Special Offer for BC School Offer for BC School Districts Part of the Employee Purchase Program TELUS is pleased to extend an offer for mobile services to the BC School Districts

Download Special Offer for BC School   Offer for BC School Districts Part of the Employee Purchase Program TELUS is pleased to extend an offer for mobile services to the BC School Districts

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<ul><li><p>Special Offer for BC School Districts Part of the Employee Purchase Program TELUS is pleased to extend an offer for mobile services to the BC School Districts. Under this </p><p>offer, BC School District employees may purchase a mobile service plan and take advantage of significant discounts when compared to regular consumer plans. </p><p> NOTE: BC School Districts will not accept any liability for the service or equipment provided. BC School Districts will not be an actual or implied party to any such contractual relationship or purchase of services. </p><p>Employee Purchase Plans </p><p> EPP Voice Only </p><p>Rate Plan EPP Smartphone </p><p>Lite Rate Plan </p><p>EPP Smartphone Rate Plan Promotional </p><p>EPP Smartphone </p><p>Rate </p><p>Monthly Rate Plan $ 35.00 $ 50.00 $60.00 $ 70.00 </p><p>Included Minutes 400 local (per second billing) </p><p>350 local (per second billing) </p><p>Unlimited local + 250 Canadian long distance </p><p>Unlimited Nationwide </p><p>Included Canada Data N/A 1 GB 3GB 3 GB </p><p>Minutes Pooling Included Included N/A N/A </p><p>Data Pooling N/A Included Non-Pooled Included </p><p>TELUS mobile to TELUS mobile calling </p><p>Local Included Local Included Nationwide </p><p>Included Nationwide </p><p>Included </p><p>Unlimited local evenings &amp; weekends (6 PM 7 AM) </p><p>Included Included N/A N/A </p><p>Local Overage Rate / Minute (per second Billing) </p><p>$0.07 $0.07 N/A N/A </p><p>Data Overage Rate $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 </p><p>Canada to Canada Long Distance / Minute </p><p>$0.07 $0.07 $0.10 Included </p><p>Canada to USA Long Distance / Minute </p><p>$0.15 $0.15 $0.15 $0.15 </p><p>U.S. Roaming / Minute (roaming included) </p><p>$0.25 $0.25 $1.50 $0.25 </p><p>U.S. Roaming / MB $5.00 $3.00 $5.00 $3.00 </p><p>Voicemail Voicemail 10 Voicemail 10 Voicemail 25 Voicemail 10 </p><p>Call Display Included </p><p>Call Waiting Included </p><p>Conference Calling Included </p><p>Unlimited Picture &amp; Text messages (SMS/MMS) </p><p>Included </p><p>Term 24 months </p></li><li><p>NEW LIMITED TIME OFFER (February 8 to February 15, 2016) Receive a $150 discount on a new smartphone when you activate a new number or port in from a different cellular provider on the TELUS Cellular Network. *This offer is not available to clients subscribing to the: </p><p> $35 EPP Voice Only Rate Plan </p><p> Bring your own device plans </p><p> Cannot be stacked with other hardware discount offers </p><p> Bring your Own Device (BYOD) The BYOD offer is available for new activations only where users are bringing their own device to TELUS </p><p>Preferred Employee </p><p> Voice-Only BYOD </p><p>Preferred Employee </p><p>Voice &amp; Data BYOD </p><p>Monthly Rate Plan $ 30.00 $ 55.00 </p><p>Included Minutes 400 local (per </p><p> second billing) Unlimited </p><p>Nationwide </p><p>Included Canada Data N/A 3 GB </p><p>Data Pooling N/A Included </p><p>Minutes Pooling Included N/A </p><p>TELUS mobile to TELUS mobile calling Local Included Nationwide Included </p><p>Unlimited local evenings &amp; weekends (6 PM 7 AM) Included N/A </p><p>Local Overage Rate / Minute (per second billing) $0.07 N/A </p><p>Canada