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    Lindauer Brut Cuvee (200ml) Hawkes Bay $11.0Lindauer Sav Blanc (200ml) Hawkes Bay $11.0Lindauer Pinot Gris (200ml) Hawkes Bay $11.0Lindauer Fraise (200ml) Hawkes Bay $11.0Lindauer Special Reserve Hawkes Bay $45.0Daniel Le Brun Brut Marlborough $54.5Nicolas Feuillate Brut Reserve France $110.


    Thatched Hut East Coast $9.50 $18.0 $42.0Kopiko Bay Marlborough $9.50 $19.0 $45.0Trinity Hill Hawke's Bay $10.5 $20.0 $46.5Kings Series Bastard Marlborough $12.0 $23.0 $57.0


    Thatched Hut Marlborough $9.00 $17.0 $42.0Marlborough House (TAP) Marlborough $9.50 $18.0 $43.0Kopiko Bay Marlborough $10.0 $19.0 $44.0The Ned Marlborough $10.5 $20.0 $46.5Mt. Diff Roaring Meg Marlborough $11.0 $21.0 $56.0


    Thatched Hut Marlborough $9.50 $17.0 $42.0Two Tracks Marlborough $10.0 $19.0 $45.0The Ned Marlborough $10.5 $20.0 $46.5Mt Difficulty 'Roaring Meg' Central Otago $11.5 $22.0 $49.0


    Te Whare Ra 'Dry' Marlborough $10.5 $20.0 $46.5

  • ROS

    Wither Hills Rose Marlborough $10.5 $20.0 $49.0


    Thatched Hut Merlot East Coast $9.50 $18.0 $43.0


    Kopiko Bay Marlborough $10.0 $19.0 $47.0Thatched Hut Central Otago $10.5 $20.0 $49.0Mt Difficulty 'Roaring Meg Central Otago $13.0 $25.0 $58.0Huntaway Reserve Central Otago $13.5 $26.0 $59.0


    Tatachilla 'Partners' Cabernet Shiraz McLaren Vale $10.0 $19.0 $45.0Angus 'The Bull' Cabernet Sauvignon Victoria $10.5 $20.0 $46.5


    St Hallet Shiraz Grenache Barossa $9.50 $18.0 $47.0Trinity Hill Syrah Hawkes Bay $11.5 $22.0 $53.0


    Wither Hills Cellar Selection Sav Marlborough $10.0 $19.0 $46.0 Wither Hills early light" PG Marlborough $10.0 $19.0 $46.0


    Becks (Germany) $10.0Guinness (Ireland) $9.00Hoegaarden (Belgium Wheat) $10.5Kilkenny (Ireland) $9.00Lion Red $9.00Macs Gold $9.50Macs Hoprocker $9.50Macs Green Berret $9.50Macs Three Wolves $9.50Speights Distinction Ale $9.00Speights Gold $9.00Speights Mid Strength Ale (2.5% alv) $8.00Steinlager $9.50Stella Artois (Belgium) $10.0


    Isaacs Apple Cider $9.50


    Kirin Fuji Apple $12.0Kirin Fuji Apple & Ginger $12.0Brambles Boysenberry/Apple $12.0Brambles Strawberry/Lime $12.0Brambles Black Current $12.0Isaacs Berry $9.50Isaacs Feijoa & Pear $9.50Isaacs Pear $9.50


    Becks $9.00Budwieser $9.00Corona $9.00Emersons 1812 $14.5Emersons Bird Dog $14.5Emersons Bookbinder $14.5Emersons JP $14.5Emersons London Porter $14.5Emersons Pilsner $14.5Emersons Southern Clam Stout $14.5Emersons Taieri $14.5Emersons Weizenbock $14.5Kirin $9.00Little Creatures IPA $9.00Little Creatures Pale Ale $9.00Little Creatures Pilsner $9.00Little Creatures Rogers $9.00Speights Ginger Beer $6.00Speights 5 Malt Old Dark $9.00Speights Summer Ale $9.00Speights Summit $9.00Speights Triple Hop Pilsner $9.00Steinlager Classic $8.50Steinlager Light $8.50Steinlager Pure $9.00Stella Artios $9.00Stella Legere $9.50


    Bacardi $9.50Coruba $9.50De Valcourt VSOP $9.50Gordons $9.50Johnny Walker Red Label $9.50Jose Cuervo Especial $9.50McKenna Bourbon $9.50Smirnoff Red $9.50


