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    Donor Newsletter Bulletin des mcnes

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    Message from the President

    The word means amark of acknowledgment, an expression ofpraise. I dont think there is a better name for theFoundations newsletter, whose very purpose is torecognize our patrons and celebrate the accom-plishments your generosity makes possible. I amdelighted that we are now able to convey our ap-preciation of your support so clearly right on ourcover page.

    The year 2009 promises to be rich in enduringfriendships, new beginnings, and inspiring en-deavours.

    It started with the announcement of the acqui-sition of Theatre of Cruelty, an immersive art instal-lation by internationally renowned Canadian artistGeoffrey Farmer, through the generous support ofthe NGC Foundations Audain Endowment forContemporary Canadian Art. This is the secondacquisition made possible by this Endowment. In2006, it supported the acquisition of Peoples Flagby Canadian artist Brian Jungen.

    Looking forward, I am very pleased to an-nounce that Sun Life Financial will be returning tothe National Gallery once again, this time as thepresenting sponsor of the extraordinary summerexhibition From Raphael to Annibale Carracci: TheArt of Papal Rome. In 2007, Sun Life presentedRenoir Landscapes and, in 2006, Emily Carr. NewPerspectives.

    I am also happy to welcome a new corporatepartner to our family. As you will read elsewherein this issue, TELUS is bringing its support toArtissimo, one of the Gallerys flagship programsfor children and their families.

    We are immensely grateful to Sun Life andTELUS for their generous support.

    On a different note, it is with great enthusiasmthat we welcome the new Director of the NationalGallery, Mr. Marc Mayer. A man with vision, ex-perience, and energy, he will take the NationalGallery to a whole new level. We very much lookforward to working with him to that end.

    In closing, I invite you to read our inspiringstory on making an enduring difference to theGallerys endeavours that are dearest to onesheart, as did teacher and art patron EvelynMcAndrew. In these difficult economic times, thestory also could not be any timelier.

    Marie Claire Morin

    Photo: Serge Fournier

    NGC Trustee and NGC Foundation patron Michael Audain stands with NGC Curator of Contemporary Art JoseDrouin-Brisebois in Geoffrey Farmers Theatre of Cruelty [detail] (2008), acquired in 2008 thanks to the generoussupport of the NGC Foundations Audain Endowment for Contemporary Canadian Art.

    Michael Audain, administrateur du MBAC et mcne de la Fondation du MBAC ainsi que Jose Drouin-Brisebois,conservatrice de lart contemporain au MBAC, lintrieur de luvre de Geoffrey Farmer, Thtre de cruaut[dtail] (2008), achet en 2008 grce au gnreux appui du Fonds de dotation Audain pour lacquisition dartcontemporain canadien.


    Paolo Veronese, Dead Christ Supported by Angels (c. 1563), 221 250.5 cm. NGC. Paolo Vronse, Christ mort soutenu par les anges (v. 1563), 221 250,5 cm. MBAC.

    A Reunification Not To Be Missed Thanks to the generous support of our Members, Supporting Friends, andDonors, the National Gallery was able to carry out the restoration of DeadChrist Supported by Angels, the NGC fragment of Paolo Veroneses 16th centurymasterpiece, the Petrobelli Altarpiece. Also thanks to their support, the Gallerywill present the Altarpiece this summer. Reunified for the exhibition PaoloVeronese and the Petrobelli Altarpiece, it will be on view from May 29 toSeptember 6. Be sure to come and see this rare exhibition.

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    ce terme, qui dsigne ungeste donn en signe damiti et daffection, convient parti-culirement bien au bulletin dinformation de la Fondation,dont lobjectif mme est de tmoigner notre amiti et notrereconnaissance envers nos mcnes et de clbrer tout ceque leur gnrosit rend possible. Je suis ravie que nouspuissions maintenant vous exprimer ainsi, en toutes lettres,sur notre page couverture, quel point nous apprcionsvotre engagement.

    Dj, en ce dbut danne 2009, les mois venir promet-tent dtre riches en amitis durables, en nouvelles ralisa-tions et en projets stimulants.

    Lanne a dbut avec lannonce de lacquisition de lu-vre Thtre de cruaut, une installation immersive deGeoffrey Farmer, artiste canadien de renomme internatio-nale. Cette acquisition a t rendue possible grce au gn-reux appui du Fonds de dotation Audain pour lacquisitiondart contemporain canadien, qui avait dailleurs permis auMuse dacqurir en 2006 luvre Le drapeau du peuple, delartiste canadien Brian Jungen.

    cette bonne nouvelle, jai limmense plaisir dajouterque la Financire Sun Life sera de retour au Muse, cette fois titre de commanditaire principal de lextraordinaire exposition laffiche lt prochain: De Raphal AnnibaleCarracci. Lart de la Rome pontificale. Vous vous souviendrezquen 2007, Sun Life avait prsent Les paysages de Renoir eten 2006, Emily Carr. Nouvelles perspectives.

