sporting trophies v2 · pdf file look online at different sports trophies. some examples are...

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    A number of business in the Jewellery Quarter, past and present, have made trophies for sports events. Silversmith Andrew Macgowan made trophies for football, horse racing and tennis events and Martin Chaplain’s company repaired the famous Ryder Cup golf trophy. You can see Martin and Pauline Chaplain with the cup in this photo above. Listen to Andrew and Martin talk about their work at:

    Look online at different sports trophies. Some examples are The FA Cup, The Ryder Cup, Wimbledon trophies, & The Netball World Cup trophy.

    People’s Archive Activity Sheet

    Design your own sporting trophy. Select your sport, your material, shape, wording, and decoration. Imagine the sporting champion or champions lifting it in victory.

    Draw, junk model, paint, or craft your trophy.

    Wimbledon Trophies

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