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Should we start up a Startup Weekend Chengdu? Presentation to Chengdu Entrepreneurship Meetup.


How Startup Weekend Changed My Life

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Should chengdu startup startup weekend?

Houston from 2009 to 2013. Chengdu since December 2013.Government & Public Policy Professional. Technology and Startup Nerd.A little bit about me

Process Improvement. Data Analytics. Lean Six Sigma. Strategy.Making the world a better place. I loved my job.I worked for thegovernmentCreating a business in 54 hours.Fun. Educational. Great networking. Very hard work. Which is

Networking. Pitches. Team Formation.You get to practice pitches tonight!!!Day 1: Friday night

Lean Startup. Design Thinking. Customer Validation. Build, Measure, Learn.Day 2: saturday

Present to the judgesBuild presentation. Practice. Pitch to judges. Exhale.Day 3: Sunday

Have any of you ever thought about creating a business?Simplified TurboTax style permitting. My team built permitme

City of Houston Open Innovation Hackathon.City of Houston Open Data Initiative.What we did afterstartup weekend[video]

Open Houston. Tech Street Houston. Multiple Products and Startups. National Recognition.Big impact

Startup weekendby the numbers1,068 events and counting. 478 cities. 2,190 startups. Over 100,000 entrepreneurs.

10 second pitches. I would come to Startup Weekend becauseWhat do you think?