stand up to bullying! presented by: mrs. rex. kitchen table

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STAND up to Bullying!

STAND up to Bullying!Presented by:Mrs. RexAnonymity 1

Kitchen Table


F2F (Face to Face)If you wouldnt say it F2F, dont say it in cyberspace!

F2F- Only associate with people you know face to face in cyberspace.Dont post anything you wouldnt want your grandma to see.They can find you: even though you erase it, it can be retrieved.You are responsible for your own on-line behavior and your own devices/accounts.3

What is cyber-bullying?


Victims of Cyber-bullying Steven Shepherd Brian Franklish Roger Hillyard (13 years old)Samantha and Michaela Kendal Stephen Woodhall (12 years old)Kelly Yeomans (13 years old)Marianne Bisenieks Vijay Singh ShahiriMarie McGovern Lynette McLaughlin Amanda Brownridge (14 years old)Kelly Farrar (13 years old)James Lambeth (16 years old)Martin Harvey (11 years old)Daniel Overfield (12 years old)Denise Baillie (14 years old)Peter Evans (11 years old)Neil Gadd (9 years old)Danielle Goss Kristina Calco

Gail Jones (15 years old)Jevan Richardson (10 years old)Tyler Clementi Adam Grigg (14 years old)Emma Morrison (12 years old)Thomas Thompson (11 years old)Aaron Armstrong (12 years old)Nathan Jones (12 years old)Eric Mohat (17 years old)Phoebe Prince (15 years old)Ryan Patrick Halligan (13 years old)Megan MeierTyler ClementiAlexis Pilkington (17 years old)Seth Walsh (13 years old)Rachael NeblettJeffrey Johnston Andy LehmanJared B. High (13 years old)Brandon SwartwoodConnie WilsonMatthew EplingApril HimesThank you so much for standing during our presentation today. These students listed behind me did not get a chance to stand like you did today because they were harassed on line so bad that they killed themselves. They did not get to go to:6th grade campGo on to Junior HighGraduate from college or walk down the isle on their wedding dayThey did not get a chance to make a difference BUT YOU Do!I know there is someone out there today who is willing to stand up against all forms of bullying.I know there is someone out there who is willing to stand up to people who are spreading vicious rumors and liesYou can make a difference starting right now and signing this pledge


We can make a difference!Creating a reminder chain

What will WE do to make things better?


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