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  • Offering outsourced solutions in Human Resources with a difference. We offer a full “turnkey” so you can focus on what is most important…. Your core business interests and continued


    OUTSOURCING FOR GROWTH…. A turnkey Shared Service Solution for growing your business.


    Company Details

    Company registration number: 2015/453735/07

    26 Harmony Corner

    Jacaranda Avenue, Olivedale

    Mobile: 061 739 51 53

    Telephone: 011 704 1464

    Fax: 086 595 7695



  • What Are We About?

    ON POINT was born out of pure passion for people and understanding the need for development and supporting of SME businesses within the South African economy, but not limited to SME. We will assist any size business including startups. Government has put immense pressure on SME business in terms of the National Development Plan (NDP). Due to all the unfortunate red tape within developing an SME business, it often scares off business owners and leads entrepreneurs to not follow their aspirations of owning their own business. ON POINT’s main objective is to assist Business Owners and their Employees by allowing them to focus on their core operations, whilst ON POINT helps you by focusing on the Human Capital aspect to support sustainable growth

  • Why ON-POINT?

    ON POINT is dedicated to the support and growth of our clients. Our values are cast in stone and we want to ensure our Clients receive the very best Products and Services. Our commitment to our existing and new Client are:

    • Afford you the time to focus on your core business • Quality Products and Services • Cost effective solutions to minimize your operating expenses • Minimization of wasteful expenditure through our support • Minimal time wastage in order for you to focus on your business • Expert advice through our highly qualified Consultants • On-going education and development of the Employer and Employees • Compliancy in terms of legislation • Human Capital Investment for all stakeholders in your Business • ON POINT will ensure that we assist your business in sustainable manner to give you peace of mind.

    Together we will BREAK BARRIRERS through turnkey support and solutions.

  • Our Core Values

    • Teamwork

    • Passion for Excellence

    • Continuous Improvement

    • Transparency

    • Integrity

    • Loyalty

  • Our Services

    • ON POINT HR Services


    • ON POINT Skills Development

    • ON POINT Marketing & Events


    • ON POINT Wealth & Insurance

    • ON POINT Web Design

    • ON POINT Labour Relations

    • ON POINT Brand Exposure

    • ON POINT CRM Solutions

    • ON POINT Health & Safety

    • ON POINT Recruitment

    • ON POINT Cellular

    • ON-POINT Corporate Child Minding

  • Our Services In More Detail.

    As mentioned in the list above, ON POINT offers many products and services best suited for each Company’s needs. The above services are to make sure you have “one point” contact for your internal operations involving Employees and Employer, giving you the flexibility to focus on your core business and to ensure sustainable growth. Further benefits to your business would be productive Employees, who have the opportunity to grow with the business leading to maintaining staff retention, up-skilled Employees, positive culture and finally an environment ready for further growth. All aspects of our services are provided by qualified consultants who are specialist in their various areas of service.

  • ON-POINT HR Services

    ON-POINT Recruitment

    Recruitment can often be an expensive and time consuming aspect of your Business. It is critical that the correct person is hired, that would fulfill the needs of the position and share the same values as that of the Company. It is important that the employee fits into the culture of the Company. We offer a recruitment arm that will suit your pocket and ensure that we find the perfect match for your business. All checks and balances will be done with the highest integrity.

    Our ON-POINT HR services offers a professional all-round solution clients regarding Company policies and procedures, conditions of employment, including but not limited to, drafting of contracts of employment and service level agreements, drafting of Disciplinary Rules and Regulations, labour legislation, conducting of disciplinary enquiries, Payroll solutions etc. (Please contact ON-Point for a structured list of all the HR functions and services.)


    Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment is an Act that often scares Business Owners and can be extremely daunting. ON POINT will assist you in achieving the requirements through a long term in order to achieve the required expected results. Through our experienced Verification Partner and ON POINT we will be able to give you the right advice and make sure your business is on the right track through succession planning that meets your desired outcomes and that of the law.

    ON-POINT Skills Development

    Skills Development is a complex but very rewarding aspect for any business. Skills Development is an area that can cost a business if not focused in the right area. It is also expected by the Skills Development Act, that businesses need to report on how they are developing their Employees on an annual basis through accredited training encompassing up skilling, cross-skilling and Learnership programs to name a few. It is critical that when a business has to spend money on training and the advancement of their Employees, that it is to the advantage of the business. It is imperative that it is aligned to the business plan, the HR Strategy and that the Employee sees the benefit to themselves.

  • As a Business Owner, you would be aware that Workman’s Compensation is a statutory requirement for any Business, to not only protect the Employee, but also the Company for injuries on duty (COIDA). We can manage all your claims. Should you have already have registered with another Company for this service we can offer you on going advice through our Workman’s Compensation Partner.

    Employee Wellness will offer programs ranging from awareness, health activities, incentive programs and medical advice. ON POINT has a range of potential wellness activities that would benefit both the Employees and the Employer.

    ON-POINT Employee Wellness

    ON-POINT Workman’s Compensation

  • Labour Relations is essential in any business, regarding the rights of both the Employer and the Employee. This is clearly defined in the ‘Basic Conditions of Employment Act” and the “Labour Relations Act”. ON POINT is able to assist your business when dealing with Disciplinary Enquiries, Unions and Bargaining Councils, disputes and any other matter’s that might arise.

    Occupational Health and Safety is a critical area of any business and strict requirements have been put in place to ensure the safety of Employees by the Department of Labour. Through ON POINT we can assist you to meet regulations and standards. We also offer SETA accredited training courses according to your business requirements.

    ON-POINT Health & Safety

    ON-POINT Labour Relations

  • ON-POINT Marketing & Events

    As an extra ON POINT also has the capabilities to assist your business with any form of marketing from branding elements, uniforms, stationary, design work, promotions, logos, website and many other marketing requirements you might need. This is an important part of a business to ensure brand awareness and exposure.

    ON-POINT CRM. Solutions

    ON POINT now has an affordable and robust CRM and Billing system built for the South African Market. This product is being used by major clients in Africa and South Africa in order to close the gap between themselves and their clients. The system is flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

  • ON-POINT Wealth & Insurance

    ON-POINT Cellular

    ON POINT has launch an innovative Product for you and your Employees that will stimulate Employee Benefits with no risk to you the Employer or the Employee. The Employee gets more than just a cellular contract and phone. The benefits are endless and focuses on Employee Financial Support. For the Employer this product generates income and happy Employees.

    ON POINT has teamed up with a Financial Partner to bring Business owners and Employees the option of cost effective long and short term insurance including various Wealth options that suit their pockets. More information on this service can be requested from ON POINT at any time. This also includes Employee Benefits such as provident/pension funds, Medical Aid and Group Life.

  • ON-POINT Brand Design

    ON POINT offers a high standard of Brand Development through our Team. You might be launching your new business or just feel like renewing your existing brand. ON POINT is there to assist. We will design logos and all your stationary requirements. This will include a CI manual for fut