to Canada Long Distance / Minute $0.07 Included </p><p>Canada to USA Long Distance / Minute $0.15 $0.15 </p><p>U.S. Roaming / Minute (roaming included) $0.25 $0.25 </p><p>Data Overage Rate $0.05 $0.05 </p><p>U.S. Roaming / MB $5.00 $3.00 </p><p>Voicemail Voicemail 10 Voicemail 10 </p><p>Call Display Included </p><p>Call Waiting Included </p><p>Conference Calling Included </p><p>Unlimited Picture &amp; Text messages (SMS/MMS) Included </p><p>Term Month-to-Month </p></li><li><p>Terms &amp; Conditions: For new clients: </p><p>o A new 2 year contract on the TELUS network is required o A $150 port-in credit is available on the $70.00 EPP Smartphone plan to phone </p><p>numbers being transferred to TELUS from another carrier </p><p> For existing TELUS clients: o A new 2 year contract on the TELUS network is required </p><p> Account must be activated under employee name </p><p> No limit to the number of devices activated per employee on their account. Employee is limited to one account </p><p> Proof of employment is required (one of the following): o Paystub with employee number o Valid business card o School District Photo Identification </p><p> A credit check may be required. Relevant identification may be requested </p><p>Important Information for TELUS Dealer: When interacting with the Corporate Activations team please mention the appropriate COINS Agreement # and Node ID: </p><p> COINS Agreement # NODE ID </p><p>TSMA Lite School Districts (EPP) 117898 3942027 </p><p> This offer can only be redeemed at one of the TELUS authorized dealers listed </p><p>below. Please contact them for further information. </p><p>When taking advantage of this offer, please bring the first four pages of this document with you. </p><p> The Device Balance is available on the clients TELUS Mobility bill. An additional $50 cancellation charge will also apply. Premium messages will be charged at actuals and are not included. Taxes, long distance, roaming and pay-per-use charges are extra. Additional fees may apply for servicing operations. Directory Assistance 411 Charge: $2.50. Plus applicable provincial government 911 fees in Nova Scotia (43), P.E.I (50), New Brunswick (53), Quebec (40) and Saskatchewan (38). Long distance refers to calls originating and terminating in Canada. Offer available to new activations on a 2-year service agreement nationally. Proof of employment is required. This pricing is only available while TELUS has a corporate agreement in effect with the entity of the employee in which the above offer is made, and TELUS may terminate the availability of the Special Offer for Employees at any time. The What You Get, What You Pay brochure applies to TELUS consumer rate plans, and does not apply to the Special Offer for Employees set out above. Despite anything else in the TELUS Service Agreement or the Service Terms, if you are no longer employed by the entity, the Special Offer for Employees will no longer apply and TELUS will apply a rate plan generally available to TELUS consumer clients. TELUS, the TELUS logo, and the future is friendly are trademarks of TELUS Corporation, used under licence. