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  • SPHS Alum Military ServiceGrad


    Branch of ERA Units Areas of Comm /

    4/14/2017 Full Name Year Service Served Rank Served Service Awards, etc. KIA Date MIA Date WIA Date Comments, etc.

    Ackwith Frederick E. Ackwith 68 USAF Vietnam

    Adams Merle Albert Adams 43 US Navy WWII CEM/2C

    Adams Cheryl Adams 75 USMC Cold War Ft. Ben. Harrison Journalist

    Adlam Edward Miles Adlam 39 US Army WWII PFC Became Naturalized Citizen to join US

    Army; Born in Canada

    Adlam Joseph Warren Adlam US Navy WWII Cox

    Agee Joe Agee 40 US Navy WWII

    Ahrens Emil W Ahrens 39 US Army WWII Cpl

    Akers Joseph Price Akers 41 US Navy WWII CM/1C

    Alban Kenneth R. Alban 62 USAF

    Albert Paul R Albert 38 US Army WWII Cpl

    Albert Charles Augustus Albert 43 Army Air




    Allan John Allan US Navy WWII ARM/3C

    Allen John P. Allen 34 US Army WWII

    Allen Charles Ray Allen 43 US Navy WWII USS Doyen WWII S PACIFIC

    Allen Richard (Rich) Allen 69 USAF Vietnam Vietnam

    Allen William J. Allen 70 National



    Allen Andrew Allen US Army WWII PVT

    Amann Richard Amann 39 US Army WWII PFC

    Ammons Marie Ammons 44 USAF Korea 1st Lt Served as a Nurse

    Ammons Albert Louden Ammons 49 USAF Korea AFC Caswell Tx

    Amos Jimmy Amos USAF Korea AFC Korea

    Anderson Howard Anderson 56 USMC Cold War

    Andrews Samuel Andrews 40 US Navy WWII AM/2C

    Andrews William Andrews 72 US Navy Vietnam

    Angel Harold Angel 40 US Army WWII Cpl

    Angil Samuel Velare Angil 40 US Navy WWII QM/2C WW II Pacific

    Angil Tom Angil 42 USMC WWII PVT WW II Pacific China


    cific Medal, WWII

    Vitory Medal, Good

    ConductPage 1 of 89

  • Angil John Angil USMC Korea 7th Marine Tegt Korea

    Anthony Jerry Anthony USMC Vietnam

    Arbutus John Arbutus US Army WWII Sgt.

    Arrowwood Robert K. Arrowood Sr. 64 US Army Vietnam Army Medic

    Asher Elmer Asher US Navy

    Auffarth Frederick Vincent Auffarth 61 US Navy Vietnam

    Auffarth Vince Auffarth 68 US Navy Vietnam

    Austin Steve Austin 74 US Navy Vietnam

    Auvil Timothy Auvil US Army 2ndLt

    Bailey Grover Cleveland Bailey Jr 43 US Navy WWII AS

    Baines Richard A. Baines 36 US Army WWII

    Baines Alber R. Baines US Army WWII T-4

    Baines Richard Baines US Army

    Baines Robert Baines US Navy WWII MM/3C

    Baker Albert P.Baker US Army WWII Sgt

    Balaz Gustave (Gus) Stephen Balaz 45 US Army WWII PVT Graduated Early to serve

    Balius Louis(Chip) Balius 71 US Navy Vietnam

    Balsis William R. Balsis 66 US Navy Vietnam

    Bamberger Joseph E.Bamberger 37 US Army WWII PVT

    Bamford George F Bamford Jr 39 US Army WWII T-5 77th Inf Signal


    Japan Occupation at end of war

    Bandy Robert Frank Bandy 61 US Navy Vietnam Lt Com US Navy Acad Graduate

    Barberia Joseph J. Barberia 66 US Navy Vietnam Germany

    Barcikowski Raymond Barcikowski 55 USMC Cold War

    Barcikowski Eugene Richard Barcikowski US Navy Korea F1C Mediteranean

    Barnes Ron (Barney) Barnes 65 US Navy Vietnam E-4 USS Laffey

    (DD724) USS





    Vietnam, West


    Vietnam Campaign

    Barnhill Larry M. Barnhill US Army Vietnam PFC 11th Armored


    Vietnam Silver Star , Purple



    Campaign Medal,

    Vietnam Service


    5-Dec-66 Awarded the SILVER STAR for actions in

    RVN on Dec 5, 1966 19 Years Old

    Barr Edward William Barr US Army WWII Sgt

    Bartley William Bartly US Army WWII SSgt

    Barton Robert Vinson Barton 42 US Navy WWII MM/2C

    Baskette William Baskette 51 US Navy Korea

    Bassford Marion Albert Bassford US Navy WWII GM/1CPage 2 of 89

  • Bates Howard F Bates 40 US Navy WWII MM/1C

    Bates Melvin Carroll Bates Jr. US Army Vietnam Sgt "A"


