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Location Full Name Position SLCS EMAIL Bartlett Abermanis, Nichole Kindergarten [email protected] SLHS Adams, Patricia Art [email protected] MMS Admiraal, Matthew Math [email protected] Bartlett Aills, Claudia 1st Grade [email protected] Hardy Alleman, Catherine 2nd Grade [email protected] ECC Allerton, Liz GSRP Teacher Assistant [email protected] Bartlett Allor, Elizabeth 4th Grade [email protected] MMS Altermatt, Maureen Principal [email protected] Bartlett Amos, Amanda Resource Room [email protected] Salem Anderson, Michele Kindergarten [email protected] SLHS Andreski, Kristine World Language [email protected] Kent Lake Andrews, Stacy 3rd Grade [email protected] CMS Angelosanto, Kellie Data Processor [email protected] Bartlett Arbini, Anthony Art [email protected] MMS Arbini, Anthony Art [email protected] Salem Arbini, Anthony Art [email protected] Sayre Armstrong, Janet 1st Grade [email protected] Transportation Armstrong, Shawn Bus Driver Bartlett Ash, Sue 1st Grade [email protected] Environmental Services Ashe, Steve Roving Engineer [email protected] SLEHS Athey, Sarah Social Studies [email protected] Hardy Atwell, Amy Special Ed - CI [email protected] Transportation Bache, Kathy Bus Driver Special Education Baidel, Katie Speech & Language Pathologist [email protected] Transportation Baker, Lynn Bus Driver Administration Building Baker, Melissa Assistant Superintendent [email protected] MMS Baker, Ross Social Studies [email protected] SLEHS Ball, Ayana Business/Math [email protected] SLHS Ball, Ayana Business/Math [email protected] ECC Banchoff, Jill Preschool Teacher Assistant [email protected] SOUTH LYON COMMUNITY SCHOOLS STAFF DIRECTORY All SLCS staff are listed below along with the building that they work in, their position and their email address. Not all employees have an email address. Filters are attached in the top row. Use the pull down arrows to filter out your selections.

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