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Stay well this Winter!


  • 1. KieFit JournalJanuary 2009F I T N E S ST R E N D S2 0 0 9 ! W H E R E W O R K O U T S A R E G O I N GT H I SY E A R : T H E T O P 1 0 L I S T L O S E W E I G H T A F T E R C H R I S T M A SWINTER SPORTS WORKOUT Y O U R U L T I M A T EW I N - T E R W O R K O U T A W I N T E RH O - L I D A Y A N E X P E R I E N C E O FA L I F E T I M E

2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY ANDHAPPY LIFE! JANUARY 2009 ISSUE: Stay and Get Fit New Year 2009!PREPARING YOUR 3 Hello Fitness Fans! MIND AS WELL AS YOUR BODY FOR 2009!I am very glad to introduce you to my actual issue of KieFit Jour- FITNESS TRENDS 4nal in January 2009. 2009! THE TOP 10 LIST"Fit in New Year 2009" inspires you for maintaining and upgrad-ing your fitness. HOW TO LOSE5 WEIGHT AFTER CHRISTMASStart reading Kiefit Journal now and take a look on page 4 aboutthe Fitness Trends in 2009. GET HEALTHY6 WITHOUT REALLY+ 7 TRYING Skiing and Snowboarding maintain on the top of the most popularwinter sports. ADVICE FOR SKIING8 Start now with your Winter Workout Training introduced on page AND SNOWBOARDING IN THE MOUNTAINS 11 and read the Exercise Tips on page 12.LIST COLORADO SKI9Do not forget to look on page 9, read all about interesting ski ar- RESORTSeas, and on page 10, how Winter Holidays can be a very impor-tant experience for the whole family and your whole life. A WINTER HOLIDAY - 10Christmastime is the best time for our overindulgence of all kinds. AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME At the latest on New Year`s Eve our evening dress or dinnerjacket does not fit any more. On page 5 of this Kiefit Journal you YOUR ULTIMATE WIN- 11will explore "How to lose weight after Christmas". TER WORKOUT Happy New Year! ALL TOGETHER NOW:12 EXERCISE 30 MINU- TES A DAY, 5 DAYS AStay healthy! WEEKHeidi KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 13 ADVERTISE14 OPPORTUNITYS KIEFIT.COM CONTACT 15 ATTENTION KIEFIT.COMSend me your comments and ideas for further Schedules: Submit events sche- SEND ME YOUR COM-15articles. Submit your article to Email: dules you know to be mentioned MENTS AND IDEAS FOR and see it in the next issue here in the next issue! ARTICLES.of KieFit Journal.Use your article to generate additional free traffic Submit your personal Fitness and Sport events you wish to beto your website as well. published here and invite Kiefit Journal readers to attend!Closing date to submit your articles you wish to bepublished here on 25th of each month. 3. PREPARINGFOR2009 3Preparing Your Mind As Well As Your Body For 2009! By Wanda McCormickWhat has made them anyjust got away from you. ing it eats away at muscle different this year than last Whatever the reason it's an and can also cause binge year or even before that? Are excuse not to make you im-eating and increased hunger. you on track and ready to portant enough. You may also injure yourself take on the lifestyle you havebecause lack of sleep created and dreamed of?If you are the type of personcauses let everyday activities take Have you mentally and emo- over and get in the way with Nutrition is key to a healthy tionally prepared yourself for keeping that promise to your-life. The internet can give us the change you are going to self, then you have to be great information or conflict- put your mind and body more consistent, put it in ing opinions. Use common through? Strains and sprains your calendar and make itsense, eat sensibly, maintain are common to the overzeal- your first to do of the optimal weight, don't cut ous weekend warrior or theout any food groups or get person who hasn't exercised How do you mentally and help from a registered dieti- in such a long time but cian. has now made up their mind to get in Drinking water is im- shape. portant and lack of it canlead to constipation, By promising yourselfpoor skin conditions or that this year's resolu- possibly other metabolic tion would be different, diseases. you are ready to go full force into that gym Join a gym or hire the and lose weight. But services of a fitness pro- hold on, you need to fessional. Don't let your take some precaution-enthusiasm go by the ary steps or you justwayside when you walk may walk out of thein and don't know where gym in a coupleto begin. Go down that weeks with a lot ofhealthy path by asking sore muscles or possi- for help in developing an bly an injury.physically prepare to reach exercise program fit for you your goals? and any medical issues you How will you feel in February may have instead of trying to if you do injure yourself? You Being healthy consists of do on your own one more may feel like you have failed mental and physical factors time. again, you may once again that we can measure by how hate exercise and put yourmuch energy and vitality we Nothing can stand in the fitness goals on the back-have or don't and by other way of achieving those new burner until a health crisismedical means like