    Je suis galement heureuse daccueillir au sein de notrefamille une nouvelle entreprise partenaire. Comme vousaurez loccasion de le lire plus loin dans ce bulletin, TELUSvient prter son soutien Artissimo, un des programmesphares du Muse, destin aux enfants et leur famille.

    Nous sommes profondment reconnaissants envers SunLife et TELUS de leur gnreux appui.

    Pour poursuivre sur cette note positive, cest avec un vifenthousiasme que nous souhaitons la bienvenue au nou-veau directeur du Muse des beaux-arts du Canada,M.Marc Mayer. Un homme dexprience, anim par unsens aigu de lavenir et une nergie hors du commun, il mnera le Muse vers de nouveaux sommets. Nous nous rjouissons la perspective de travailler en collaborationavec lui cette fin.

    Pour conclure, je vous invite lire un article inspirant quiillustre le grand impact que lon peut avoir sur les projetsdu Muse auxquels nous tenons, comme a su le faireMme Evelyn McAndrew, enseignante et mcne des arts.Durant cette conjoncture conomique difficile, cet articletombe point nomm.

    Marie Claire Morin

    Une runification ne pas manquerGrce au gnreux appui de nos Membres, Amis Donateurs etMcnes, le Muse a pu raliser la restauration du Christ mortsoutenu par les anges, fragment du MBAC dun chef duvre du16e sicle par Paolo Vronse, le retable Petrobelli. Aussi grce cet appui, le Muse prsentera cet t le retable, runifi pourlexposition Paolo Vronse et le retable Petrobelli, laffiche du 29mai au 6 septembre. Inscrivez ces dates votre calendrier, carcette rare exposition est ne pas manquer.

    Message de la prsidente

    Raphael, Study for the Figure of Poetry, c. 1509-1510, 32.7 22.7 cm. Royal Collection 2008Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. One of the works in the exhibition From Raphael to AnnibaleCarraci: The Art of Papal Rome, presented at the National Gallery this summer by Sun LifeFinancial.

    Raphal, tude pour la figure de Posie, v. 15091510, 32,7 cm 22,7 cm. Bibliothque royale 2008 Sa Majest la reine lisabeth II. Une des uvres de lexposition De Raphal Annibale Carracci. Lart de la Rome pontificale, prsente au Muse cet t par la FinancireSun Life.


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    Cover: William Brymner, FourGirls in a Meadow, Baie-Saint-Paul (1885), NGC. Bequest ofLouis de la Chesnaye Audette,O.C., Q.C., Ottawa, 1996, inmemory of Judge and MmeArthur Audette. Photo NGC

    Couverture: William Brymner,Quatre jeunes filles dans un pr Baie-Saint-Paul (1885), MBAC.Legs de Louis de la ChesnayeAudette, O.C., C.R., Ottawa,1996, la mmoire du Juge etde Mme Arthur Audette.Photo MBAC

    One of the severalhundreds of works of art bequeathed to the NationalGallery over the years

    Une des plusieurscentaines d'uvresd'art lgues auMuse au fil des ans

    You Too Can Make a Lasting DifferenceA teacher who loved Canadian art,Evelyn McAndrew wanted to leave a last-ing legacy to the National Collection. Shewas also passionate about providing en-during support for the training of youngarchivists.

    To fulfill her first wish, she donated anearly work by New Brunswick artistMiller Brittain, Street Scene, to theNational Gallery in 2000 the work willbe featured in the exhibition MillerBrittain. When the Stars Threw Down Their

    Spears, to be presented at the Gallery laterthis fall. And to fulfill her second wish,she remembered our great institution inher will. When she passed away a littleover a year ago, Evelyn left a bequest tothe NGC Foundation, requesting that thefunds be directed to the training of youngarchivists. Her generosity allowed theFoundation to create the EvelynHenderson McAndrew Fellowship forJunior Archivists.

    In leaving a bequest to the Foundation

    as part of her estate planning, she joinedan increasing number of loyal patronswho have made a larger financial contri-bution than might otherwise have been bepossible and thus achieved a more pro-found impact on the Gallerys endeav-ours.

    It makes perfect sense. By using the fi-nancial assets youve built up over a life-time, not just your current income, tofund your philanthropic wishes, yourcontribution and impact can grow dra-matically. And there is the added advan-tage of retaining full control over your as-sets during your lifetime which is verycompelling in our challenging economictimes.

    Leaving a bequest also offers impor-tant tax benefits: your estate will receivea tax receipt for the amount of the gift (orthe fair market value of the gifted prop-erty); this can reduce the tax your estateneeds to pay and thus preserve more ofyour legacy for your loved ones and

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