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 2016 TELUS. </p></li><li><p>TELUS Approved Dealer Address City Prov Postal Code </p><p>Telephone Number </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts 916 Alpine Street 100 Mile House BC V0K 2E0 (250) 395-4015 </p><p>Apex Communications Inc. Unit #2 - 32915 </p><p>South Fraser Way Abbotsford BC V2S 2A6 (604) 859-3322 </p><p>Clearwest Solutions Inc. 3122 Mt. Lehman </p><p>Rd Unit B145 Abbotsford BC V2T 0C5 (604) 504-3838 </p><p>Clearwest Solutions Inc. Unit #405 - 2140 </p><p>Sumas Way Abbotsford BC V2S 2C7 (604) 859-4848 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Aldergrove Village - Unit #310 - 26310 </p><p>Fraser Hwy Aldergrove BC </p><p>V4W 2Z7 </p><p>(604) 607-7889 </p><p>Andre's Electronic Experts 2590 Pleasant </p><p>Valley Blvd Armstrong BC V0E 1B0 (250) 546-1200 </p><p>Apex Communications Inc. Unit 150 - 4170 Still Creek Drive </p><p>Burnaby BC V5C6C6 (604) 436-3300 </p><p>Pacific Coastcom Communications Inc. </p><p>Unit #111 - 3823 Henning Drive </p><p>Burnaby BC V5C 6P3 (604) 299-8180 </p><p>RC's Sack of Stuff Lakeview Mall - </p><p>Box 312 - Unit #4 - 117 Hwy 16 </p><p>Burns Lake BC V0J 1E0 (250) 692-9131 </p><p>North Island Communications Inc. </p><p>1690 Island Hwy Campbell River BC V9W 2E5 </p><p>(250) 287-9207 </p><p>Quinsam Radio Communications Ltd. </p><p>Unit #162 - 1436 Island Highway </p><p>Campbell River BC V9W 8C9 </p><p>(250) 286-3484 </p><p>Quinsam Radio Communications Ltd. </p><p>Unit B - 1437, 16th Avenue </p><p>Campbell River BC V9W 2E4 </p><p>(250) 287-4541 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts Unit #200 - 1965 Columbia Avenue </p><p>Castlegar BC V1N 2W8 </p><p>(250) 287-4541 </p><p>Cardinal Telecom (2000) Inc. </p><p>Unit #4837, 51st Street </p><p>Chetwynd BC V0C 1J0 (250) 788-3271 </p><p>Apex Communications Inc. Unit #103 - 45300 LuckaKuck Way </p><p>Chilliwack BC V2R 3C7 (604) 824-8470 </p><p>Can Talk Wireless Solutions Inc. </p><p>Unit #11 - 45905 Yale Road </p><p>Chilliwack BC V7X 1R4 (604) 702-0200 </p><p>Clearwest Solutions Inc. 7544B Vedder </p><p>Road Chilliwack BC V2R 4E7 (604) 858-3939 </p><p>Open Connection 1071 Austin </p><p>Avenue Unit 105 Coquitlam BC V3K 3P2 (604) 939-6453 </p><p>Easylink Communications Ltd. </p><p>Unit #22 - 2988 Glen Drive </p><p>Coquitlam BC V3B 2P5 (604) 606-8178 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Unit #5 - 3000 </p><p>Lougheed Hwy. Coquitlam BC V3B 1C5 (604) 464-7478 </p><p>Open Connection Unit #6 - 795 Ryan </p><p>Road Courtenay BC V9N 3R6 (250) 897-1188 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Unit #103 - 1599 </p><p>Cliffe Avenue Courtenay BC V9N 2K9 (250) 334-4664 </p><p>Andres Electronics Experts 101 Kootenay </p><p>Street N Cranbrook BC V1C 3T5 (250) 426-8927 </p><p>Kootenay Communications Ltd. </p><p>717 Industrial Road 2 </p><p>Cranbrook BC V1C 4C9 (250) 426-8251 </p><p>Mitech Communications Inc. </p><p>Tamarack Centre - Unit #421 - 1500 Cranbrook Street </p><p>North </p><p>Cranbrook BC V1C 3S8 (250) 489-4950 </p><p>Lectric Avenue Electronics 1017 Canyon </p><p>Street Creston BC V0B 1G0 (250) 428-7873 </p></li><li><p>Audio Connections 1025, 102 Avenue Dawson Creek BC V1G 2B9 (250) 782-1621 </p><p>Gearjammer Electronics Ltd. </p><p>741 Highway 2 Dawson Creek BC V1G 4E9 (250) 782-8268 </p><p>Petron Communications Ltd. </p><p>801, 104 Avenue Dawson Creek BC V1G 2H6 (250) 782-3333 </p><p>Open Connection 1517, 56th Street Delta BC V4L 2A9 (604) 948-1700 </p><p>Cowichan Sound &amp; Cellular Ltd. </p><p>Unit #112 - 2951 Green Road </p><p>Duncan BC V9L 6C7 (250) 715-1599 </p><p>Cowichan Sound &amp; Cellular Ltd. </p><p>951A Canada Avenue </p><p>Duncan BC V9L 1V2 (250) 748-4847 </p><p>Petron Communications Ltd. </p><p>Landmark Plaza - Unit #7 - 4916, </p><p>50th Street, Box 1108 </p><p>Fort Nelson BC V0C 1R0 (250) 774-6453 </p><p>Custom Communications (1990) Corp. </p><p>Unit L86 - 9600 93rd Avenue </p><p>Fort St. John BC V1J 5Z2 (250) 785-6115 </p><p>Petron Communications Ltd. </p><p>11315 Alaska Road </p><p>Fort St. John BC V1J 6N2 (250) 