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Standards, Industry, and the Roadmap to Grid Adoption. Dr. David Snelling Vice Chair of Standards Global Grid Forum / Fujitsu Labs Europe. Motivation. Need for Standards Stability, Choice, Flexibility, Competition, Collaboration, ... To Develop Standards we Need Clarity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • MotivationNeed for StandardsStability, Choice, Flexibility, Competition, Collaboration, ...To Develop Standards we Need ClarityDefinitions of conceptsOrganization of work through Architectural FrameworksWe also Need a RoadmapAccelerate the development of the right specificationsTrack gaps and requirementsDemonstrate progressSupport planning in industry and research

  • Notions of GridCollaboration GridsMultiple institutions, secure, widely distributed, VOsService level agreements & commercial partnershipsBusiness model: Increase overall revenueEnterprise GridsVirtualization of enterprise resources and applications Aggregation and centralization of managementBusiness model: Reduce total cost of ownershipClustersNetworks of Workstations, Blades, etc.Cycle scavenging, Homogeneous workloadBusiness model: Lower marginal costsParallel Processing SystemsParallel processing for single applicationsIncreasing Complexity and Revenue

  • Parallel Processing and Cluster GridsParallel ProcessingTightly coupled distributed systemsStandards:MPI and OpenMPAimed at HPCCode portability and performance!

    Cluster GridsLoosely coupled distributed systemsEfficient scheduling of nodes for throughputNo standards, lots of playersQueuing systems: LSF, PBS, LoadLeveler, ...Specialist systems: CyberGRIP, gridMatrix, ...

  • Enterprise Grids TodayEnterprise Grids are aboutVirtualization: Uniform encapsulation of resources:Compute, data, applications, support, ...Integration: Creation of a structured whole from the parts.Automation: Most management tasks, mostly automatic.ExamplesFujitsus Triole StrategyOracles 10g PlatformSuns N1 SuiteHPs Adaptive EnterpriseIBMs On Demand BusinessRun your required services as efficiently as possible.

  • Collaboration Grids TodayProduction First Generation Collaboration GridsUK National Grid Service and TeraGridRunning Globus GT2Team Shosholoza and othersRunning UnicoreWeb Service Collaboration GridsExperimental DeploymentGlobus GT4, Unicore/GSBarriersConfusion wrt Plain Web ServicesPolitics of the Standards ProcessCreate new business opportunities through collaborationEnterprise Grid technology as a basis.Requirements beyond Enterprise Grids:Discovery, Security, Virtual Organizations (VOs), Decoupling, Composition ...

  • Convergence: Enterprise & Collaboration GridsTechnical ConvergenceFrom Enterprise GridsSophisticated virtualizationManagement infrastructureAutomationFrom Collaboration GridsMulti-domain securityCyber partnerships (VOs)OutsourcingThe Need for StandardsWithin the EnterpriseFlexibility!Between EnterprisesInteroperability!Forresters Digital Business Networks

  • GGF and the Nature of InteroperabilityGGF is aboutEnabling the pervasive adoption of grid computing for research and industry by:Defining grid specifications that lead to broadly adopted standards and interoperable softwareFostering and broadening an international community for the exchange of ideas, experiences, requirements, and best practicesImplicit process:Requirements Specifications Standards InteroperabilityNote: Implementations are required do do the last three steps well.Definitions:Specifications: Normative document sufficient for implementationStandards: Specifications plus an open process.

  • InteroperabilityIn a SOA context, this is very preciseImplementations interact on the wire between different implementations, languages, and environmentsWS-SOA Offers Unprecedented QoS in this respectBetter than http, not quite as good as hardwareOnly possible by agreeing on a single specificationFor GGF this specification is an Open Standard

  • InteroperationAdaptor Based Interaction PossibleA simple service wrapper for each client typee.g. JSDL to Unicore AJO to Globus JDL convertersService composer frameworks possiblee.g. NAREGI Grid composes Unicore, GT2, GT4, and WSsThere is a Notion of Abstract Service EquivalenceOGSA V1.0 and V1.5 are instances of thisGreatly facilitates adaptor development and deploymentLanguage specific standards help build better adaptorse.g. a Java API for the OGSA Base Profile or SAGA API.If all clients (or services) implement adaptors for all services (or clients) it creates a pleasant illusion of interoperability

  • Commercial Break

  • The GGF Roadmap Process Manage and steerstandards developmentCommunicate statusand progressInput to implementation& deployment planning

  • Roadmap OrganizationOrganized by Area, Group, and then DocumentContent for each DocumentDocument name and short descriptionGGF Document TypeProgress against key millstonesPlanned and completed dates for First Draft, Public Comment, and publicationKey WordsInforms Grid Design, Defines Grid Architecture, OGSA, Applications, Generic grid Component, Other, ...Adoption LevelsUnimplemented, Implemented, Interoperable, Community, Adopted, and Ubiquitous.

