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  • 1. Starting Up by FailingThe Lisbon MBA 2014

2. Hi, Im Andre 3. Lisbon, PortugalRetired Computer Science EngineerFirst company @ 19 years oldCo-Founder of AdeggaWine Entrepreneur 4. AdeggaA Wine Marketplace 5. 4 cities (Lisbon, Porto, Brussels, Rio)10 Adegga WineMarkets150 Wine Producers1000 Visitors per event5000 #winelover customers$$$$$ of wine sold 6. The idea 7. What we thought consumers wanted. 8. Summer 2012The 20 Top Whitesfor less than 10What consumers really wanted. 9. Fail #1Didnt listen to customers. 10. What we thought wine producers wanted. 11. What wine producers really wanted. 12. Fail #2Selling a product customersdidnt want to pay for. 13. Lots of visibility. 14. Fail #3Visibility is not money. 15. Flash Sales. What consumers wanted. 16. Wine producers didnt want. 17. Fail #4Didnt do proper research. 18. Drawing board!1. What you know.2. Listen. Research. Brainstorm.Extra: Travel. Think. 19. Adegga WineMarket! 20. Success #1A product that everyone wants(and pays for). 21. SmartWineGlass 22. Success #2Useful innovation. 23. Whats next? Lots.1. More countries.2. Online Marketplace. 24. What haveI learned?10 Quick Tips 25. Make a great team. 26. Get amazing supporters. 27. Think different. 28. Innovate. Non-stop. 29. Embrace (all forms of) success. 30. Love what you do. 31. Work hard. Party harder. 32. LOL! A lot! 33. Change the World. 34. f**k**gJUST DO IT. 35. Obrigado.Now, wine!andre@adegga.comTwitter & Skype: andrerib