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  1. 1. OTT Platform November, 2015
  2. 2. Introduction01 OTT/IPTV Platform02 Cases03 Contents
  3. 3. 3,000 Square meters Company Overview
  4. 4. Milestones
  5. 5. Milestones We are now a public company. CNCR is the manufacturer specializing in developing, producing and selling all kinds of data communication and network access equipment and be listed successfully on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in Aug 2011. Starcor : OTT/IPTV Solution for TV Broadcaster, Telecom and Content Provider.
  6. 6. Global Coverage 30+ Operators 10M+ Subscribers Served 1M+ Concurrency Capability 12 Branches 5 Deployed Countries 50+ Partners 27 Patents & Copyrights
  7. 7. Partners Media Preparation Business Management Content Consumption CP MAM Encoder BOSS DRM Player Chipset Smart TV
  8. 8. Cases03 Contents OTT/IPTV Platform02 Introduction01
  9. 9. Architecture 3rd System STARCOR BO(Back Office) STARCOR MSP STB (TERMINAL) CP/SP BOSS Encoder DRM Metadata Injection CMS (Content Management) Ingest Encryption Android Linux Packaging Portal Management Policy Security MOBILE (TERMINAL) Online Billing Android phone Android PAD Iphone IPAD OTHERS (TERMINAL) HTML Terminal Smart TV Authorization Control Monitor CDN STREAMING Product Management Subscriber Management Advertisement System Value-added Service WeChat Application APP Store Virtual Live Broadcast Storage Delivery Live Broadcast VOD Catch-up TV Time-shift Multi-screen
  10. 10. Streaming Diagram Internet Encryption-live DRM KEY AMS HLS MSP CDN PS HLS PHONE Tablet Portal EPG EPG HLS KEY STB Live Transcoder IngestCP M-info M-info Encryption-vod key HLS HLS HLS MDS MDS P,D,O-Info CMS P,D,O-Info SmartTV CP Media Preparation Content Delivery Terminal VOD LIVE
  11. 11. Starcor BO(Back Office) Features: Composed by: Metadata Ingest VOD Content Management Live Channels Management Tag Definition SP Business Packaging Multi-portal Management Subscriber Management Portal Editing User Interactive PORTAL MANAGEMENT Product Management BOSS 3rd Party CP On-line Billing Authorization Control CMS INTERNET APP Store Wechat Application VALUE-ADDED SERVICE SYSTEM Advertisement BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
  12. 12. Starcor MSP(Media Service Platform) TS, HLS, FLV and MP4 format supported Live broadcast supported Abundant VOD content supported Seamless time-shift while live broadcast Features: Basic 7*24 hours catch-up TV Multi-screen supported Servers and concurrent monitoring Easily scale-up CDN Central Library (storage) CDN Distribution Center CDN Nodes1 CDN Nodes2 CDN Nodes3 CP MSP PS CMS Portal User SYNC SYNC 3 2 URL 6 HTTP/TS 5 URL URL 1 4
  13. 13. Terminal Multiple device supported STB, Mobile, Tablet Multiple Operation System supported Linux, Android, IOS
  14. 14. OTT/IPTV Platform02 Contents Cases03 Introduction01
  15. 15. Mango TV(OTT solution) Overview OTT platform via Internet network 8 million subscribers, maximum 1 million on-line concurrency 92 SD channels & 12 HD channels 280,000+ VOD contents, up to 130,000+ hours Features Mango TV is one of the seven OTT content license owners in China Supported by 40+ CDN nodes Integrated with 60+ TV manufactures including Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, TCL etc. Complete WeChat application including WeChat EPG display, WeChat remote control, and WeChat Payment. Multi-Level CDN
  16. 16. Cambodia SuperNet(IPTV+OTT) Overview IPTV+OTT platform via FTTH network, the service is covering whole Cambodia Mobile users are supported by 3G/LTE/wireless network 105 SD channels & 25 HD channels 2,000 hours HD VOD contents & 8,000 hours SD VOD contents Features The unique OTT platform in Cambodia supports various terminals (STB/phone/tablet) Multi-languages supported including English, Chinese and Cambodian Abundant applications in APP store including game, education, shopping etc. Advertisement system supported, which generates additional profits to Operators Advertise ment Multi Screen Multi Languages VIPApp Store Value Added Service Weather
  17. 17. Guangxi TV(OTT+DVB) Overview DVB+OTT platform via HFC network 1 million subscribers Maximum 100K on-line concurrency 60 SD channels & 15 HD channels Features Supported by 14 CDN nodes Multiple CP/SP supported, including Mango TV, SMG, Wasu, THM etc. VOD service via IPQAM Various terminal supported including Mobile & Tablet (IOS/Android), PC, STB(Linux/Android) and Smart TV Revenue Sharing Guangxi TV Starcor
  18. 18. The End