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July 09, 2014 edition of the Sooke News Mirror


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    PHILLY FLINGMarion Newman at SPO outdoor

    concert on July 13.

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    Pirjo RaitsSooke News Mirror

    Kids arent active enough and Steve Knoke recognizes this and wants to help make it so they are outside more, getting exercise and fresh air.

    This program, he said, referring to the grant for the Sooke bike park, creates the opportunity for kids to be active and foster a connection with nature. Cycling is a life skill.

    Knoke, SEAPARC manager, isnt alone in this pursuit by any means. Hes just one of the people making the bike park at SEAPARC happen. A grant of $75,000 was received from the Capital Regional Dis-trict through the Active Trans-portation Innovative infra-

    structure Funding Program with SEAPARC, the District of Sooke and the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area as participants. SEAPARC committed a further $24,000.

    The bike park will be built in phases, with the first being the pump track, a circular hard-dirt surface with hills the riders can have fun on. The next phase is the trail access which goes from the end of Throup Road to SEAPARC.

    Its out to tender, said Knoke. Were waiting on bids and quotes.

    The third phase is refurbish-ing the dirt jumps but this is subject to budget consider-ations.

    Im excited, said Knoke. I dont want to lose sight of getting kids outside, this will

    be the fundamental building blocks of this. Its about chil-dren, youth, its for everyone and this is a good place to start.

    The community has also stepped in to make the bike park happen. Butler Brothers donated the gravel, the com-munity is showing support and the Bike Park Steering Committee is on board with the project.

    If we get donations and in-kind donations we will get more out of this, stated Knoke. He mentioned spon-sorship packages and tax receipts for those who choose to help the park expand.

    Alpine Bike Parks has been working on the site and they are as passionate about creat-ing the space as are the pro-

    ponents.Stephane Pellieter and

    Dylan Smith are two young men, along with Morgan and Luke, who have been working on the pump track. They both mountain bike and are totally on board with making the park as great place for riders.

    I just mountain bike and thought it would be fun to build jumps, said Pellieter, who is from Calgary. Smith is from Regina and he studied building tracks and mountain bike operations. For both it is their first time on the Island and they want to return.

    Knoke stresses that the bike park is not just for kids, its for the whole family.

    I want to ride this when its ready, he said.

    Pirjo Raits photo

    SEAPARC manager Steve Knoke stands atop one of the hills at the Sooke Bike Park located next to the Stan Jones ball diamond. The park and accompanying trails will be built in stages as monies become available

    Bike park pump track almost complete

    Haldane announces intention to run for mayor of Sooke

    Pirjo RaitsSooke News Mirror

    Herb Haldane, 50, is going to take a crack at running for the mayors chair on November 15.

    On June 23, Mayor Wendal Milne announced his plans not to run in the next municipal election and Haldane said, With Wendal Milne gone, theres no clear run-ner. Im going to take a chance and see how I fare.

    Haldane sat on the last two District of Sooke councils and has been a part of many of the decisions made under Mayors Janet Evans and Wendal Milne, including large projects such as the Prestige Hotel, the pub-

    lic boat launch, and the new connector road.

    He said the big issue for him is the whole tax structure and the mis-understandings around it.

    We got lucky this year thats because we found a bunch of money, it looks good but the five-year plan raises it a pile and I want to nip it in the bud, said Haldane. He said he has talked to businesses that have to rent out one-half their space because of the commercial taxes.

    When asked if he was running for the sake of businesses in Sooke he said he is doing it in the name of residents, new families and retirees.

    How do taxes go up so much? I want a real-ity check to it, stated Haldane.

    He said he has been happy on council for the most part, even in the cheap seats. Now, he wants to make some forward movement.

    If they find Im not the right guy, they can vote me out in four years, he said.

    Haldane is self employed at Haldane Homes.

    File photo

    Herb Haldane


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  • A brief look through some of the stories that made the news in years past.

    July 15, 2009Porta-potty may

    have to exit Sk8 parkIt seems there is no

    publicly accessible amenity that can be put in place that cannot, or will not, eventually be vandalized.

    In the case of the Sooke Skate Park on Throup Road, a por-table washroom added for the convenience of park users has been repeatedly mistreated to the point where its removal has to be con-sidered. Alternatives could be left to the imagination of park users.

    The issue falls under the umbrella of SEAPARC, and manager Larry Hutchings says he had heard from the commission that the porta-potty may be on the way to removal.

    As is most often the case, it seems the majority of park users will possibly suffer for the actions of a few.

    July 14, 2004Mayor, welfare

    advocate concerned about needy

    The cost-saving deci-sion to close Sookes welfare office in 2002, then two years later shut the nearest cen-tre in Langford, hasnt been as seamless as government officials predicted.

    The March closing of the Ministry of Human Resources office on Goldstream Ave. has forced clients from Port Renfrew to East Sooke to travel to four differ-

    ent Victoria offices, depending on their cat-egory (income assis-tance, single parents, disability, and persis-tent multiple barriers).

    At the time, a minis-try spokesperson said most clients business can be done over the phone.

    But the ding-a-ling isnt foolproof.

    There has been a few concerns with people falling through the cracks, said Sooke Mayor Janet Evans. Some are getting very frustrated.

    Evans knows of peo-ple who have had to take time off work to go downtown for an appointment with their worker.

    July 14, 1999Sooke landmark up

    in smokeThe fire that gutted

    the landmark Milnes Landing Store Friday was the second grease fire to break out in the hamburger stands kitchen area in recent months.

    Milnes Landing staff

    and Sooke volunteer firefighters were able to quickly extinguish an April 11 fire which broke out in one of the popular fast food out-lets deep fryers, but could do little to con-tain Fridays blaze.

    Sooke fire depart-ment Captain Steve Sorensen said the two fires were unrelated.

    This fire quickly spread to the rest of the 56-year old struc-ture, which is home to a convenience store, fast-food outlet and gift store.

    July 13, 1994It started as a big

    community picnicOn July 25, 1934, the

    people of Sooke gave birth to one of the most enduring community events of its kind.

    It was billed a cele-bration of Sooke prog-ress and a commemo-ration of the 70 anniver-sary of the discovery of gold in the Sooke River.

    Volunteers were recruited to construct booths and picnic tables.

    The event was so successful it began bringing in people from all over, and soon the tiny-but-growing log-ging and fishing com-munity of Sooke was attracting crowds of 10,000 to 12,000.

    Like the Scottish broom, the event took root and never let go. Very quickly, it was All Sooke Day. It was the logger sports that captured everybodys attention.

    FACT: Funds from the first All Sooke Days build the Sooke Com-munity Hall, the best-used building in Sooke, back in 1937.

    July 12, 1989Whale of a jobIts been a whale of a

    job, but its finally over.

    The 35-foot grey whale that washed up on the beach near Beechey Head has been returned to the deep 40 feet deep under the waters of the Sooke Basin, near Goodridge Island, to have its bones picked clean by underwater creatures over the next 12 months.

    Edward Milne com-munity school coordi-nator Phoebe Dunbar, who masterminded the whole whale salvage operation, said she was really relieved when the rotting body of the giant whale sank beneath the waves for the last time. Its been quite a job, she said.

    2 Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - SOOKE NEWS MIRROR

    Looking Back

    File photo

    Back in 2009, a young woman was rescued from a crevice at the Sooke Potholes.