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1. State of the Social Media ElectionSeptember 24, 2012 2. Obama leads Romney in social mentions Aggregate view from 8/15 to 9/24.View by date 8/15 to 9/24. 3. Ryan has a wide margin on BidenAggregate view from 8/15 to 9/24. View by date 8/15 to 9/24. 4. The campaigns are a virtual tieWhen the campaigns are viewed together, social media mindshare is split about even: Team Obama: 50.27% Team Romney: 49.74% 5. Campaign issues in social mediaTop campaign issues on social media: Taxes remain a top issue, fueled in part by Romneys1.Taxesmost recent tax return release. Health care is a2.Heath care signature issue of the Obama administration. The3.Economyeconomy continues to drag with unemployment above4.Debt 8%. The national debt recently crossed the $16 trillion5.Budget threshold. The budget is a continual hot topic in light of the looming fiscal cliff. 6. The most influential tweetersThe Presidents bully pulpit extends to socialmedia, while both sides have onlinedetractors trading barbs. As indicated here,comedians Chris Rock and Dennis Miller arerather prolific with their views. Note: ThisChris Rock account is not verified by Twitter. 7. Enjoy this? Heres more:Continually updated on the Vocus blog:o 9/11: #Election2012: DNC Convention Beats RNC Convention on Social Mediao 9/4: #Election2012: A Tight Social Media Race as DNC Convention Beginso 8/29: #Election2012: Taxes Are The Number One Issue, Says Social Mediao 8/27: #Election2012: Is Romney Absorbing Ryans Social Media Buzz?o 8/21: #Election2012: Which Candidate Has More Social Media Influence?o 8/20: #Election2012 Social Race: Can Social Media Predict the Election?

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