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Download Space Robotics - NASA  Robotics Science Fiction  ... NASA’s Chariot Rovers. Robot Assistants: Star Wars’ R2 Actor Kenny Baker. Robot Assistants: NASA’s Robonaut 2

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  • Space RoboticsScience Fiction & Engineering Fact

    February, 2017

    Dr. Robert O. Ambrose

    NASA Principal Technologist for Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2018-04-26T16:28:00+00:00Z

  • Crew Rovers: The Martian

  • Crew Rovers: NASAs Chariot Rovers

  • Robot Assistants: Star Wars R2

    Actor Kenny Baker

  • Robot Assistants: NASAs Robonaut 2

    R2B1On ISS

  • Walking Robots: Interstellars TARS



    Docking Support "I have a cue light I can use to show

    you when I'm joking, if you like.

  • Walking Robots: NASAs Valkyrie

  • Jetpacks: Gravity and The Martian

    Why you need a jetpack

    If you dont have a jetpack

    I hate space. Sandra Bullock, Gravity

    Matt Damon, Green Screen, The Martian

  • Jetpacks: NASAs SAFER

  • Futuristic Cars: Total Recall

    Filming, Total Recall

  • Futuristic Cars: NASAs MRV

    Premier, The Martian


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