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Fall 2011 Creative Portfolio


  • 1. Branding Proposal to Creative PortfolioFall 2011
  • 2. Visualizing the Sparxoo ethos We are strategic leaders that spark creative insight. We energize clients to explore and pioneer new opportunities. We would be honored to have the opportunity to share our talents with your team. Our core values: Imagination to Discover Breakthrough Insights Courage to Pursue New Ventures Passion to Engage a High Impact Network2 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 3. Our holistic approach3 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 4. Some of our clients4 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 5. A sampling of Logo Designs5 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 6. Splash page for a Sports Mobile App6 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 7. Web design for a Tea & Beer Lounge7 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 8. Web design for a social media software company8 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 9. Facebook page for social media software company9 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 10. Web design for a sports talent agency10 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 11. Media kit for a sports talent agency11 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 12. Web design for a local southern restaurant12 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 13. Print advertisement for a restaurant13 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 14. Tradeshow collateral for a Health & Wellness Company14 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 15. Innovation workshop collateral15 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 16. Digital assets for a startup theatre company16 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 17. Sparxoo print campaign17 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 18. Sparxoo client testimonials I absolutely loved working with the Sparxoo Agency team to build our brand from creative strategy through logo development and web design. The team quickly understood my vision for Infusions Lounge and was able to express our brand in a way that sets us apart from the competition. We are truly thrilled with the outcome of our web site design. Sparxoo Agency has given us that extra spark we need to become Tampas go-to lounge. - Eric, Owner and CEO, Infusions Lounge, Tampa, FL Sparxoos web design team was a perfect match for our digital sports company. They created a modern design that highlights key product features, is visually appealing, and drives users to action. From design to sports to mobile, Sparxoo Agency has expertise that leads to results. - Oren Kantor, Founder and CEO, SportsPicker (an iPhone App startup)18 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 19. Sparxoo client testimonials Sparxoo has a wealth of branding knowledge that they successfully applied in collaboration with our global sales & marketing team. Sparxoo shows genuine commitment to making a long-term difference with Habitat for Humanity. - Chris Clarke, Chief Marketing Officer, Habitat for Humanity Smart. Passionate. Engaging. David and the Sparxoo team brought unique strategic insight and new ideas. They were highly effective in building relationships and credibility. They became an integral part of the team. This resulted in the generation of several Newsweeks initiatives that improved bottom line performance. - Tracia Luh, Former CFO and SVP Corporate Development, Newsweek19 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 20. Sparxoo client testimonials Sparxoo is more than an agency, theyre an important contributor to our team that has helped inform our overall strategy, and has brought our brand to life through outstanding creative concepts. Sparxoos modern design aesthetic is perfect for our media & entertainment company which seeks to appeal to rising digital savvy leaders. - Martin Dunn, Founder and CEO, Street Smart Video I highly recommend David and the team at Sparxoo. Sparxoo brings strong strategic thinking and unique insights with a pragmatic approach that delivers tangible results. For DPSG, Sparxoo led a successful and very collaborative cross-functional session to prioritize our largest strategic opportunity areas." - Ian Norton, Director of Innovation, Dr Pepper Snapple Group20 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)
  • 21. Contact Us SPARXOO AGENCY 813-402-0208 :: :: info@sparxoo.com21 | Sparxoo Creative Portfolio (Fall 2011)