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June 03, 2015 edition of the Sooke News Mirror


<ul><li><p>C O M M U N I T Y N E W S M E D I A</p><p>Black PressWednesday, June 3, 2015Agreement#40110541</p><p>Editorial Page 8 </p><p>Entertainment Page 21</p><p>Sports/stats Page 27</p><p>TELUS HELPSCommunity partner Telus helps out at Camp Barnard. </p><p>Page 5 3.125x1.2Dimock</p><p>Classifieds 25 75</p><p>Battle for water equality in the Juan de Fuca EA</p><p>Pirjo Raits photo</p><p>TWOONIE TUESDAY</p><p>The Sooke Harbourside Lions were out in force on May 28 to help promote their Twoonie Tuesday drive taking place on June 9. They will be situated in various sites around Sooke looking for toonie donations. The money collected will go to the Sooke Food Bank. </p><p>The Sooke Food Bank supplies groceries to more than 400 families a month and at times the cupboards get bare. </p><p>If you see them out on Tuesday, June 9, give them a twoonie. The Harbourside Lions have raised thousands of dollars for the less fortunate.</p><p>Electoral area should have same rights as municipalities</p><p>Pirjo RaitsSooke News Mirror</p><p>For Mike Hicks it was like training for the Olympics and then having his own country boycott it.</p><p>Hicks, Regional Director for the Juan de Fuca Elec-toral Area, (JDFEA)has been at odds with a section of the new proposed Regional Sus-tainability Strategy (RSS) on </p><p>the issue of water.The RSS, said Hicks, when </p><p>he addressed the Capi-tal Regional District (CRD) Committee of the Whole on May 27, Would deny the Juan de Fuca residents the same opportunity afforded their neighbouring munici-palities to access com-munity water. This bylaw would ensure that 300,000 residents of the CRD would have potential access to water and 5,000 would not.</p><p>In speaking to the direc-tors he said, Firstly: the Webster definition of dis-</p><p>crimination states: The practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other peo-ple or groups of people.</p><p>The Charter of Rights which trumps the RGS (Regional Growth Strategy) or RSS bylaw states under Section 15 that: Every indi-vidual is equal before and under the law</p><p>The Charter recognizes four dimension of equality including substantive equal-ity. It states: Equality under the law is equality in the substance of the law, where </p><p>the content of the law is equal and fair to everyone so that everyone experi-ences the same result.</p><p>Hicks talked about rights, equity and discrimination as to the right of the Juan de Fuca to have the same opportunity for expansion of water as municipalities have.</p><p>He also said that with the Official Community Plans in place for six areas in the JdF, water should not be used as a determination of growth. Hicks represents Malahat, Willis Point, East Sooke, </p><p>Otter Point, Port Renfrew and Shirley/Jordan River plus the Rural Resource Lands of 132,000 hectares.</p><p>The Consortium on Regional Sustainability, made up of environmen-talists, had come before the CRD supporting using water servicing and the elimination of Rural Settle-ment Areas as ways to curb development.</p><p>At the May 27 meeting Hicks made the motion, The Juan de Fuca Elec-toral Area should have the same opportunity for water </p><p>expansion as the munici-palities in the CRD. The motion was seconded by District of Sooke Councillor Rick Kasper.</p><p>At the end of the May 27 meeting, the issue was debated and a very small majority voted to table the issue to allow staff to pre-pare a report on exactly how that would be accom-plished.</p><p></p><p>250.642.6361</p><p>Sooke is Selling!2015 Sooke Home Sales: 1632014 Sooke Home Sales: 300TAMMI DIMOCK</p><p>Personal Real Estate Corp.</p><p>1786 WHIFFIN SPIT ROAD WHIFFIN SPIT $389,000 </p><p>6463 WILLOWPARK WAY SUNRIVER $409,900 </p><p>OLIVER KATZ Personal Real Estate Corporation </p><p>250 642 6480 </p><p>6842 CEDARVIEW PLACE SUNRIVER $409,900 </p><p>701-2234 STONE CREEK PL BROOMHILL $289,900 </p><p>CAMOSUN WESTSIDE </p></li><li><p>2 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 2015 - SOOKE NEWS MIRROR2 Wednesday, June 3, 2015 - SOOKE NEWS MIRROR</p><p>SEAPARC Strategic Planning </p><p>studyThe Sooke Electoral </p><p>Area Parks and Rec-reation Commission (SEAPARC) is undertak-ing a Strategic Planning study to determine facility requirements for the next 5, 10 and 20 years. The popula-tion in the Sooke region is expected to grow sig-nificantly in the coming years placing new and greater demands on the recreation facility. The study is examining options for medium-term additions, short-term expansion and improvements plus the acquisition of more land.