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    South African Business Funding Directory2014

    (Version 2015 to be available from 01 July 2015)

  • South African SME Funding Directory

    Ukwanda Growth Partners, 2014 Page | 2

    Purpose of this Funding DirectoryThis directory has been prepared to provide businesses and entrepreneurs with information on businessfunding, that is available to South African small and medium sized businesses.

    The directory has been prepared by Ukwanda Growth Partners (Ukwanda) and is updated on an annualbasis. Updated versions of the directory are available on request, free of charge, from Ukwanda GrowthPartners. Requests can be sent to or subscribe to our blog at

    Easing the Pain and Improving Chances of Success in theCapital Raising ProcessUkwanda Growth Partners assists businesses (large and small) and entrepreneurs to raise appropriate capitalto fund their businesses and ventures.

    Ukwanda provides assistance including the following:

    1. Support in Developing Business Growth Projects and Business Ideas. Feasibility studies Business plans Project proposals

    2. Advice Regarding a Business Capital Structure and Financing Requirements. Achieving adequate financing. Improving financial returns. Limit financing risk.

    3. Assistance in Raising Appropriate Capital Preparation of funding proposals. Finding the right funding partners Negotiation of the terms of financing Post transaction funder and investor management.

    We will handle most of the capital raising aspects, leaving you to spend your valuable time in running andgrowing your business.

    To explore how we can assist you please contact us at or 083 556 0542 / 012 771 7947.

    About Ukwanda Growth PartnersUkwanda Growth Partners is a South African Consulting firm that provides services to support South AfricasEconomic Development through the growth of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

    We assist businesses and growth projects with:1. Project Development and Comprehensive Business Planning,2. Gaining Access to Appropriate Capital and3. Effective Execution of the Business/Growth Plan.

    For more information please visit

  • South African SME Funding Directory

    Ukwanda Growth Partners, 2014 Page | 3


    The information provided in this directory is that collected by Ukwanda Growth Partners. This information isshared in good faith for the purpose indicated above, and not to offer professional advice of any kind. Thereader accepts full responsibility for the use of information in this directory and is encouraged to confirm anyfunding details before using them.

    While every attempt has been made to ensure that the information contained in this article has beenobtained from reliable sources and is accurate, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions. Allinformation in this document is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness andis provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

  • South African SME Funding Directory

    Ukwanda Growth Partners, 2014 Page | 4

    List of Funders in the Directory:

    Development Financial Institutions - Government (National) ........... 6Department of Trade and Industry (dti) .. 6Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) ..... 10Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) ....... 10Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA) .... 15National Empowerment Fund (NEF) .. 16National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) ... 17Land Bank .... 18Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) .. 19Public Investment Corporation (PIC) ..... 20Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) ... 21National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC) ..... 21National Urban Reconstruction and Housing Agency (NURCHA) 21

    Development Financial Institutions - Government (Provincial) ..... 23Ithala Development Finance Corporation .. 23Free State Development Corporation .. 23Eastern Cape Development Corporation . 23North West Development Corporation .. 24Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) ...... 24Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF) .. 24Trust for Urban Housing Finance (TUHF) .... 25Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (MEGA) ... 25Cape Agency for Sustainable Integrated Development in Rural Areas (CASIDRA) ... 26

    Commercial Banks ... 27Standard Bank ... 27First National Bank .... 28ABSA . 29Nedbank . 31Investec Bank .... 32Sasfin Bank .... 33

    Commercial Funding Organisations .... 34Business Partners ....... 34Rand Trust ... 34Real People ... 35UT Financial Services .. 35Royal Fields Finance .... 35

    Enterprise Development Organisations ... 36Anglo Zimele ... 36IDF Managers .... 37Cadiz Enterprise Development Investment .. 37Ekurhuleni Peermont Chamber of Commerce Trust .. 37Edge Growth ... 38

    Private Equity and Venture Capital .. 394Di Capital ..... 39

  • South African SME Funding Directory

    Ukwanda Growth Partners, 2014 Page | 5

    Acorn Private Equity ... 39AngelHub Ventures ..... 39Global Capital .... 40Grovest ....... 40Horizon Equity .. 40International Housing Solutions ... 41Inspired Evolution ... 41Invenfin ... 41Knife Capital .... 41Marlow Capital .... 42Medu Capital .. 42

  • South African SME Funding Directory A publication by Ukwanda Growth Partners

    Ukwanda Growth Partners, 2014 Page | 6

    Development Financial Institutions - Government (National)

    Organisation / Fund Description / Objective Type of Funding Target Clients / Sectors

    Department of Trade and Industry (dti)1. Black Business Supplier

    Development Programme(BBSDP)

    To assist Black enterprises to improve theircompetitiveness and sustainability.

