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12% ASSURED RETURN + LEASE GUARANTY Best Deal – GrowingBricks- 9811822426, 9811822428 SPIRE TECH After the grand success of Spire Edge, Manesar, we are coming up in Greater Noida, Tech Zone A new address to serve all the needs of I.T./ ITES. Spire Tech Park Greater Noida – India’s First Mainstream Green Office Complex. SPIRE TECH PARK Greater Noida is being developed as a State-of-Art IT park with an aim to create an environment-friendly IT park. This world-class infrastructure would be the first of its kind in the country and is conceived to provide facilities that would put this IT Park on Google Maps for Best Industrial Infrastructure available in Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR. Project Location:- Spire Tech: Techzone 1, Greater Noida Ranked as highest among the emerging investment destinations*, Greater Noida will grow to be what Noida is today. Proximity to the national Capital, seamless connectivity and state-of-the-art infrastructure in Greater Noidar already has some of the largest national and international corporates rushing to set up their base there. Spread over 21 acres of land, SpireTech brings low price houses or flats in the best location of Greater Noida, Noida extension with best Spiretech Projects. Whether you need a hi-tech apartment or a corporate office in Noida, greater Noida, Noida Extension. Get the best price list, Location map and site map in Noida, Greater Noida, and Noida Extension of all residential or commercial Spiretech projects. The challenges of the new world order of business are very different from those in the past. Forever increasing need for bigger office space. Growing costs of running the office. Rising fuel costs. Water and power shortage. Even the Climate change. All things big and small that are already impacting not only the way people work, but also where they work. With bitter experiences of the past, Corporates are now increasingly demanding an office that will be relevant in the future. We at Spire World have studied every challenge, variable and opportunity that the future has to offer. The result is Spire Tech – the 1.6 million sq ft Eco-office complex that’s ready for any challenge that future has to offer. Which makes it a perfect investment opportunity in the fastest growing markets of them all – IT Infrastructure. Spire Tech, an investment that will stand tall even when the future turns into the past CARRYING FORWARD THE VALUES OF SPIRE EDGE… 1. Creation of a Mix-use district with institutional commercial recreational and residential combined. 2. A ground floor stilted podium that lends itself to public functions of a recro- commercial nature 3. Modular IT in blocks that do not exceed 10 floors in height. 4. Amorphous buildings instead of reflective. 5. Image from river as prominent as from expressway. 6. Bring the river into the site- traces and memory. 7. Use the residential/hotel to create the signature image one that is evocative and acts as a levee for the site 8. Build a new mainstream and green into every aspect of design through innovation and not imitation in order to create a new benchmark for the NCR. International Business Lifestyle An ideal work place for live-work-play 24×7 • Shuttle bus services • Amphitheatre • Food Court & Cafes • Health club & Saloon • Banks & ATM • Medical & dental clinics • Retail outlets • Travel Desk • Insurance agencies • Courier service • Book store Reliable round-the-clock support facilities Give your business assurance of • multi-tiered security • advanced fire protection systems • seamless telecommunication networks • optical fiber connectivity • water security • a dedicated backup power plant. SPIRE TECH||Commercial Project in Noida|l Specia Feature of the property Spiretech This is a GREEN (enrgy efficient) Building Only LSC in 650 acres Tech Zone (having 100 acres of residential area) Surrounded by SEZ’s of WIPRO, INFOS