785-3333 </p><p>Par 3 Sports-In-Motion Ltd. 111 Chowsunket </p><p>Street Fraser Lake BC V0J 1S0 (250) 699-8063 </p><p>Suncoast Cellular Ltd. Unit #37 - 900 Gibsons Way </p><p>Gibsons BC V0N 1V7 (604) 886-7303 </p><p>Taks Home Furnishing Co. 801, 9th Avenue South, Box 270 </p><p>Golden BC V0A 1H0 (250) 344-2728 </p><p>Mike's Audio Video Ltd. 3433, 9th Street Houston BC V0J 1Z0 (250) 845-2999 </p><p>Selkirk Cellulars &amp; Office Supplies Corp. </p><p>Suite 110, 809 - 7th Avenue </p><p>Invermere BC V0A 1K0 (250) 342-0025 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts 745 Notre Dame </p><p>Drive Kamloops BC V2C 5N8 (250) 851-8700 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts 215 450 </p><p>Lansdowne Street Kamloops BC V2C 1Y3 (250) 377-8007 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts 2008 1320 West </p><p>Trans Canada Hwy Kamloops BC V1S 1J2 (250) 377-8880 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts 300 St. Pauls </p><p>Street Kamloops BC V2C 3P1 (250) 377-3773 </p><p>Tom Harris Unit #113 - 1180 Columbia Street </p><p>Kamloops BC V2C 6R6 (250) 828-2188 </p><p>Tom Harris North Hills Centre - </p><p>Unit K3 - 700 Tranquille Road </p><p>Kamloops BC V2B 3H9 (250) 376-1413 </p><p>Walco Radio &amp; Electronics Ltd. </p><p>707 East Sarcee Street </p><p>Kamloops BC V2H 1E6 (250) 372-0054 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts 266 Bernard Ave Kelowna BC V1Y 6N4 (250) 868-8173 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts 2153 Springfield </p><p>Road Kelowna BC V1Y 7X1 (250) 860-2600 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Banks Centre - </p><p>2447 Highway 97 North </p><p>Kelowna BC V1X 4J2 (250) 861-8848 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Unit #44 - 3155 </p><p>Lake Shore Road, Mission Park Plaza </p><p>Kelowna BC V1W 3S9 </p><p>(250) 717-8848 </p><p>Pacific Coastcom Communications Inc. </p><p>Unit #116A - 1950 Harvey Avenue </p><p>Kelowna BC V1Y 6J8 (250) 868-2929 </p><p>Pacific Coastcom Communications Inc. </p><p>1744 Springfield Road </p><p>Kelowna BC V1Y 5V6 (250) 860-9875 </p><p>Sight &amp; Sound Music Inc. 216 City Centre Kitimat BC V8C 1T6 (250) 632-5000 </p></li><li><p>Open Connection Unit #102 - 4841 </p><p>Delta Street Delta BC V4K 2T9 (604) 940-2882 </p><p>Apex Communications Inc. Unit #3 - 19638 </p><p>Fraser Hwy Langley BC V3A 4C5 (604) 530-3300 </p><p>Clearwest Solutions Inc. Unit C7 - 20202, </p><p>66th Avenue Langley BC V2Y 1P3 (604) 539-2099 </p><p>Clearwest Solutions Inc. Unit #310 - 8700, </p><p>200 Street Langley BC V2Y 2Y1 (604) 888-5000 </p><p>Clearwest Solutions Inc. Unit C104 - 20159, </p><p>88th Avenue Langley BC V1M 0A4 (604) 513-3600 </p><p>VirtualHelp Electronics 657 Main Street Lillooet BC V0K 1V0 (250) 256-0131 </p><p>Countrywide Communications Inc. </p><p>Unit #85 - 11900 Haney Place </p><p>Maple Ridge BC V2X 8R9 (604) 467-5559 </p><p>Countrywide Communications Inc. </p><p>22661 Lougheed Hwy </p><p>Maple Ridge BC V2X 2V4 (604) 467-5994 </p><p>City Furniture &amp; Appliance (Merritt) Ltd. </p><p>Box 2004 - 2025 Coutlee Avenue </p><p>Merritt BC V1K 1B8 (250) 378-2332 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. # 100 - 32670 </p><p>Lougheed Highway Mission BC V2V 1A7 (604) 814-3291 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. # D110 - 31956 Lougheed Hwy </p><p>Mission BC V2V 0C6 (604) 820-0882 </p><p>Open Connection Unit #231 - 4750 Rutherford Road, Rutherford Mall </p><p>Nanaimo BC V9T 4K6 (250) 729-0200 </p><p>Open Connection Country Club Mall - </p><p>Unit #4 - 3200 North Island Hwy </p><p>Nanaimo BC V9T 1W1 </p><p>(250) 729-4841 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Unit #530 - 2980 Island Highway </p><p>North Nanaimo BC V9T 5V4 (250) 756-2315 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts 1150 Lakeside </p><p>Drive Nelson BC V1L 5Z3 (250) 354-4496 </p><p>South Kootenay Electronics Ltd. </p><p>902 Front Street Nelson BC V1L 4C2 (250) 352-7292 </p><p>Open Connection 1801 Lonsdale </p><p>Street North Vancouver BC V7M 2J8 (604) 904-2330 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. 