  • Adoption Level DefinitionsUnimplementedAlthough the specification exists and may be viewed as stable, no implementation exists. There may be prototypes under development within various organizations, which are not available outside that organization.ImplementedThere exists at least one implementation that is generally available for testing and/or deployment that according to the authors (or third parties) implement the specification.InteroperableThere exists at least two implementations, as defined above, that interoperate. There must be a report detailing at least one interoperability workshop.

  • Adoption Level Definitions ContinuedCommunityAt least one of the interoperable implementations, as defined above, is deployed and used on a regular basis by a specific community. This may be due to either a lack of acceptance of the specification by the community at large or due to the specialist nature of a specific specification.AdoptedThere exists more than one interoperable implementation, as defined above, and each implementation is used across several communities. Commercially supported implementations are available. This may be either as a product or support for an open source implementation. There may be some restriction on which platforms support the implementations or other aspects that restrict the availability of the implementations.UbiquitousInteroperable implementations exist for virtually all platforms. Commercial support is available, but provided transparently as part of the supporting infrastructure.

  • Some Roadmap StatisticsRoadmap Documents by TypeRecommendation Documents26Informational Documents30Experimental Documents 3Roadmap Documents by AreaApplications 9Architecture 6Compute 9Data13Infrastructure 6Management 9Security 7

  • Some More StatisticsPublished DocumentsCompute/SRM 6Data10Architecture 7Applications/APME 7Infrastructure/ISP/P2P 8Security10Management 2GFSG 5Published Draft-Recommendations Documents9

  • The Current PipelineStatistics:Published since GGF 15 9In or after Public Comment22Others in the pipeline 5Publication HighlightsGFD.53: OGSA RoadmapGFD.56: JSDL 1.0GFD.58: Namespaces for XML InfosetsGFD.59: OGSA Profile DefinitionProgress HighlightsGWD.xx: WSRF OGSA Base Profile through Public CommentGWD.xx: WS-Agreement through Public CommentHighlights from Public CommentGWD.xx: ByteIO Suite - 2 specsGWD.xx: DAI Suite - 3 specs18Documentsin 12 Months

  • OGSA: Status November 2004SYSTEMSMANAGEMENTUTILITYCOMPUTINGGRIDCOMPUTINGCore ServicesBase ProfileWS-AddressingPrivacyWS-BaseNotificationCIM/JSIMWSRF-RAPWSDMWS-SecurityNamingOGSA-EMSOGSA Self MgmtGFD-C.16GGF-URData ModelHTTP(S)/SOAPDiscoverySAML/XACMLWSDLWSRF-RLTrustWS-DAIVO ManagementInformationDistributed query processingASPData CentreUse Cases &ApplicationsCollaborationMulti MediaPersistent ArchiveData TransportWSRF-RPX.509StandardEvolvingGapHoleWarning: Data may be inaccurate

  • OGSA: Status February 2006 (or soon)SYSTEMSMANAGEMENTUTILITYCOMPUTINGGRIDCOMPUTINGCore ServicesBase ProfileWS-AddressingPrivacyWS-BaseNotificationCIM/JSIMWSRF-RAPWSDMWS-SecurityNamingOGSA-EMSOGSA Self MgmtGFD-C.16GGF-URData ModelHTTP(S)/SOAPDiscoverySAML/XACMLWSDLWSRF-RLTrustWS-DAIVO ManagementInformationDistributed query processingASPData CentreUse Cases &ApplicationsCollaborationMulti MediaPersistent ArchiveData TransportWSRF-RPX.509StandardEvolvingGapHoleWarning: Data may be inaccurate

  • Implementations of GGF SpecificationsGFD.56: JSDL6GFD.62: PMA Charter3GFD.24: GSSAPI extensions6GFD.15: OGSI5GFD.20: GridFTP5GFD.52: GridRPC API4GFD.22: DRMAA4

  • Implementations of GGF DraftsGWD.xx: SAML authorization callout3GWD.xx: VOMS attribute certificate format4GWD.xx: Daonity1GWD.xx: OGSA BES2GWD.xx: GGF Usage Record4GWD.xx: Usage Record Service4GWD.xx: WS-Agreement6GWD.xx: OGSA Byte IO2GWD.xx: WS-Naming1GWD.xx: SAGA4

  • Implementations of GGF DraftsGWD.xx: CDDLM Smart Frog Language 1GWD.xx: CDDLM Component Model4GWD.xx: CDDLM Deployment API4GWD.xx: CDDLM XML-CDL4GWD.xx: ACS2GWD.xx: WSRF OGSA Base Profile3GWD.xx: OGSA BSP Core3GWD.xx: OGSA BSP Secure Channel3

  • Other ImplementationsGGF Derived SpecificationsRFC38205WSRF5WSN5

    GFD.16 Certificate Policy Model40+

  • Summary103 Implementations of GGF SpecificationsThe pipeline is still flowingThanks Greg!More help is (always) needed

    Give yourselves a hand.

    Thank you

    In standards process, we also need to use the roadmap to observe the actual process.

    Could combine Community/Adopted.Could use more objectivity/editor power.Add broken/depracated.



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