songs stop look listen think worksheet final 2012-10-12

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the lyrics of the song "Stop! Look! Listen! Think!" The song is not mine. The worksheet is taken from the British Council webpage.


  • Stop! Look! Listen! Think!

    1. Match them up! Draw a line to match the picture and the word.

    listen stop think look

    2. Fill it in! Look at the pictures. Write the missing word.

    a. ____Stop____! Always stop, look, listen and think before you cross the street.

    b. ______________! Find a safe place to cross the road.

    c. ______________! Cross where you can see up and down the road.

    d. ______________! Or cross at a zebra crossing or at the green man.

    e. ______________! Left and right when you cross the street.

    f. ______________! For the sound of cars when you cross the street too.


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