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Starting Your Own Fantasy Football League


  • Starting Your Own Fantasy FootballLeague

    Fantasy football has become almost aspopular of a pastime as watching the biggames each Sunday. Sure seeing yourfavorite football players killed it off everySunday and cheering for them is fun, butgetting the chance to virtually combined allyour favorite players in one team, managing itand testing how powerful your team is muchbetter. And thats why fantasy football is verypopular.

    Many people in the US had played fantasy football and consider it as an importantpart of their recreation. Some people only join established league of fantasy sportswebsites while other create their own league. If youd like to start your own fantasyleague, there are a lot of things to consider, but a lot of fun along the way too (andits probably worth it).

    Decide how your league will be conducted. Most fantasy football teams areconducted on the internet, as the real-time score-keeping saves a lot of hassle forthe commissioner. If you want to conduct your league manually, however, make sureyou have the time and resources to do it.

    Establish a point system for your league. Most leagues assign point totals forpassing touchdowns, rushing touchdowns and receiving touchdowns. You can alsoassign points for yardage, such as one point for every 25 passing yards and onepoint for every ten rushing and receiving yards. Assign points for your kickers anddefenses as well. Fractional points can also be used for yardage situations if youchoose.

    Determine which type of draft you would like to run. In an auction draft, eachteam is given a certain amount of money or points to bid on players. Each player isauctioned off one by one until all players run out of money or the rosters are full. In aserpentine draft, a draft order is selected at random and teams take turns selectingon player. The draft order snakes aroundthe person who picked first in the firstround picks last in the second round, and so on.

    Finalize other league details. Make sure to finalize everything, such as the playoffstructure, starting lineup formations and free agent and waiver rules. Also decide ifyoure going to have an entry fee for teams that will result in a cash prize for thewinner.

  • Invite friends to join the league. No matter how great your league is, it wouldnt befun without any players in it. So be sure to invite as many friends as you can in yourleague. Be sure to start early so you have plenty of time to fill up your league. Mostdrafts are held in August during the pre-season. Plan well in advance for a live, in-person draft if you choose do draft that way.