    Battalion, 503rd


    Airborne Brigade

    Binh Dinh




    etnam Campaign

    Medal, Vietnam

    Service Medal

    29-Aug-70 20 Years Old

    Bates David N. Bates 44 US Navy WWII

    Bathory Gabriel Bathory 64 Vietnam

    Bathory Franklin Bathory US Army WWII T-3

    Bathory Joe Bathory US Army WWII PFC

    Bathory Alex Bathory US Navy WWII MM/2C

    Baucom Tom Baucom 79 USAF 79-87 B-52 , Security and NORAD Service

    Baucom John Baucom

    Bauer Earl Edward Bauer Jr 45 US Army Korea Japan Occupation

    Bayle Louis Bayle 49 US Navy

    Bayne Robert Bruce Bayne 36 US Army WWII PFC 141st Inf., 36th



    Theater WWII

    Bronze Star, Purple

    Heart, American



    Victory Medal,


    Campaign Medal

    28-Mar-45 28-Mar-45 MIA 1945 Body was located and

    Identified in 2011 returned to the US

    and buriied in Oak Lawn Cemetery

    Bayne Lawrence James Bayne 40 US Navy WWII MM/2C

    Bayne Calvin Charles Bayne 46 US Navy WWII

    Bayne Robert D. Bayne 67 USAF Vietnam Sgt. Air Trainig Co Vance AFB,


    Beachum Calvin Hughes Beachum 42 US Navy WWII QM/2C

    Beachy Eugene Beachy 61 USMC Vietnam

    Beasley Charles Albert Beasley 40 Army Air Corp WWII Sgt

    Beasley Tyrone Beasley 69 USMC Vietnam

    Beasley Howard Beasley US Navy WWII STM/1C

    Beasley John Beasley

    Becker Howard Melvin Becker 43 USMC WWII SSGT Pacific

    Behe Raymond Behe 66 US Army Vietnam

    Bennet Bernard(Lee) (BB) Bennet 69 USMC Vietnam LCPL Vietnam 20-Dec-71 Killed in the Line of Duty. Member of a

    rescue helicopter crew that crashed in

    Yokota , Japan on Dec 20,1971

    Bennet Edward Bennet 77 US Navy Cold War Corpman Served from 83-87 active, then to USNR

    for yearsPage 3 of 89

  • Bennet Roger K. Bennet 70 US Army Vietnam

    Bennet Robert Bennet 79 USMC Cold War 2nd Lt Graduate of Merchant Marine


    Bennett Richard Blair Bennett 44 US Navy WWII QM/2C

    Beradino Nick Beradino 2005 USAF Post 9/11

    Berto Samuel F. Berto US Army WWII Sgt

    Bessent Carl F. Bessent 37 Army Air Corp WWII 2nd Lt ETO and Pacific

    Bessent Thomas Anthony Bessent 37 US Navy WWII Lt.

    Bessent Jack Kelly Bessent 40 US Navy WWII Ens. Pacific

    Best Terry Best USAF Korea Gemany

    Beverage Bob Beverage 67 US Navy Vietnam ADJ3 Air operations &

    search & rescue

    Attack Squadron

    VA-196 Naval

    Aviation Schools



    Island Deployed

    on board the USS

    Enterprise CVN 65

    aircraft carrier




    Vietnam Service


    Vietnam Campaign


    Armed Forces



    National Defense


    Good Conduct


    Va-196 Plane captain on an A-6

    Intruder aircraft, working on the flight

    deck of the USS Enterprise

    Two tours in Vietnam

    Biddison Carville Adam Biddison Jr. 43 US Army WWII SSGT

    Biedenkapp Gerald L. Biedenkapp 71 US Army Vietnam

    Bielawski Vernon Chester Bielawski 38 US Navy WWII MM/1C

    Biggs Carole Fisher Biggs 78 US Army Cold War Sgt

    Birmingham Thomas J Birmingham 40 US Navy WWII 1st Lt

    Birmingham George Birmingham 47 US Navy Korea S1C

    Bitters Robert Bitters 46 USMC Korea Sgt 1st Marine Div Korea TBD

    Bitters John Lewis Bitters USMC Korea Sgt Weapons Co,1st


    Marines, 1st

    Marine Div.

    Korea CAR,Purple Heart,

    Korean Srvice

    Medal, NDSM, UN

    Korean Medal

    28-Feb-52 Killed in Action at the battle of the


    Black John George Black 46 Marine



    Blackhurst John Edward Blackhurst 43 US Navy WWII QM/3C Pacific Invasion of Philippines

    Blackshire Richard Blackshire 52 USAF Korea Retired from USAF

    Blair Thomas E Blair 63 US Navy Vietnam

    Bloom Norman Leroy Bloom USMC WWII PFC

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  • Bloss John Bloss 65 USMC Vietnam LCPL Marine Amp


    Batt.,1st Mar.

    Regt, 1st Marine


    Vietnam 3 Purple


    Vietnam Campaign

    Medal, Vietnam

    Service Medal

    Wounded 3 Times

    Bocek Leonard Bocek 63 US Army Vietnam Pvt 25th Infantry Div Vietnam NDSM,CIB,

    Vietnam Campaign

    Medal, Vietnam

    Service Medal

    1-Mar-66 21 years old

    Bochniak Joseph Martin Bochniak 51 USAF Korea

    Boddiford Joseph A.Boddiford 65 USAF Vietnam

    Boehenline Bernard Melvin Boehenline 39 Navy Aviation WWII Lt.

    Bogar Joseph Bogar 41 US Army WWII PFC

    Bogar Albert Bogar 45 USMC Korea Graduated Early

    Bogart Ronald Bogart 69 Vietnam

    Bonincontri Carlo Joseph Bonincontri 42 US Navy WWII GM/2C Pacific Leyte Gulf

    Boone George Marion Boone Jr 39 US Army WWII

    Borgadin Florence


    WAC WWII 2nd Lt Served as a Nurse

    Bosak Charles Bosak US Navy WWII S/1C

    Bottomstone William Bottomstone 34 US Army WWII SSGT

    Bower Melvin Jackson Bower 43 US Navy WWII S/1C

    Bower Philip Bower Jr. US Navy WWII S/2C

    Bowers Michael C Bowers 47 US Navy Korea

    Bowers Michael Daniel Bowers 48 US Navy Korea

    Bowers Roy Charles Bowers 48 US Navy Korea

    Bowler Chuck (Charles) Bowler 67 USAF Vietnam SSGT 2033rd Comm Sq