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Sreemaatha kutumba chintana yatra Dr.Shantala Priyadarshini,M.S.,Msc. Professor & HOD Government Ayurveda Medical college. Arogya Bharati, National Executive member Mysore [email protected] SRINGERI,25-26 TH JUNE 16

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Sreemaatha kutumba chintana yatraDr.Shantala Priyadarshini,M.S.,Msc.Professor & HODGovernment Ayurveda Medical college. Arogya Bharati, National Executive [email protected]

Sringeri,25-26th June 16

Sanctity of sringeri Uttam Saanidhya Sarvottama phala

Super progeny (Suprajanan) beautiful future generation.

Suprajana, shukrashonita prakruthi,Kala Garbhashaya Prakruti A holistic Ayurveda Yoga National Health Program The intra uterine life designs a unique person known as Kalagarbhasya prakruthi.Experiences, trauma, emotions, diet, lifestyle .of the expectant lady decides a prakruthiLet the baby be by choice not by chance.Swasth samrth-samgra-swach

Ayurveda recommendsConsiderations before conceptionPanchakarma before conceptionGarbhini charya for best baby, safe deliveryLifestyle, dos donts time tested Everything for expectant lady, baby to be born.Achara rasayana,dhyanaComplications due to kalagarbhashya avastha.Kalagarbhashya prakrutiShukra shonita prakruthi


Kahola +SujtThe fetus heard recitation of Kahola, whenever pronounced wrong, it squirmed in distress & corrected it.Cursed to become -8 vakra

Can Fetus be educated ?

Knowledge, thoughts, emotions ,habits Can be imbibed by the baby to be born

Designing baby

Ayurveda recommends Have a baby by choice not by chanceConceive your baby before conceptionDetoxification of the couple planning a familyThe expectant parents should adopt health life style & food habits A happy family in a bliss filled atmosphere ensures happy baby.Parents are responsible for the unborn child too.From the idea conceived to conception, then full term ,delivery are a state of normal life, It needs special care ,it is not a state of disease.

Vivah two families become one

Douhrdini -Matrudevo bhav.

Expectant lady drinks alcohol - fetus dies / criminal Fetal Alcoholic syndrome /anomaliesAyurveda advises pregnant ladies should never take alcohol, drugs, strong medications any thing harmful to fetus.Listen to learned ladies alsoExcessive salt, alkaline, sour causes teratogincity. Pregnant ladies desires to be fulfilled Educate family +fetus = samskara

Diet wholesome satwik why ?

Expectant lady smokes fetus dies ?Low birth weightFetal distressFetal mortality is higher

Expectant lady + husband + family smokesAlcohol +drugs + broken family juvenile delinquents

Lead author Nancy Handmaker, a University of New Mexico clinical psychologist with expertise in maternal-fetal health says (in a study appearing in the May issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research) "What this tells us is that the earlier you abstain in a pregnancy, the better the outcome, Drugs like- cocaine, heroin, methadone, crack ecstasy, LSD and PCP etc can cause serious harm to a developing feotus and to the pregnant mother. By having a drug-free pregnancy, you can help ensure the safety of your child and avoid long-term developmental problems including: chronic diarrhea, irritability, excessive crying, neurological and behavioral problems, motor development deficits and lower intelligence and is a sure way to prevent miscarriage premature labour, and still birth..

Crimes increased in India too

Ramarajya can be created

Studies have shown that there is an increased risk of many types of mental health problems including ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity), conduct disorder, alcohol or drug dependence, depression and psychotic episodes. There is also a higher incidence of life threatening pregnancy complications including hypertension, toxemia, abruptio placenta, and placenta previa. Smoking accounts for 14% of premature births. Mothers who smoke 1/2 pack of cigarettes a day during pregnancy have an increased risk of neuro-developmental impairment among their children with decreases in childhood intellectual function as measured in the first four years of life. Mothers who smoke one pack a day during pregnancy have an 85% increased risk of having a child with mental retardation.

Be more responsible to have a responsible kid

Pregnancy a state of continued blissIt is a time when the expectant mother should see,hear,smell, eat, feel what nourishes her and her unborn baby.It should be a state of balance in the consciousness, mind, body, behavior, & environment of the expectant mother.It should be physically ,mentally ,spiritually relaxing time.The expectant mother should be in proximity with nature.

