agree to the recording and filming of the interview/contribution/performance (together “the Contribution”) to be given by you to us on __________________ (and on any other dates as shall be mutually agreed between us). You acknowledge that you have had explained to you, and you fully understand, the full nature of the Programme and your participation in it and you agree to so participate. You hereby give all consents necessary for the reproduction, exhibition, transmission, broadcast, publicising, previewing, reviewing and exploitation of the Contribution without time limit throughout the universe by all means and media (whether now known or hereafter invented) without liability or acknowledgement to you. We shall be entitled to cut, edit and translate the Contribution as we deem fit and we shall not be obliged to include all or any of the Contribution in the Programme. Yours faithfully, For and on behalf of <> Read and agreed: ....................................... (signature) Contributor Name: Address:

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To:   Adult  Contributor    Name/Address  

   Date:        Dear  Sirs,    [Programme  Title]  (“the  Programme”)  (working  title)    In  consideration  of  our  agreeing  to  pay  you  the  sum  of  £________  you  hereby  agree  to  the  recording  and  filming  of  the  interview/contribution/performance  (together  “the  Contribution”)  to  be  given  by  you  to  us  on  __________________  (and  on  any  other  dates  as  shall  be  mutually  agreed  between  us).      You  acknowledge  that  you  have  had  explained  to  you,  and  you  fully  understand,  the  full  nature  of  the  Programme  and  your  participation  in  it  and  you  agree  to  so  participate.    You  hereby  give  all  consents  necessary  for  the  reproduction,  exhibition,  transmission,  broadcast,  publicising,  previewing,  reviewing  and  exploitation  of  the  Contribution  without  time  limit  throughout  the  universe  by  all  means  and  media  (whether  now  known  or  hereafter  invented)  without  liability  or  acknowledgement  to  you.    We  shall  be  entitled  to  cut,  edit  and  translate  the  Contribution  as  we  deem  fit  and  we  shall  not  be  obliged  to  include  all  or  any  of  the  Contribution  in  the  Programme.    Yours  faithfully,        For  and  on  behalf  of  <>    Read  and  agreed:          .......................................    (signature)  Contributor        Name:    Address: