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Internet on your mobile: beyond news and games Stephanie Jackson Vodafone Romania September 18, 2009

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Internet on your mobile:beyond news and games

Stephanie Jackson

Vodafone Romania

September 18, 2009

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Mobile Internet or Internet on your mobile?

Internet on PC

Fixed Internet

Internet on

your mobileInternet on laptop

Mobile internet

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Part 1: Internet on your mobile: its here…•Who: urban male, 19-29, socially

active–How many do we have in the room?

•What– Information, entertainment, socializing

•Why–One device –Anytime–Anywhere

fill time, save time

•When –Did I already mention “anytime”?

•How–Did I already mention “one device”?

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Some Statistics

•In Romania– 17.2% of internet users connect on a mobile line

– Of those, 42% connect from the mobile

– So, 7% of population is active on internet on their mobile

• Around the world, mobile data usage is growing fast…

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Why consumers use Internet on Mobile?

•Keeps me connected anytime 41%

•Keeps me in contact with friends 34%

•Keeps me informed 29%

•Price package 21%

•Package of services 16%

•Very popular service 11%Source data: Vodafone Internal Research

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Everyone wants to interact and stay in touch….

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Known barriers…and solutions

•No need 53% Really? Lets go back to previous slide

•Expensive 22% Did you check recently?

•Unclear benefit 10% hum…let’s go back to earlier slide

•Difficult to buy 8% it’s getting much easier…

•Never heard 3% ask the grandkids…

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Cool applications you might already know

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Email – Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail

•It’s easy to read and send email from a mobile phone, as major email providers have created mobile versions of their websites

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IM – eBuddy

•eBuddy is the most popular instant messaging application for mobile phones

•eBuddy supports MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk, MySpace, ICQ and Facebook accounts

• Internet on Your Mobile customers choose to install the applications or to chat directly from their mobile phone browser

•Users can send pictures directly from their phone camera

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Social Networking – Facebook, hi5, Twitter• Internet on Your Mobile

users can keep in touch with their friends on social networking sites

•Facebook, hi5, Twitter and most other social networking sites have mobile versions, that can be easily accessed through the phone’s browser

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Applications –

• is the most popular free mobile application catalogue on web

• It has over 50,000 applications for 1,700 handsets

•Through our partnership with, Internet on Your Mobile customers can browse and download the whole catalogue

•Some of the most downloaded applications in are eBuddy, Facebook Mobile, Yahoo Mobile and Google Maps.

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Weather –

• is the leading site for weather and related forecasts

•The mobile site is translated into Romanian

•Up-to-date conditions for your area, detailed satellite images, reliable hourly forecast information up to two days ahead and 15-days location for all locations worlwide

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Cool applications you might not know….

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Some really new stuff• Insurance phone application

(RO)– Click to send request

– Call to action (immediately)

•Google Fastflip– new reading experience

– flipping through content is very fast

•Digby Shopping(USA)– A very successful mobile web


– put your store on the next high growth consumer focused Smartphone platform with the Digby Downloadable Application for Blackberry (available also for WM, Android and iPhone)

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Part 2: how to make more business with IOYM

Page 18: Stephanie Jackson

o Interneto Highly interactiveo Allows for human to human constant communication - Facebook,

twitter, email,…o On demand content. – YouTube, iTunes… o Support dependent for physical displacement (need device with

you)o Slowly eating away at TV usage

o The Mobile Phone – what more?o Truly capable of delivering on the needs for interaction wherever and

whenevero Not threatened by the internet, to the contrary a great complemento Internet gains reach and penetration. More users have cell phones with

internet capabilities than PCso Internet gains ubiquity

Video almost killed the radio ...Why care about Internet on Mobile?

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o Adding mobile internet to the marketing mix, you get..

o Relevance – campaigns can be highly targeted.

o Increased reach – on mobile, we can find consumer anytime

o Portable commercial actions - transforming the cell phone into a redeemable voucher or coupon, an offer of the week newsletter

o The ultimate viral hotspot - Campaigns can be geared to maximize the viral factor, generating a viral propagation of your message and brand.

Why brands will move to mobile internet …

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• Eyes of the online consumers will continue to move to the mobile

• Marketing budget will move to the mobile• Opportunities will move to the mobile

• Be one of the first to move!

So what ?

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Where specifically is the money …

1.Sell mobile advertising on your property

2.Sell mobile applications

3.Publish mobile content

4.Develop mobile promotions

5.Help brands create mobile sites

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Part 3: selling advertising on mobile websites

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Advertising on Mobile is here…• Key Advertising Services on Mobile Internet from

Vodafone – Targeted advertising on Vodafone portal

– Targeted advertising on 3rd party sites

• Value added services– Build micro sites

– Ad-serving capabilities

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