Many things we need can wait, the child cannot. Now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made, his mind is being developed. To him we cannot say tomorrow, his name is today."-Gabriela Mistral, Chilean poet

The mother to be should hear or sing melodious songs, read sacred books or beautiful literature, not stressful, wear beautiful, comfortable clothes, adorn herself with fragrant flowers, ornaments ,be in a happy serene atmosphere. Being creative engaged in productive but light activities is highly advocated.Dr T Mythily - Chief Music Therapist, Apollo Hospitals: music therapy Smooth natural delivery. increases chances of giving birth to children who have better cognition, spatial and depth perception, grasping of concepts and mathematical ability & significantly higher APGAR-

1950-pregnant women- 10,000-birth defects-nausea10,strains-rats,15-mice,11 breeds-rabbits,2 dogs,3-hamsters,8 primate species, cats, guinea pigs, swine effects have been induced only occasionally. Thalidomide history ---repeats Madiphala rasayanaAdopt time tested ,evidence based Ayurveda

These include foods such as milk, rice, wheat, and ghee (clarified butter), fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. Sattvic foods do not cause constipation or indigestion, and they create a more settled state of mind. These foods help the mother enjoy ideal health and vitality, and also help with the growth of the baby.Food which is preserved,colored,pre cooked,fried,frozen, tinned, charred,junk food should be avoided or minimized.It should be consumed in a blissful state of mind.Stress ,anxiety ,fear ,anger negative emotions should be controlled.

Guidelines for an expectant motherOur food should be our medicine; Our medicine should be our food

First trimesterWhile milk and a light diet is recommended during the first month; in the second and third months, milk medicated with life-building herbs such as Vidari, Shatavari (Asparagus), Yashtimadhu (Licorice) and Brahmi(pennywort) are prescribed along with honey and ghee. Brahmi helps in calming the nerves and is also a good prajasthapan (sustainer of pregnancy). It is a time of hormonal changes so emotions are challengingNutritious food which has all 6 tastes is advised. No salt, sugar ,sour in excess should be consumed.Physical, mental exertion should be avoided. Jerky movements, lifting heavy things are best avoided.Lifestyle should be harmonious, natural and simple.

Some Herbs for 1st trimester Ayurveda recommends herbs to be taken as food.They help calm the mind,improve mental faculty.And boosts the immune system.Research published in May's edition of Clinical Endocrinology shows that from 17 weeks of age, the amount of stress hormone in the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus is positively related to that in the mother's blood. This is the first report of this relationship noted at such an early stage in pregnancy.

Pennywort Liquorice

Second trimesterFrom the fourth to the seventh month, medicinal supplements such as Ashwagandha,(winter chery) Kraunch beej and Guduchi (tinospora cordifolia). Aswagandha and guduchi are given to strengthen the uterine muscles and also to nourish the embryo. These also help in the prevention of intrauterine growth retardation. Medicated ghee is usually advocated to keep the baby nourished.Ayurveda considers the eye and other sense organs develop from the 4th month so diet is more important.The expectant mother should not see or read horror movies.It is advised that she should read creative,mythological or pleasant stories, wear beautiful but loose clothes,adorn herself with fragrant flowers, jewels,and perfumes of her choice.

Some herbs for 2nd trimesterHelps the urino-genital organs in healthy condition.And nourishes the fetus too. Wintercherry keeps the lady healthy, happy and relaxed.

Celebrate ,welcome the unborn baby

Physically ,mentally ,spiritually nourish the expectant lady + baby to be born = ?

Third trimesterFat, salt and water should be reduced in the diet from the seventh month onwards. Rice gruel with ghee is a recommended diet. Small amounts of basil can be taken as anti-spasmodic. Herbs such as Gokshura and Sariba, which are mild diuretics and urinary antiseptics, can also be taken. Regular ,simple and not vigorous exercises should be done all through pregnancy under the guidance of a qualified Yoga expert.Excessive physical and mental exertion should be avoided always.Mentally the lady is prepared for child birth.Prayers are essential or meditation to keep calm,blissful ,which ensures easy and safe delivery.

Some herbs for 3rd trimesterNourishes both.Helps avoid pregnancy problems.Rich in anti oxidants ,nutrients that are necessary.All through pregnancy the mother gets calming herbs which nourish

Our traditional practices-WHO

Positive & peaceful atmosphere HOMAAT HOME

Mother the mother

Postpartum careFor mother and babyFatigue of childbirthAnxiety due to caring for neonate Mental exhaustion due to transition into motherhoodPhysically challenging -responsibilities What infants are fed creates ,nourishes very important factor Mathura ahara vihara prakruti

Emotional stabilityPatrioticCheerful ,kind, considerate, co operativeSatwa in excess,rajas and tamas in balanceSwasth, samarthDeergayuYogi ? Rishi ? Swasth ?

Creating Future Generation Think,plan, execute today-now

Students & PatientsWho inspired me to learn and contribute.SpecialistsWho have contributed to create awareness about Ayurveda.FriendsWho helped me to feel, think adequately and correctlyMy family membersWho stood by me silently but strongly,

each one of you

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