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  • 1. Specialised Cutlerywww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in

2. Pastry fork www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 3. Lobster pick www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 4. Gateau slicerwww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 5. Asparagus tong www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 6. Soup spoon www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 7. Salt spoon, mustard spoon, caddy spoon, olivespoon, jam spoon, cocktail fork, sardine server www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 8. Desert spoon, desert fork, desert knife, soupspoon, small fork, small knife www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 9. Fruit fork, fruit knife, fish fork, fishknife www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 10. Demitasse spoon, tea spoon, grape fruitspoon, oyster fork and escargot forkwww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 11. Sugar tong, butter knife, nut crackerand grape scissors www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 12. Salad Server (Fork), Salad Server(Spoon), Fish Server (Fork) and Fish Server(Knife)www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 13. Cake Spatula, Pie Server, CakeServer, Asparagas Servers, Soup Ladle andBasting Spoonwww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 14. Cheese knifewww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 15. gateaux slicer www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 16. snail dish with snail tong www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 17. Cheese graterwww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 18. Cork screwwww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 19. Carving knife and forkwww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 20. Fondue boatwww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 21. Coffee percolatorwww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 22. Coffee plunger www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in 23. Thank youwww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.comwww.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in