2. Spread across21 acres ,SpireTec provides a new EDGE to theGreater Noida TechZone 1; a location set to be the most desired business destination of the future . With over2 .15 mn . sq . ft . of a modern , grade A technology complex ,SpireTec is designed to offer the finest business spaces and world -class amenities to promotean optimal environmentfor + 91 business growth and networking opportunitiesfor both the leading and the emergingIT /ITES companies . 3. GHAZIABADGREATERTo NizammudinNOIDAT O D E L H IPH-II32K m sDNDExpresswayJASOLAGAUTAMSARITAG T RoadBUDDHADELHIVIHARUNIVERSITYTO MEHRAULIRLY STATION1BORAKINH2VillageNOIDA2NIGHT3SAFARIGREATER4RESERVEDNOIDA5FOREST6TO GURGAONBADKAL LAKE97SECTORRLY STATION108TO SOHNA26DHANKORVillageSECTOR1125SECTOR 18SECTOR 16SECTOR 02SECTOR12FARIDABAD22GURGAON CANALSECTOR 15SECTOR 0313ASECTORSECTOR 20TECHZONE1,2413YEASECTOR 21SECTOR 14SECTOR 04GREATER NOIDACBDSECTOR 12ASECTOR 05TAJ INTL . AIRPORTSECTOR23SECTOR 12SECTOR 0623 KmsNH2TO AGRATRANSPORTSECTOR 10HUBSECTOR 07SECTOR 08AIRPORTSECTOR 09PALWALTaj Int .Airport(Proposed )JEWARYamuna Expressway to AgraASTRATEGIC LOCATIONTech Zone - 1 : 6 0 0 acres of integrated IT Park development . 4. Greater Noida,a city where the future is the present and ultra modern infrastructure is ready. Key growth drivers for this region :Yamuna Expressway - the new 16 5 km long 6 - 8 lane accessT OD E L H I32K m scontrolled expresswayconnecting NCR to Agra .GAUTAMBUDDHAUNIVERSITY1Village2Taj International Airport - an International Airport hub is being3NIGHTSAFARI4RESERVED5FORESTplanned just 23 kms from Greater Noida Techzone.967108VillageNew Railway Station at Boraki, Greater Noida,to be converted111213Ainto an integrated transport hub.13TECHZONE1,GREATERNOIDATA JI N T L .A I R P O R T 23K m s G autam Buddha University -a 511 acres campus that will soon be catering to o ver 10 , 0 0 0 students .Aready source of trained manpower.Itll also have a Sports Centre , International Centre and a fully residential campus housing 5 0 0 0 students .NIIT, WIPRO, INFOSYS in same campus.Large number of Technical , Vocational and Training Universities and institutes ( Greater Noidahas been declared as theKnowledge city ) .Sports City- a 2500 acres complex with mid to high rise apartments,a F1 Racing Track and other international standard sports stadia.Privatized Power Generation and distribution . 5. THE NEW LIFESTYLE OF BUSINESSSet in the extensively landscaped environmenton the Yamuna riverbank ,SpireTec has been developed ona unique design philosophy - thePLATE OF LIFE .One that creates theideal environment for business ideas and entrepreneurial creativity to bloom. A MAINSTREAM GREEN complex ,it is alsoa perfect blend of scalable office spaces, reliable business services, round-the -clock support facilities and environmental sensitivityto create an international work environment second to none . 6. PLATE OF LIFEAsynergistic integrationof work places with business , social & cultural interaction zones . Ideal for the generation that spends 2 / 3 rd of the day at work or transitioning to and fro from work .MODULARITY / FRACTALSBIOTIC / ECO LAYERZONE OF VIGOROUS URBANITYACTIVITY ZONES AS CORE F THEMASTER PLANFlexible office spaces,Bio atriums, ramps andAuditorium, library,expandable floor plates,bridges , courts and levels ,institute, small offices,Creation of a mix -useboth divisible and undividedlake, landscape, terracesretail, crche, restaurantsdistrict with institutional ,and cafes, daily needs, gym,commercial , recreationalhealth and wellness ,& residential combined , aamphitheatreground floor that lendsitself to public functions of a recro-commercial nature . 7. CB R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E RHGEBCGBFSITE PLANFBGD( A )E n t r yE( B ) D r o po f fGCCJ( C ) Wa t e rb o d yFB( D ) Po d i u mI( E ) B i oS t r e e t( F ) I TB l o c k s( G ) Te r r a c e sA( H ) S i g n a t u r e( I ) L a n d s c a p e dc o u r t( J ) A mp h i t h e a t r eN 8. B R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E REMBRACING MIXED USESA mixed use project creates a critical mass of activity and reason for users to stay longer and explore the place .It provides the community with a wider range of goods , services , and experiences at one location ; increases connectivity and choice and reduces wasteful trips .The diversified use also hedges the property income stream andmakes for proper and balanced risk management of property investments .Significant advantages are therefore derived by integrating community infrastructure and facilities within reinvented suburban business districts ,rather than on standalone sites in green field locations . 