</p><p>An information open house was held Tues-day, May 26, in which the public was invited to ask questions and learn about SEAPARCs vision for the future.</p><p>The public is invited to complete the Strate-gic Plan Survey. Please fax or drop off your completed form to SEAPARC.</p><p>https://www.crd.b c . c a / / s e a p a rc -open-house-comment-sheet2.p</p><p>CRD and RCMP join </p><p>forcesEach summer, the </p><p>Capital Regional Dis-trict (CRD) and the RCMP join forces to keep parks and trails safe and enjoyable for all visitors.</p><p>Regional parks and trails are very popu-lar, with more than 6.3 million visits annu-ally, said Mike Wal-ton, Senior Manager of CRD Regional Parks. CRD Bylaw Officers work closely with the regions RCMP detach-ments to increase enforcement presence during peak times. This strategy is effective in reducing bylaw viola-tions including alcohol use.</p><p>Once again, we will be partnering with CRD Bylaw Officers at popular regional parks for you to enjoy a safe outdoor experience, said Cst. Alex Brub, spokesperson of West Shore RCMP.</p><p>Patrols will take </p><p>place at regional trails, such as the Galloping Goose, and at beaches and swimming areas in regional parks at Matheson Lake, Mount Work (Durrance Lake), Sooke Potholes, The-tis Lake and Wittys Lagoon. CRD reminds the public that alcohol, smoking, and fires are prohibited at all times in regional parks. From June 1 to September 15, dogs must be on leash when passing through designated beach and picnic areas and are not allowed to stay.</p><p>We appreciate the publics assistance in keeping parks safe and clean. If you see a park violation, please report it to CRD Regional Parks at 250.478.3344, or email For serious inci-dents, please dial 911.</p><p>Drug bust close to school</p><p>At approximately 11:30 p.m. on May 26 members of the Sooke RCMP executed a Search Warrant for controlled drugs in a home on Lanark Road in Sooke.</p><p>We had been alerted to the presence of read-ily available weapons in the home and there-fore the RCMP Island District Emergency Response Team were called in to assist, said S/Sgt. Jeff McAr-thur of the Sooke RCMP.</p><p>Four adult males and a 16-year-old female were arrested at the home and remain in custody at the time of this release.</p><p>The search of the home has now con-cluded, but the inves-tigation continues. A substantial quantity of controlled drugs have been seized, believed to include metham-phetamine, GHB and Psiocybin mushrooms. Drug trafficking para-phernalia has also been seized as well as sto-len property, a replica handgun, machetes and knives, and ammu-nition.</p><p>What we believe to be a significant drug trafficking operation was within 100 metros of Sooke elementary school. The member </p><p>of Sooke Detachment want to send a strong message that this activ-ity will not be tolerated anywhere in this com-munity, especially not such close proximity to our children, said McArthur.</p><p>Open fires restrictedEffective May 27, </p><p>2015, Category 2 open fires will be prohibited in the Coastal Fire Cen-tres jurisdiction to help prevent human-caused wildfires and protect public safety. </p><p>process</p><p>This and ThaT</p><p>Submitted photo</p><p>Return the signEarly last week this professional signage, measuring 4 x 3 was removed from the road allowance on Whiffin spit Road across from dufour. i am appealing to anyone who may know of its whereabouts, in anattempt to have it returned. no questions asked.</p><p>process</p><p>Ask about our loyalty cardsand save up to 20% </p><p>778.350.FOOD(3663)</p><p>Ask your local participating restaurant for details</p><p>When your food andbeverage needs a ride</p><p>Dinner &amp; Alcohol Delivery4pm-10pm 7 days a week!