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  1. 1. Steam Engine Revolution SER 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  2. 2. Mission of SMARTii team Create and Improve Technologies Analyze and develop the improvements in the systems using TRIZ ( Change the World by solving the Biggest problems Actual challenge to Save the Coal Fired Power Plants because the Coal reserves is enough more than 400 years re-invent & Develop the Steam Engines 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  3. 3. Highlights I. Business Section The Pain Stated Objectives The Solution Target Users Project Roadmap Business 246 years after 1st Steam Engine II.Technical section Proof of physical concept Measured data & Graphs Experimental results & photo Compare 2 Carnot cycle working fields
  4. 4. The Pain Coal Fired Power Plants gives the 20% of the total CO2 Emissions Low Efficiency of Steam Engines Steam-turbine: max=30% Policy wants to limit the operation of Coal Fired Power Stations & 72GW will close in U.S. The Steam Engine is a 246 years old technology, using almost unchanged Conversion to Zero emission makes it uncompetitive the price of generated electricity 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  5. 5. Stated objectives Increase the Efficiency of Steam Engines Increase profitability Decrease the CO2 Emission of Steam Engines Decrease the volume of used water Easily applicable on working Power Plants 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  6. 6. The Solution SER technology Efficiency increasable to ~50% Coal consume decrease by 40% ROI of SER technology less than 5years Not need water to operation of turbine 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  7. 7. Project Roadmap 246 years after 1st Steam Engine 1. Coal Fired Power Plants 2. Nuclear Power Plants Trucks, Ships, Locomotives 3.Transportation Applied research & Conception model 8 months4 months Fundamental research 18 months Prototype Development SER licence
  8. 8. 1st phase Fundamental research Activities: R&D - Research & Finalize the SER basic materials Prepare: Feasibility Study Business Plan Prototype Development Plan Timeframe: 4 months 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  9. 9. 2nd phase - Applied research Proof-of-Concept project: 1. Make an experiment serial with a system which consist different engines A) traditional steam engine | B) diesel motor | C) SER steam engine 2. connect them one by one to the same 50kW output electric power generator 3. Feed them same calorific value of fuel and 4. Measure the output values Timeframe: 8 months 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  10. 10. 3rd phase Prototype Development Plan and build a prototype of 1st SER technology installed 1MW capacity steam engine. Test & measure in workshop Validate the measure & data with independent accredited company like TV, SGS. Test & measure in real service environment, e.g. connect to a local micro grid to supply a small village with electricity. Project output: Market ready prototype & tested technology Timeframe: 18 months 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  11. 11. Demonstration Market driven demonstration project: Reconstruct a traditional Coal Fired Power Plant or Supply a Truck with SER engine or Supply a Locomotive with SER engine or Supply a Ship with SER engine or 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  12. 12. Applications scope Target users What will happen if the SER technology proven works? It will be start the Revolution of Steam Engines: Revolution of Coal Fired Power Plants ~6.000 Revolution of Nuclear Power Plants few 100 Revolution of Steam Locomotives ~10.000 Revolution of Steam Ships 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  13. 13. Value proposition Coal Fired Power Plant with installed SER: The output power will double or The used coal will decrease 40% Water consumption decrease down to 50% Profitability rise up from ~10% to ~30% Installation cost of SER technology will return 5 years 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  14. 14. Business for Investor 1. Investment: 3.600.000 result: SER, an outstanding & profitable technology for users 2. Potential clients: ~6.000 coal fired power plants 3. Income: sale licenses 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  15. 15. U.S. coal plants income in 2008 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  16. 16. II.Technical Section Technical Section of SER Presentation 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  17. 17. How we can prove & demonstrate the SER simply? 1. How does work a Steam Engine? The steam pressure increasing/working in a closed, heated space. 2. Compare, what happens with the water or SER materials in same closed space! 3. We fill a 24 liters cylinder 1st water, 2nd SER materials, and heat up to 553K (=280C) 4. The measured pressure in the cylinder: Psteam= 45bar vs. PSER= 120bar 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  18. 18. SER experiments graph 246 years after 1st Steam Engine
  19. 19. Compare the Carnot Workfields 246 years after 1st Steam Engine We pre-calculated that, SER Carnot working field size would be double than traditional steam engine. P V Carnot Cycle working field steam Carnot Cycle working field of SER
  20. 20. Measurement of Proof-of-physical idea 246 years after 1st Steam Engine The pressure higher Pressure run up faster Coal usage lower Efficiency ~50% The Carnot working field appr. double than traditional steam engine SER technology experimental results:
  21. 21. Would be our Partner in this Revolution ? Visit our website: Send email to us: 246 years after 1st Steam Engine