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<ul><li><p>7/31/2019 Sri Lanka - A Nature Photography Experience</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Dates- 2nd to 12th July, 2012.</p><p>Sri Lanka- July 2012</p><p>A NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE</p><p>NATURAL TREASURESSri Lanka is well known amongst wildlife</p><p>enthusiasts as a destination filled with reward</p><p>and surprise. Unique species, high levels of</p><p>endemism and pristine habitats offer an</p><p>opportunity to experience Nature at its best.</p><p>The Gerry Martin Project will be taking a group of</p><p>enthusiasts and naturalists over to this jewel in</p><p>the Bay of Bengal on a photographic journey</p><p>through its natural realms. The experience will</p><p>cover herpetofauna, birds, mammals and others.</p><p>The group will be lead by Anslem De Silva and</p><p>Gerry Martin. Anslem is one of the regions</p><p>leading herpetologists and has numerous</p><p>publications under his belt. Gerry has been</p><p>visiting and working in Sri Lanka periodically</p><p>since 1997 and both will share their skills and</p><p>experiences to build an experience of a lifetime!</p><p>This July, you could experience Sri Lanka like</p><p>few others!</p><p>CONTACTGerry- or +91-9483509004.</p><p>Nariman- or +91-8105409655</p><p>Your chance to experience Sri</p><p>Lankas wildlife and wilderness</p><p>in a real and connected way!</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Sri Lanka - A Nature Photography Experience</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Take back images and memories from a tryst</p><p>with some of the most unique and amazing</p><p>species on the planet.</p><p>I was convinced that Ceylon is the cradle of the human race becauseeveryone there looks an original.- George Bernard Shaw</p><p>WHAT TO EXPECTUnl ike most wi ld l i fe tours, this</p><p>experience is a very real one. We will</p><p>engage with the natural world as</p><p>opposed to watching it from a</p><p>distance.</p><p>You will gain new perspectives of</p><p>animals, understanding how to delve</p><p>in to the i r wor ld w i thout be ing</p><p>in t rus ive . There w i l l be ample</p><p>opportunity to build various field</p><p>skills as well.</p><p>All the locati ons we wil l b e staying a t</p><p>have been hand-picked for the</p><p>access tha t t hey o f f e r us to</p><p>spectacular species and habitats. We</p><p>will experience animals like horned</p><p>agamids, pit-vipers and crocodiles to</p><p>leopards, elephants and primates.The bird life is truly spectacular on</p><p>the island and the diverse habitats</p><p>that we will cover will yield an</p><p>equally diverse set of avian species.</p><p>A tr ul y incred ib le op po rt un it y to</p><p>experience the wilds of Ceylon!</p></li></ul>