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Aeration systems introduction including fine bubble diffusers, coarse bubble diffusers, disc diffusers, tube diffusers,new technologies, and complete system photos.


  • 1. Presented by: Innovative AerationTom Frankel Systems, Systems since 1995Director *Reduce Fouling*Reduce Maintenance*Reduce Cleaning Frequency*Reduce Replacement Cycle*Reduce Permit Violations*Reduce Cost*Best Warranty, GuaranteedLets get started. 5/11/2009 1

2. DID YOU KNOW.?90% of failures of a membrane diffused aeration system are caused by failed membranes? 5/11/2009 2 3. DID YOU KNOW.?In most cases, the cost of replacing membranes in a tank is higher than the cost of those membranes, when you consider hidden costs?STEADILY DECLINING LABOR & CLEANING OUT OF SERVICEPERFORMANCE = ENERGY $$= NO INCOME!! 5/11/20093 4. DID YOU KNOW.?EPDM is a very durable material, but it is susceptible to fouling, which may include permanent swelling, shrinking, or crust?CalciumCalciumCarbonateSulfateDairy ProductsAnimal Fat(lime) (gypsum)Petroleum AlcoholVegetable Oils5/11/20094 5. DID YOU KNOW.?Plastic gas cans are made of polyethylene, which is not recommended for gasoline or diesel service.Lab bottles that store aggressive solvents arealso made of polyethylene which is notpolyethylene,recommended for those solvents. 5/11/2009 5 6. DID YOU KNOW.?The first PTFE coated frying pan was developed in France by TEFAL in 1954? 5/11/2009 6 7. DID YOU KNOW.?SSI has patents and patents pending on PTFE coated membrane diffusers, and on fluorinated membrane diffusers.Those diffusers have a track record in service since late 2004, and have outlasted plain EPDM membranes in aggressive applications by a 10:1 marginmargin. 5/11/20097 8. DID YOU KNOW.? Test T t report #84395 d t d A il 30tdated April 30, 2009 proves that SSIs patent-pending surface fluorination reduces plasticizer loss in an aggressive hot acetone solution compared to standard EPDM l tidtt d d membranes by 25%.Phoenix 91st Ave is retrofitting 2 basins in i 2009 with fEPDM fith from SSI SSI.NeweOd Old O de Older Fossil5/11/20098 Not with fEPDM!!! 9. DID YOU KNOW.? In your contract with SSI, you are in the unique position to negotiate extended warranties with SSI, because of our technology. 5/11/2009 9 10. DID YOU KNOW.?Not all EPDM is created equal SSI uses Compression equal. Molding and 700% elongation material. Most competitors are using injection molding and 500% elongation material, to save cost. 5/11/2009 10 11. SOME SSI FACES, ON SITE, AT WORK, AND WORLDWIDEFOR OVER 14 YEARS: 5/11/2009 11 12. EXPERIENCE: BNR SBR MBR UASB CONVENTIONAL EXTENDED AERATION FIXED FILMTECHNOLOGY SKILL SET: ACAD2007 2D + 3D BIOWIN SIMULATION INVENTOR 3D MATHCAD 13 FLASH ANIMATION PROPRIETARY SOFTWAREJOBSITE EXPERIENCE 13. REFERENCES:TURNKEY SUPPLYBLOWER ROOM DESIGNPIPING LAYOUTSMULTISTAGE BLOWERSROOTS TYPE BLOWERS CALCULATIONS: SOTE HEADLOSS BUYOANCY LOADING BUBBLE ASCENT VELOCITY HEAT TRANSFER DO PROFILE ANALYSIS MINIMUM MIXING LIFE CYCLE COST 14. CURRENT RESEARCH Ultra Fine Bubble Membranes under Development 5/11/2009 14 15. PTFE MEMBRANES Failure Mode? Not Yet We observe that a biofilm layer does form on PTFEMembranes, though it takes a long time to form, and when itDoes,Does even in aggressive environments, it can be removedenvironmentsWith a fingertip. The scale does not affect performance andDoes not enter the slits. See below 5/11/2009 15 16. Why PTFE??? Dont let this happen to you! 5/11/2009 16 17. PTFE FINE BUBBLE DIFFUSER MEMBRANES SSIs PTFE ( Polytetrafluoroetyhylene) layered EPDM disc and tube diffuser membranes combine the reliability of EPDM with outstanding anti fouling resistance of PTFE PTFE. Benefits of PTFE layer are: Resistance to fouling and calcium scaling Extended life Reduces cleaning 6-10 times compared to EPDM Outstanding chemical resistance Outstanding resistance to fats oils and greasesfats, Outstanding resistance to hydrocarbons, fuels,and solventsPTFE IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TOFINE BUBBLE AERATION SYSTEMSDave Redmon, Eng. , g 5/11/2009 17 18. SSI IS A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY 5/11/2009 18 19. SSI COMPRESSION MOLDS MOST MEMBRANESSSIs EPDM compound is specially formulated for wastewater applications providing:Even specific gravity, thickness, and tear resistancegravity thicknessGreater resistance to elongation and tearing(multidirectional tear resistance) Resistant to material property changes.High modulus for elasticity. Proper taper to reduce unit stress. High oxygen transfer efficiency. Extended service life 5/11/200919 20. COMPOUND DEVELOPMENT Same slit pattern, different compounds =pattern different bubble size & distribution 5/11/200920 21. DISC MANUFACTURE TESTING MEMBRANE STRENGTH DIFFUSER ASSEMBLY MEASURING BREAKFINE BUBBLES PRESSURE 5/11/2009AFD350 21 22. PATENTED QUICK CONNECT SADDLE MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR 9 AND 12 DISCS 5/11/2009 22 23. DISC CONNECTIONS 5/11/200923 24. SNAPPY SADDLE Each diffuser has a single seal on top of the headers and can be installed by 1 person rapidlyQuick connection low headloss high SOTE compression molded tube membranes 5/11/2009 24 25. COARSE BUBBLE DIFFUSERSThe plastic SSI Coarse Cap and Stainless Wide Band types are the most common coarse bubble diffusers. These are often used in digesters, sludge holding tanks, and equalization basins. 