    Macs Feijoa & Pear $5.50Macs Ginger Beer $5.50Macs Green Apple $5.50Macs Lemon Crush $5.50Coke $4.00Coke Zero $4.00L&P $4.00Lemonade $4.00Ginger Ale $4.00Tonic $4.00Soda $2.00San Vittoria Sparkling Water 500ml $6.50Waiwera Still Water 500ml $6.50Orange Juice $4.00Apple Juice $4.00Cranberry Juice $4.00Grapefruit Juice $4.50Pineapple Juice $4.00Tomato Juice $4.00


    Campari $9.00Martini Extra Dry $8.50Martini Blanc $8.50Martini Rouge $8.50Pernod $9.50Pimms $9.50Stones Ginger Wine $9.50Dubonnet $9.00


    Clynelish 14yr $12.5Palate: Orange, soft acidity, dry oak, mixed fruits, vanillaCragganmore 12yr $14.0Palate: Rich, honey, stone fruits, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, berriesLaphroaig 10yr $12.0Palate: Cardamom/black pepper/chilliLagavulin 16yr $17.5Palate: Big, powerful peat & oakOrban 14 yr $15.5Palate: Citris, rich oak, cereal & maltMacallan 12 yr $11.5Palate: Hot pastries, marmalade, sultanas & peelsMacallan 18yr $20.5Palate: Stewed apples, cinnamon, orange peel & oakChivas Regal 12yr $10.5Palate: Banana chips, malt, all spice, ground walnut & caramelThe Belvenie 12yr $13.5Palate: Gentle spice, vanilla & peatDalwhinnie 15yr $15.5Palate: Malt, walnut, manuka honey, vanilla with gentle smokeGlenfiddich 15yr $16.0Palate: Shery, raisins, fruitcake & spicesGlenfiddich 30yr $45.0Palate: Dates, peels, nuts, vanilla, mixed fruits & oakJohnnie Walker Black 12yr $11.5Palate: Smoke, dry spice, barley, cereal, toffee & herbsJohnnie Walker Green 15yr $14.5Palate: Cereal, coffee beans, walnut & chocolateJohnnie Walker Gold 18yr $18.5Palate: Honey, flowers & vanillaJohnnie Walker Blue 30yr $30.5Palate: Grass, malt, toffee & chocolateDewers Scotch Malt $10.0Palate: Vanilla, fudge, smoke, toffee, honey, oakGlayva Whiskey Liqueur $9.00Palate: Honey, almonds, tangerines & spicesDrambuie Whiskey Liqueur $10.0Palate: Heather& herbs, spices, anise, nutmeg, safron


    Jamesons $9.50Palate: Orchard fruits, vanilla creamJamesons Select Reserve $16.0Palate: Dates, walnut, peels, peach, coconut & cinnamonTullamore $9.50Palate: Sherry, spice, buttered toast & honeyBushmill $9.50Palate: Tangy with elderflower notesBushmill 10yr $10.5Palate: Medium fruits, chocolate puddingBushmill Black Label $11.5Palate: Very fruity & milky


    Jim Beam $9.50Palate: Oak, spice, vanilla, pepper & crme anglaiseJim Beam Black Label $10.0Palate: Toffee, honey & citrisJim Beam Small Batch $11.0Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with port addedBookers $15.0Palate: Rich, full bodied, water will bring out the expressionMakers Mark $10.0Palate: Rye, spice, malt, nut oil, butterscotch & vanillaWoodford Reserve $9.50Palate: Espresso beans, spice, cereal, rye, ginger, almond oilWild Turkey $10.0Palate: Caramel, honey, fudge, rhubarb, custard sweets & espresso beansWild Turkey American Honey $10.5Palate: Oak, spice with silky bourbon notesWild Turkey Rare Breed $11.0Palate: Vanilla, toffee, corn, brown sugar, cinnamon & dark chocolateJack Daniels $9.00Palate: Banana milkshake, mixed nut & caramelGentlemen Jack $11.0Palate: Corn, dried fruit, toffee & spiceCanadian Club $9.50Palate: Winter spice, dark sugar & rumCrown Royal $10.5Palate: Vanilla, caramel, brown sugar & oakSouthern Comfort $9.50Palate: Peaches, herbs & spices


    Delamain XO $30.0Remy Martin XO $30.0Frappin VSOP $15.0Courvoisier VS $11.0Hennessy VS $12.0


