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  • 1. Spring 2012 Academics MIDN 2/C Tessnow

2. Why Are Academics Important? 3. Why are Academics Important?

  • It is very important to consider the future:
    • Class Ranking depends on academics
    • Ship and Service Selection are based upon academics
    • Graduate School Opportunities?
  • The unit requires all midshipmen to maintain a Grade Point Average above 3.0
  • It is important to reach your fullest potential in order to prepare you for entrance into the fleet
  • Rewards are available to those who excel

4. Who Ensures That Everyone Succeeds Academically? WE ALL DO! It is each Midshipmans responsibility to ensure the success of his/her peers within the battalion. 5. How Can We Help Each Other Succeed?

  • If you know a fellow Midshipman is struggling:
    • Help him/her
    • Encourage him/her to seek help
    • Give him/her advice/tips on how to succeed
  • Be a good example
  • Help younger Midshipmen understand the importance of studying hard
  • and achieving good grades
    • This initiative will help you lead
    • effectively in the fleet

6. 7. New Additions to the Academics Policy: 8. Intra-Battalion Tutoring: 9. Intra-Battalion Tutoring Breakdown: 10. Intra-Battalion Tutoring: 11. Required Office Hour with a Professor: http://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/professors-guide/2009/08/19/15-secrets-of-getting-good-grades-in-college 12. How This Will Be Accomplished

  • Each Week, Midshipmen on a significant number of study hall hours (8 or more) will be required to log at least one of their hours with a professor during his/her office hours. The subject does not matter, but most challenging subjects are recommended. This hour is to be logged on Enclosure (1) and signed by the professor.
  • For Example: If you are on 8 hours of study hall, then one will be with a professor, while the remaining seven hours will be completed either in the building or in tutoring.
  • Midshipmen are required to submit Enclosure (1) to the Academics Box by COB on Friday. There are no exceptions to this policy

13. After Hours Study Hall

  • On Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, I will proctor another late-night study hall session between the hours of 2200 and 2400 in the Selley Study Commons, located on the third floor ofHoward Tilton Memorial Library.
  • For those who feel the need to
  • study outside of the Navy Building,
  • this option will also be made available to you
  • Dont abuse this opportunity. If I feel it is not being utilized as intended, it will no longer exist.

14. Documents to be referenced throughout the semester 15. For Your Reference: Enclosure 1 16. For Your Reference: Enclosure 2 17. For Your Reference Intra-Battalion Tutoring Log Tutor MIDN Tutored Time In Time Out Total Class Tutored Signature 18. For Your Reference: Tutor Log 19. Submitting The Enclosures 20. Academics Policy: 21. Tulane/Loyola

  • Students must sign in outside the door of the AMOIs office, then studyonlyin the Freshman Classroom of the Navy Building between 0800-2200 M-TH.
  • I will proctor study hall at the Navy building between 1700-2200 M through W. Other Juniors and Seniors will proctor on Th during the same hours due to a personal class conflict.
  • M & W 1630-1830: Calculus and Physics tutoring in the building.
  • Students may complete up to of their hours with their teacher, TA or a tutor at the ERC and log them onto Enclosure (1) with a signature.
  • Individuals on tutor hours will be required to log each
  • hour completed during tutoring at the building on a new Tutoring Log, which will bepresent within the
  • building during tutor hours. This log
  • must be signed by the tutor, acknowledging that you, the
  • MIDN, were indeed helped during this time.

22. Xavier

  • Students will meet twice a week, 1900-2100 on TU and TH for mandatory Navy study hall, proctored by MIDN 1/C Daniels and MIDN 2/C White.
  • The proctor will use Enclosure (2) to log all completed hours.
  • MIDN are required to do half of their total study hall hours during this mandated study hall period.
  • The other half must be conducted in the following buildings- the Math Lab, Writing Center, the library, Science centers, and all Xavier tutoring centers. Log hours completed outside of Navy study hall on Enclosure (1).
  • T & R 1845-1945: Physics and Calculus tutor will be available in the library. Xavier students with tutoring hrs are required to attend.

23. UNO

  • MIDN will complete study hall hours in the LRC.
  • Mr. Guillory will send an end of the week report to the Academics Officer by Friday afternoon.
  • MIDN in either Calculus or Physics are required to see the respective tutor in the Math tutor lab in the math building Room 107. MIDN are required 1 hour of tutoring for each subject. Students may see the Tulane tutors during times designated on slide 2 (section 3b in the LOI) but transportation to Tulane will not be provided.
  • Students must also submit weekly reports using Enclosure (1). These are to be turned into the academics box by COB Friday.

24. Dillard

  • Mandatory Navy study hall will be conducted in the Student Support Services between 1800-2000 on M and W proctored by MIDN 2/C Daniels, M. and MIDN 1/C Diggs.
  • Proctors will use the same Enclosure (2) as the Xavier students to record Dillard proctored hours.
  • Students enrolled in Calculus and/or Physics will complete their tutoring hours with the tutors provided by Dillard University. MIDN may complete their tutor hours with the Tulane tutors but transportation will not be provided.
  • All completed hours must be logged in Enclosure (1).

25. Rules

  • No .25 or .75 of an hour.
  • Clearly record your time in and time out.
  • Any MIDN who fail to properly utilize their study hall hours solely for academic purposes will have three additional hours added to their original number of hours the following week.

26. Responsibility

  • Squad leaders: Verify that your squad members actually completed the number of hours they claimed to have completed.
  • Platoon Commanders will be responsible for having their platoons pass up a mid-week study hall report by 2200 Wednesday Evenings and final weekly study hall report by COB Fridays.
  • Study Hall UAs:
    • First offense: Negative counseling chit.
    • Second offense:
      • Muster at the Navy Building in
      • Khakis at 0545 on Friday Mornings
    • Third offense: XOI

27. Study Tips

  • Organize/Manage your time
  • Set study goals
  • Study effectively
    • Study for an hour then take a quick break
    • Mix up your studying by moving onto a different subject if you start losing focus
  • Use daylight hours
    • An hour of studying during the day is worth two at night. Do the work that requires the most concentration (dense reading) earlier in the day
    • Start planning for midterms now
    • Maintain a long term calendar of important assignments

28. Study Tips Continued

  • Read through notes before and after class in order to retain the most information
  • Consider your study area:
    • Cleanliness provides less distraction
    • Consider a change of scenery
  • Study actively: ask questions, review notes, and make flashcards.
  • Studying in groups only when:
    • The people youre with know more than you and are studying effectively
    • You are focused and can avoid distractions
    • You are teaching someone and doing so is helping you master the material

29. Final Study Tips

  • For Calculus/Physics/Chemistry etc, reading the chapter will not benefit you as much as repeatedly doing the problems. If you are short in time skip reading the chapter, go read the summary and just do the problems
  • Read actively: annotate/underline/highlight text
  • Go to your professors office hours. Subjective grading.
  • Get extra help at the ERC and utilize the writing center

30. Study Hours

  • The number of hours each midshipman will be completing this semester will be passed down at the end of the week to the battalion.
  • Platoon Commanders are responsible for ensur


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