5/11/2009 25 26. SSI PLASTIC PIPEFABRICATION (Poughkeepsie, NY) 5/11/200926 27. SSI SS PIPE FABRICATION(Cincinnati, OH) 5/11/2009 27 28. WEB (.NET)+ LOCAL CALCULATION SOFTWARE 5/11/200928 29. WEB (.NET) BASED DRAFTING SOFTWARE 5/11/200929 30. WEB (.NET) BASED DRAFTING SOFTWARETypical Results 5/11/200930 31. BIOWIN SIMULATION CAPABILITYMain EffluenAnoxic 1 Aeration 1 Anoxic 2 Aeration 3Influent0Primary SludgeP i Sl dWAS 5/11/200931 32. INDEPENDENT NON-STEADY STATE TESTING Determination of SOTE of SSI SSI Diffusers per ASCE ATC, SA Barcelona Spain Redmon Engineering, Milwaukee, USA 5/11/2009 32 33. INDEPENDENT NON-STEADY STATE TESTING 5/11/200933 34. COMPETITIVE RESULTS 5/11/2009 34 35. INDEPENDENT STEADY STATE TESTING Determination of in a Virginia, USA BNR Redmon Engineering, Milwaukee, USA 5/11/2009 35 36. NEW VS. OLD SSI MEMBRANE PERFORMANCE 5/11/200936 37. SSI PLASTIC PARTS SUPPLIER QC MONITORING & PROTOCOL 5/11/200937 38. SSI MEMBRANE SUPPLIER QC MONITORING & PROTOCOL 5/11/200938 39. LARGE PROJECT MIL 105E TEST PROTOCOL 5/11/200939 40. IN-HOUSE TESTING & REPORTS 5/11/200940 41. IN-HOUSE TESTING & REPORTS 5/11/200941 42. IN-HOUSE TESTING & REPORTS 5/11/200942 43. SUPPORTS 5/11/200943 44. EXPANSION JOINTS 5/11/200944 45. REPLACEMENT MEMBRANES 5/11/2009 45 46. SYSTEMS We are extremely pleased with our latest purchase from you. Our wasted biomass is now kept fresh and free from release of NH3 and Ortho-P during storage. We will be looking at replacing all membranes in the Ford Road Aeration Basins in 2007 2007. I would like to get a price from you soon. Have a happy holidays! 5/11/2009 Jason Tincu, Xenia WWTP Supervisor 46 47. SYSTEMS After evaluation, EA decided to proceed with SSI's 12-inch diameter fine bubble diffusers. Due to the size and efficiencies of the SSI diffuser, the number of diffusers required for the project is significantly less than the other Manufacturers. We highly recommend SSI and we would like to work with them again on our next project. 5/11/2009 Chuck Place, P.G., EA Engineering Inc. 47 48. SYSTEMS SSI designs complete aeration systems including calculations of SOTE, temperature, with drawings and all complimentary information for aerobic reactors. Their technical help is the best in the business. Marcelo Mascheroni Lay, Sanitary Engineer, Ecoplan Uruguay (former SanitaireTM 5/11/200948 49. SYSTEMS In 2003 our company El Concorde purchased 6000 sets AFT1000 diffuser from SSI to be used on a wastewater treatment project in Iraq under the Program Oil for Food with the UN. I evaluated a number of American and European companies and finally selected SSI due to a robust product and good communication. Ghassan Ayyubi El Concorde Ltd, Jordan5/11/2009 49 50. SYSTEMS 5/11/2009 50 51. SYSTEMSWe have had the Stamford disc diffusers installed inour two 450,000 gallon sludge holding basins for nearlyfive years and we have never had a problem with them.We also see adequate mixing and desired performance.The basins are inspected periodically and we have nothad toh d t replace any of th modules to d t lf the d l t date.Jerry Basham - Chief Operator North WWTP,Henderson Water Utility, Henderson, KY 5/11/200951 52. SYSTEMS I called Pierre Filion today. He is just back from vacation. He said that he checked his aeration system this morning and yg everything seems OK. The bubbles are still nice, so he does not expect problems for sometimes. The Teflon membranes were installed Dec. 04. One month earlier, he had installed (other brand) EPDM membranes in the other reactor (Nov. 1) and the bubble size is not so good and he is expecting problems soon.Gaetan Desjardins, Premier Tech Environment QC, Canada5/11/2009 52 53. SYSTEMS We came across the SSI diffusers and first tried them in the summer of 2005. It was probably the best decision we have made in our wastewater treatment plant since it started processing water. Not only can we afford to replace the old diffusers, the new SSI seem to be more durable than the old ones and don't require as much maintenance. We also see that they do not plug up or scale up as bad as the old diffusers. Our current blowers could not be happier as well as myself. We have been thoroughly satisfied with the SSI diffusers from DGJ Gongol and Associates and would recommend these diffusers to everyone. Thank you for such a good and reliable product. You have definitely made life easier for all of us 5/11/2009 here at SCA Tissue. , Paul Johnson SCA Tissue, Menasha, WI53 54. SYSTEMS We hereby confirm that TEFLON membranes have been working since beginning of February without clogging problems. Be