1295 Marine Drive North Vancouver BC V7P 1T3 (604) 984-7017 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. 5955 Main Street, </p><p>Unit 1270 Oliver BC V0H 1T0 (250) 485-7338 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Unit #3 - 281 East Island Hwy - P.O. </p><p>Box 366 Parksville BC V9P 2G4 (250) 248-3322 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts </p><p>Cherry Lane Shopping Center - Unit #133 - 2111 </p><p>Main Street </p><p>Penticton BC V2A 6W6 </p><p>(250) 493-4566 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts Unit #101 - 2601 Skaha Lake Rd. </p><p>Penticton BC V2A 6E8 (250) 493-3800 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Unit #713 - 1301 </p><p>Main Street, Penticton Plaza </p><p>Penticton BC V2A 5E9 (250) 490-8848 </p><p>Pacific Coastcom Communications Inc. </p><p>2000 Main Street Penticton BC V2A 5H4 (250) 490-4902 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. </p><p>Meadowtown Centre - Unit #735 - 19800 Lougheed </p><p>Highway </p><p>Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 2W1 </p><p>(604) 460-1934 </p></li><li><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Unit B - 4006 </p><p>Johnston Road Port Alberni BC V9Y 5N3 (250) 724-6144 </p><p>Apex Communications Inc. Unit #201 - 2020 Oxford Connector </p><p>Port Coquitlam BC V3C 0A4 (604) 944-3300 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Unit #140 - 863 </p><p>Village Drive Port Coquitlam BC V3B 0G9 604-945-3567 </p><p>Hardy Sound Ltd. Box 142 - 8945 Granville Street </p><p>Port Hardy BC VN 2P0 (250) 949-7771 </p><p>B. K. Two Way Radio Ltd. Unit #115 - 6007 </p><p>Southridge Avenue Prince George BC V2N 6Z4 (250) 964-4881 </p><p>B. K. Two Way Radio Ltd. 3963, 15th Avenue Prince George BC V2N 1A5 (250) 562-4856 </p><p>B. K. Two Way Radio Ltd. Unit #107 - 1600, </p><p>15th Avenue (Parkwood) </p><p>Prince George BC V2L 3X3 (250) 562-4880 </p><p>Andres Electronic Experts 601, 3rd Ave West Prince Rupert BC V8J1M3 (250) 624-9600 </p><p>A.B.C. Allen Business Communications Ltd. </p><p>Unit 101 - 248 Reid Street </p><p>Quesnel BC V2J 2M2 (250) 992-1230 </p><p>Revelstoke Mobility 120 Connaught </p><p>Avenue Revelstoke BC V0E 2S0 (250) 837-5606 </p><p>Apex Communications Inc. Ironwood Plaza - </p><p>Unit #7000 - 11686 Steveston Hwy </p><p>Richmond BC V7A 5J3 (604) 274-3300 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Kiosk 982 - 5300 </p><p>No. 3 Road Richmond BC V6X 2X9 (604)278-4909 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Unit - 200, 2991B, </p><p>10th Ave SW Salmon Arm BC V1E 3J9 (250) 833-1868 </p><p>Pacific Coastcom Communications Inc. </p><p>Unit #130 - 1151, 10th Avenue SW </p><p>Salmon Arm BC V1E 1T3 (250) 832-9392 </p><p>Energy Options Ltd. 111 Rainbow Road Saltspring Island BC V8K 2V5 (250) 537-8371 </p><p>Suncoast Cellular Ltd. Trail Bay Centre - Unit #59 - 5755 Cowrie Street </p><p>Sechelt BC V0N 3A0 (604) 741-9939 </p><p>Tom Harris Cellular Ltd. Unit #303 - 9810, </p><p>7th Street Sidney BC V8L 4W6 (250) 655-4410 </p><p>To...</p></li></ul>


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