9. B R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E RPREMIUM BUSINESS SPACESPerfect for companies engaged inIT /ITES , Software Development , BPOs /KPOs , Telecommunication ,Research /Analytics & Data Centres , SpireTec not only1000 sq .ft . moduleofferslarge adapt -to-suit workspacesfor rapidly2000 sq .ft . modulegrowing organisations but alsoplug-and-play8000 sq .ft . modulesolutions for a quick and hassle free startup10000 sq .ft . modulefor emerging companies .18000 sq .ft . module36000 sq .ft . moduleMODULAR AND SCALABLE OFFICESTo be developed in phases with multiplemodular IT Blocks ,the complex will offer office spaces startingfrom 1000 sq.ft . and going upto 18 ,000 sq.ft./ 36,000 sq .ft. contiguous floor platesor independentblocks of 1.4 lakh sqft to 2.8 lakh sqft.Scalable office spaces that can grow to matchyour business requirements 10. B R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E RRELIABLE SUPPORT FACILITIESMulti tiered business security Advanced fire protection systems Optical fiber connectivity Water security A dedicated backup power plant Seamless telecommunication networks .THE IDEAL WORKPLACE FORLIVE -WORK-PLAY 24 x 7 Shuttle bus services Amphitheatre Food Court & Cafes Health Club & Saloon Banks & ATM Medical & Dental Clinics Retail Outlets Travel Desk Insurance Agencies Book store 11. VENTURE ACCELERATOR CENTRE SpireTec provides an effective launch pad for startup companies and canprovide agradual transition from fully serviced incubator spaces to standalone offices .Personal cabinsLarge suites equipped with workstations Common meeting rooms Conferencing facilities Business lounge Event plazas /Expo centreBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICESShared recruitment , accounting , secretarial services Legal & IP services Corporate communications and PR Branding & promotion Logistics services Video conferencing facilitiesNETWORKINGThe Venture Accelerator Centre at SpireTec will provideaccess to VC fundsfor startup companies that typically face shortage of venture capital . It willpromote forumsforbusiness & financial planning ,deal structuring , investment advisory, market intelligence and research , growth financing , market accessand partner sourcing and selection . 12. B R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E RVENTURE ACCELERATOR CENTRE KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL DEVELOPMENTThis will help totransfer scientific achievements of the adjoining Gautam Buddha University&other educational /professional training institutes in Noida /Greater Noidaandfoster SME set upsby their alumni . It will also promote technology enterprises to havea cooperative relationship with the University& other such ins titutes . As is seenuniversity -related IT parks create better development environment for enterprises hungry for skilled manpower. 13. B R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E RA MAINSTREAM GREEN COMPLEXLower ambient lighting ,integration of natural light from skylights and windows with high performance glazing combined with light sensors to supplement electric lighting .Optimum glazingquantities and options to reduce glare and solar gain in offices and common building areas , selecting the appropriate type of glazing for different use areas .High efficiency chillersand heating equipment as well as pumps and fans and multiple smaller units rather than one or two large systems .Synchronized lighting and HVACsystems to match building loads and schedules, which are segmented into multiple zones to allow more controllability. 14. B R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E RA MAINSTREAM GREEN COMPLEXUse of recycled waterfrom the water treatment plant to meet the irrigation and non potable water needs .High efficiency plumbingfixtures with control sensors and low flow dual flush toilets that use reclaimed waterGreen roof and vertical gardensto insulate the structureSolar roof panelsto supplement almost 25% of the utility supplied electricity.OBSERVATION DECKGREEN ROOFMEETING PODSOFFICE FRACTAL MODULAR FLOOR PLATESSKY WALKGREEN RAMOBIO -ATRIUM WITH WIND PASSIVE COOLINGTECHNIQUESSAND PLATEGREEN CORRIDOREFFICIENT BASEMENT 15. B R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E R ASECURE INVESTMENTPOTENTIAL HIGH ASSURED RETURNS 16. B R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E RHIGH POTENTIALIT/ITES GROWTH DRIVING REAL ESTATE DEMAND I.T./ITES a $73.1 bn industry by 2010,nearly 50% increaseof what it was in 2007 Growing CAGR@25% p.a.(NASSCOM) Creatingoffice space demandof>240 mn sq ft 17. B R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E RHIGH ASSURED RETURNSINVEST RS.LACSGET RS.THOUSAND 23 PER MONTH *OR INVEST5 0 % NOW FOR11 % P.A . RETURNS* AND PAY THE BAL ANCE IN2 EQUAL INSTALLMENTS+ GUARANTEED RENTAL+ PROPERT Y ESCAL ATION BENEFITS 18. B R I N G I N G T H E F U T U R E C L O S E RHIGH RETURNSHOST OF INVESTMENT PLANSA .12% ASSURED RETURN PL ANB .11% ASSURED RETURN PL ANC .DOWN PAYMENT DISCOUNT PL AND .CONSTRUCTION LINKED PL AN 19. THE TEAM BEHINDA development platform that is creating landmark I .T. /Office Spaces , Residential Apartments , Townships and Mixed -Use Developments across India , based on its Mainstream Green ideology, Spire World is setting