</p><p></p><p>GORDS STONEWORK Stone Retaining </p><p>Walls Fireplaces</p><p> Stone Pilars, Stairs, Patios</p><p> Ponds</p><p>K2 Stone Culture Stone River Rock</p><p>SAVE 10%on stone walls for</p><p> the Month of May250 883 8837</p><p>Meet Kelly-Anne Harris</p><p></p><p>I love all aspects of my job, but the greatest satisfaction is knowing that all my guests leavefeeling pampered and beautiful. 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Weve decreased the marina by a third, or two-thirds of the origi-nal size. </p><p>Originally planned for year-round opera-tion, the 150-boat marina was to be located near the mouth of the San Juan river - subsequently replacing the seasonal 55-boat marina that currently operates in the area under a temporary three-year licence. </p><p>With capacity reduced now down to </p><p>97 boats, Purdey said that all the possible adjustments have been made to the original design in response to the communitys con-cerns.</p><p>Weve accommo-dated what we believe are all the viewscape concerns and other concerns that we were aware of to the extent that we could, Pur-</p><p>dey said, adding that beyond this point, trim-ming the design down any further would no longer be economical.</p><p>And though the For-ests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (NRO) have apparently accepted it as feasible, Purdey noted again that its purely a deci-sion now of the com-munity and the govern-ment. </p><p>Whatever their deci-sion is, well respect it, and well either build in accordance with our revised plans, which is a third smaller in every direction, or well just take our capital and develop another marina in another loca-tion where people want development, he said.</p><p>Purdey explained that if the marina doesnt go through, the current one will be significantly reduced to a small private one, albeit that would not be ideal.</p><p>As a Canadian citi-zen, its a real disgrace if we cant responsi-bly develop, its a real shame, he said. </p><p>Purdey was also the lead developer behind the Mill Bay marina, with a similar intention to provide a safe haven for ships trying to ward off rough seas. </p><p>7x3peoples</p><p>4x3Lions</p><p>NIGHT MARKET OPENS</p><p>The nighT markeT at the Sooke region museum begins tomorrow, Thursday, may from 5 to 8 p.m. Come out and check out the vendors. </p><p>WHERE THERES SMOKE</p><p>muSiCal produCTion by local students. opening 6:30 p.m. June 3 with complimentary appetizers. </p><p>June 4 and 5, 7 p.m. opening. Tickets at emCS office, Shoppers drug mart and Journey middle school</p><p>DEADLINE FOR SOOKE FINE ARTS</p><p>arTiSTS WiShing To submit their work for the 2015 show have until midnight on June 8 to submit their work. </p><p>The ShoW runS from July 24 to august 3. more information at </p><p>arTiSTS Will be notified by June 16. </p><p> UpSooke</p><p>Thumbs Up</p><p>To Tri CiTy auto who found the garden bench which had been stolen in mid-may, and returned it to its rightful owner.</p><p>Proposed marina expansion in Port Renfrew in limbo</p><p>Octavian Lacatusu photos</p><p>Expansion plans for a marina close to the San Juan River have been altered and the decision on whether the marina developer can proceed rests with the province.</p><p>Andrew Purdy, CEO of Ruskin Construction and Pacific Gateway.</p><p>Mark Jarvis photo</p><p>This is what people think beautifies the rural areas around Sooke. These garbage bags were found at Muir Creek. Shame.</p><p>An uGly MESS</p><p>SOOKE NEWS MIRROR - WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 2015 3</p><p>PEOPLES DRUG MART... Where People Come First</p><p>PEOPLEFIRST</p><p>Cedar Grove Centre I 250.642.2226Ron KumarPharmacist/Owner</p><p>MED MANAGERPeoples Drug Mart offers a free medication compliance programcalled Med Manager. The Med Manager is a blister pack compliance card that conveniently organizes your medication for a full week, and helps you identify what medications are to be taken at what time of the day.Many people today are on more than one medication and when you combine this with a busy and active life, it can lead to the confusion of properly taking your medications. 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