    Bacardi Oakheart (Spiced Rum) $8.50Bacardi ORO $9.50Bacardi 8 $11.0Bacardi Gold $12.0Bacardi 151 (75.5% abv) $12.5Malibu (white rum) $10.0Stolen Silver $9.50Stolen Gold $9.50Appletons Estate $10.0Captain Morgans Spiced Rum $9.50Mount Gay $10.0Mount Gay Extra Old $12.0Matusalem Grand Reserva 15yr $14.0Matusalem Grand Reserva 23yr $16.0


    Cointreau $10.0Galliano Vanilla $10.0Galliano Amaretto $10.0Galliano Black $10.0Galliano White $10.0Grand Marnier $9.50Jagermeister $9.50Opal Biancos $10.0Opal Nera $10.0


    Frangelico $10.0Chambord $9.50Midori $10.0Tia Maria $9.50Kahlua $10.0Archers Peach Schnapps $10.0


    Patron Silver $12.5Patron Cafe $12.5Patron Anejo $12.5Patron Reposado $12.5Patron Citronge $12.5Jose Cuervo 1800 Silver $12.5Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo $12.5Jose Cuervo 1800 Reposado $16.0Jose Cuervo Tradicional $16.0Jose Cuervo Agavero $12.5Gran Corralejo $16.0


    42 Below $10.042 Below Passion $10.042 Below Kiwi $10.042 Below Feijoa $10.042 Below Honey $10.0Broken Shed $10.0Grey Goose $11.5Grey Goose Le Citris $11.5Grey Goose LOrange $11.5Belvedere $12.5Smirnoff Vanilla $10.0Smirnoff Apple $10.0Smirnoff Rasberry $10.0Smirnoff Citrus $10.0


    Bombay Saphire $10.0Tanqueray $10.0Tanqueray No 10 $11.5Martin Millers Westbourne 47 $11.5Edinburgh Rasberry $12.0Edinburgh Spiced Orange $12.0


    Long Island Iced Tea $18.0Made with a mind blowing mix of 5 spirits, muddled together with fresh citrus fruits & finished with coke, or you can spice it up with lemonade or cranberry for a refreshing change.

    Mojito $15.0Simple but still packs a punch, this little Cuban superstar, is served with 2 kinds of Bacardi muddled together with mint lime & sugar finished with soda. The perfect cocktail for summer.

    Mixed Berry Mojito $15.0Bringing back the mojito with a delicious berry twist. Made with fresh mixed berries, rum, lime & mint all shaken together & finished with a cheeky splash of Chambord liquor, this cocktail is summer in a glass.

    Whiskey Sour $15.0By far the best sour cocktail around, with a mix of bourbon, lemon & sugar, this firecracker will have you screaming for more.

    Passionfruit Cosmopolitan $15.0A twist on the classic brings this cocktail to a new level. 42 below passion fruit, triple sec brought together with fresh lime & cranberry juice, garnished with fresh passion fruit. Sex & the City eat your heart out!

    Dark and Stormy $15.0This cocktail is by far a classic in the making made with spiced rum, fresh lime, finished off with ice cold ginger beer, this cocktails screams refreshing.

    The Bloody Mary $12.0An oldie but goodie this fantastic little number will get your taste buds going. Mixed with tomato juice, Worcester sauce, salt, pepper and a dash of tobascosauce & a delightful dose of vodka.

    Sangria 1Litre $18.0Everyones favourite summer drink, this Spanish superstar will give you everything you want in a cocktail, with a mix of fresh fruits infused with red or white wine topped off with our own secret recipe it will have you begging for more.

    Capiroiska $15.0The modern variation on the classic Brazilian cocktail (caipirinha) 42 below vodka, muddled with fresh lime & palm sugar, if thats not enough why not mix it up by adding the following: passionfruit, kiwi, feijoa or apple. Get those taste buds really going.


    Dirty Martini $15.0Feeling a little bit naughty? If so this dirty little number will certainly get the juices flowing, with a mix of Tanqueray Gin, dry vermouth, olive juice and finished with Kalamata olives.

    Espresso Martini $16.0Coffee lovers? Then this is the cocktail for you , the smoothness of this drink will have your lips tingling. A mix of vodka, Kahlua, crme de cacao and a shot of coffee, shaken over ice. This is by far heaven in a glass.

    French Martini $16.0Sophistication in a glass this drink is a must have. With a blend of 42 below vodka shaken up with Chambord finished off with pineapple juice. A great way to finish a hard days work.


    SnickersMilky WayJammy DodgerMind EraserChocolate Cake Nuts and Berry Smashed Brains Slippery Nipple Screaming OrgasmAlabama Slammer Peanut Butter Wake The Dead The God Father