space by: ava delahunty, josephine santoso, matthew grisdale

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  • SpaceBy: Ava Delahunty, Josephine Santoso, Matthew Grisdale

  • ConstellationsThey are not visible in the northern hemisphere. Theyre a group of stars that form a picture like Crux, Orion or Centarus.

  • Black HolesMany Scientists believe that there is a black hole at the center of the universe .The hole is created when a star collapses upon itself.

  • PlanetsPlanets are balls of gas, rocks and other things that form a planet.

  • PlutoPluto is one of the four dwarf planets Ceres, Pluto, Charon and Eris .Charon, Pluto and Eris are in the icy outer reigons

  • Did You Know Fact Did you know that Charon is the the largest of Plutos three moons!!

  • AstronomersSome astronomers wanted to increase the number of planets in the solar system from 9 to 12!

  • GalaxiesA galaxy is made up of millions of solar systems including stars planets , space objects , dust and gas.