takinggoals, creating a healthy arrives. You may even feelour blood pressure.mindset, committing to a more stress and become anhealthier lifestyle and keep- emotional eater which will Check with your physician ing that positive mental atti- not only increase yourfirst to make sure your body tude no matter what life weight, but also your healthis ready for exercise and that throws at you. don't have any healthWanda McCormick Owner/Trainer issues or restrictions thatPerfect Fit Personal Training & Get We know we need to inte-may require modifications to Fit Boot Camp Facility http:// grate exercise into our daily your exercise program. lives. How many times doCertified Personal Trainer NPTI. you say to yourself; tomor- You should make sure you Article Source: http:// row I'm going to exercise,get enough sleep, only to get an importantshows that the less you expert=Wanda_McCormick phone call, have an unex- sleep, you increase the pected item suddenly putstress hormone cortisol and onto your to do list or the day its catabolic in nature, mean- 4. FITNESS TRENDS 2009 4Where Workouts are Going This Year: The Top 10 List Tanya Martinenko As 2009 approaches, it's time2.Budget-Friendly Workouts.workout for the entire body. to make those New Year's The economic slowdown will They work by engaging multi- Resolutions. cause consumers to cut cor-ple muscles as a group, de- Start now and ring in the Newners in their fitness regime.veloping core strength and Year with the latest workout Gym memberships are ex-stability. trends.pected to decrease in 2009,7.Boomer Fitness. The grow- The American Council on Ex-and fewer people are likely to ing 50+ population is a major ercise (ACE) has just released hire personal trainers.consumer for the fitness mar- its top ten projected fitness3.Specialty Classes. While ket, as Baby Boomers have trends for the upcoming year.Yoga and Pilates remainthe time and financial means Survey groups indicate thatpopular, look for dance-basedto stay healthy. As the aging bootcamp-style workouts, classes to be livening upprocess continues, the moti- which topped the list in 2008, workouts this year. In particu-vation to remain fit and im-As 2009 will retain their number one lar, Zumba--a Latin-inspired prove quality of life becomes approaches, spot as the most fitness/dance workout--is onemore relevant. Affordable and it's time to popular trend for 2009. targeted fitnessmake those Also look for consum- services aimed at New Year's ers to be tighteningthis group will onlyResolutions. their wallets due to thecontinue to grow. trends. recent economic 8.Technology- downturn. The over-Based Fitness. arching theme for fit-High-tech gadgets ness in 2009 is getting like the I-pod, Wii- more bang for the Fit, and the growth buck, says ACEs of Cardio Cinema Chief Science Officer in many fitness Cedric X. Bryant, clubs are some of Ph.D. Consumers will the ways technol- engage in workoutsogy has infiltrated that provide multiple modern workouts. benefits due to timeExpect new fit- and economic limita-ness-based games tions.of the hottest upcoming exer-in 2009, as well as continuedcise trends. Reality-based TVtechnological inventions to The 2009 list is a mix of oldshows, such as Dancing Withheighten the exercise experi- and new, with several 2008 the Stars and So You Think ence. trends remaining on the list.You Can Dance have sparked 9.Event or Sport-Specific Ex- Expect technology-basedthe dance-fitness craze, withercises. Getting in shape the workouts and Baby Boomer ballroom and other dance old-fashioned way by a partici- fitness to continue to thrive in styles also popular. pating in a neighbourhood popularity.4.Getting Back to Basics. De-basketball game, going for a Top 10 Fitness Trends forspite the trendiness of todaysbike ride in the country, or 2009 modern exercise classes andmarathon training remain fun 1.Bootcamp-Style Workouts. equipment, expect many train-and popular ways to stay fit. Top of the list for the second ers to re-focus on the basics10.Mixing It Up. Variety is key, year in a row, bootcamp-styleof staying in shape, gearing inand changing things up a bit workouts will continue toon simple movements andprevents workouts from be- dominate the fitness world intechniques.coming stale, as well as pro- 2009 because they give you5.Circuit Training. Considered viding better results. Low- a total-body workout thatsmore time-efficient than stan- intensity cardio or weight- varied, fun and challenging.dard weight-training and aero- training one day, followed by a The extreme cardiovascular bic exercises, circuit traininghigh-intensity workout the next factor leads to a high caloric equipment is appearing inkeeps ones fitness routine burn, resulting in a greater more gyms and fitness clubs. interesting and effective. weight-loss potential. As an 6.Kettlebells. A Kettlebell is a The copyright of the article Fitness Trends for 2009 in Fitness Trends is owned by added bonus, high-and low- traditional Russian cast ironTan