    Cost-sharing grant for: tools, machinery and equipment business development

    Majority Black owned enterpriseswith predominantly blackmanagement teams.

    2. Co-operative Incentive Scheme(CIS)

    To improve the viability and competitivenessof co-operative enterprises.

    Cost sharing grant for: Working Capital Business Development Operating Equipment Technology and Systems

    Registered primary co-operatives.

    3. Manufacturing InvestmentProgramme (MIP)(the dti has Suspended NewApplications for ManufacturingInvestment Programme.)

    To stimulate investment in themanufacturing sector and create jobs.

    Cost sharing grant for qualifyinginvestment costs.

    Local and foreign-ownedmanufacturers that wish to establish a new productionfacility; expand an existing productionfacility; or upgrade an existing facility.

    4. Technology and HumanResources for IndustryProgramme (THRIP)

    To improve the competitiveness of SouthAfrican industry, by supporting research andtechnology development activities, andenhancing the quality and quantity ofappropriately skilled people.

    Cost-sharing grant for projects that: promote and facilitate scientificresearch, technology development, andtechnology diffusion; and include a human resourcedevelopment component.

    Industrial and growth sectors ofthe dti.

  • South African SME Funding Directory A publication by Ukwanda Growth Partners

    Ukwanda Growth Partners, 2014 Page | 7

    Organisation / Fund Description / Objective Type of Funding Target Clients / Sectors

    5. Incubation Support Programme(ISP)

    To encourage private-sector partnershipswith Government to support incubators todevelop SMMEs.

    Cost sharing as per eligible costs. Big business to assist SMMEs withskills transfer, enterprisedevelopment, supplierdevelopment and marketingopportunities.

    6. Business Process Services (BPS)Incentive

    To attract investment and createemployment in South Africa via offshoringactivities.

    Tax exempt grant for each offshore jobcreated and maintained.

    Enterprises performing BusinessProcess Services.

    7. Capital Projects FeasibilityProgramme

    To facilitate feasibility studies that are likelyto lead to high-impact projects which willstimulate value-adding economic activities inSouth Africa.

    Grant to a maximum of 55% of the totalcosts of the feasibility study.

    New projects, expansion of existingprojects and the rehabilitation ofexisting projects that fulfil theobjectives of the programme.

    8. Clothing and TextileCompetitiveness ImprovementProgramme (CTCIP)

    Aimed at structurally changing the Clothing,Textiles, Footwear, Leather & Leather Goodsmanufacturing industries by providingfunding assistance for these sectors to investin competitiveness improvementinterventions.

    Cost sharing grant for qualifying costs Companies in the clothing andtextile sector.

    9. Manufacturing CompetitivenessEnhancement Programme(MCEP)

    Encourage enterprises to upgrade theirproduction facilities, processes, productsand up-skill workers.

    Non-taxable grant calculated as apercentage of Manufacturing ValueAdded (MVA).

    Manufacturing enterprises inoperation for more than one year.

    10. Foreign Investment Grant (FIG) To compensate qualifying foreign investorsfor the costs of moving qualifying newmachinery and equipment from abroad toSouth Africa.

    Cash grant to compensate qualifyingforeign investors for costs incurred inmoving qualifying new machinery andequipment from abroad to RSA.

    Foreign investors that have beenapproved for the MIP.

  • South African SME Funding Directory A publication by Ukwanda Growth Partners

    Ukwanda Growth Partners, 2014 Page | 8

    Organisation / Fund Description / Objective Type of Funding Target Clients / Sectors

    11. Production Incentive (PI) Assist the industry in upgrading itsprocesses, product


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