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Start Your Social Strategy

Start Your Social StrategyYour guide to social media1

What is social?


What is social?


What is social?


What is social?


What is social?


What is social?


Three Goals of SocialBrand Awareness / Audience ExpansionEngagementCustomer Service8

First Goal of Social:Brand Awareness9

Brand Awareness/Audience Expansion

Connect with your target audience

Discover what time of day gets the most interaction

Ask yourself: Would I want to share or retweet this content?

Social media is not about creating content, but about distributing content

Second Goal of Social:Engagement16

Social Media Engagement- Meeting your constituents where they are

- Making your content accessible

- Establishing a relationship17

Third Goal of Social:Customer Service18

Social media is a great way to interact with customersNearly 1/3 of customers turn to brand pages on Facebook to ask questionsCustomers who engage on social spend up 20%-40% more with that company71% of customers with a positive social experience recommend the brandSocial Media and Customer ServiceSources: 19


Make sure whoever is answering the questions is a people-person, not techAlways be polite (NO MELTDOWNS!!), to the point, and provide pertinent links when possibleDont argue if someone has a complaint. Look into the problem and see if you can rectifyRespond as soon as you canSocial Media and Customer ServiceSources: 20

Social Media and Customer ServiceSources:


HootsuiteTweet DeckTwine SocialOracle SRMLink shorteners (,, tinyurl, etc.)Recommended Third-Party Resources22

Created in 2004Was initially used for college student networkingOpened to anyone over 13 with an email address in 2006 so everyone and their mom (quite literally) could have oneNow has over one billion usersAllows businesses to post and interact with customersGetting to know Facebook23

Created in 2006Initially created as a way to share text messages as a small group (hence the 140 character limit)Popularized the hashtagOne of the ten most visited sites in 2013Over 250 million usersAllows users to have fast, easy customer service

Getting to know Twitter24

Created in 2011The future of Google+ is GoogleShows your Google+ page on the side if anyone Google searches your organizationGoogle+ integrates with all Google services including Gmail and YouTube540 million users online with 300 million using the streamGetting to know Google+25



Platforms & How-Tos

1. Use Hashtags

Platforms & How-Tos2. Offer Contests

Platforms & How-Tos3. Network

Platforms & How-Tos

4. Inspire

Career networkingUsed by individuals, sales teams, HR departmentsAcquired ad retargeting start-up BIZO in summer 2014Getting to know LinkedInCreate a LinkedIn page for your organizationIf you have many employees or volunteers, can build brandImproves SEOConsider ad retargeting (if you have a specific target demographic)36




Case Study: Brand Credibility / RemakeProblemsFirst elected to SBOE in 1970sOpposed introduction of computers into elementary schoolsSupported IDCharacterized as off-rocker, luddite crazy old ladyLost previous electionSolutionsAggressive campaign with social media as key componentPosted consistent, relevant contentEngaged all comments; expert advice on phonicsGrew Facebook fans from 20 to 2,200Candidate was accessible to interested votersSBOE Candidate39

Case Study: Facebook Ads


Case Study: Facebook PartyCo-hosted with ApologiaOctober 2013Several giveaway prizes just for commenting on our postReached between 18k-69k on each of our postsQuick, easy, flexible way to meet your fanbase


Case Study: Facebook Party


Case Studies#phcpensmore2014

Case Studies

Case Studies

Facebook Check-Ins

What NOT to do:If possible, dont use the same device for personal and business accounts


What NOT to do:Get in fights with your customers


What NOT to do:Join a hashtag campaign without doing research first


What NOT to do:Post a Facebook update without reading it carefully through first


Return on InvestmentWhat you do needs to make sense for your organizationValue from social mediaHard $Increased sales or registrations based on expanded audienceSoft $Better trusted brandBetter constituent satisfactionExpanded audience