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<p>Following steps should be followed during the Integration of BTS</p> <p>1. Block Resource of the SITE and Set BTS auto load OFF.</p> <p>SET BTSAUTOLD: BTSID=111, SWT=OFF;2. Take a sample cfg file of same type (Note the type of BTS (3606E/3606AE), No. of Carriers).do the changes if needed.</p> <p>3. Change the following Items in this file:</p> <p>a) Site ID (Take care that Site ID is in two parameters : btsid and localcellid so change in both.</p> <p>b) BCIM IP in </p> <p>cbtsbcimip:btsid=610,brdid=0,brdip="",brdsnm="", confirm=y;</p> <p>by LST BTSLNK</p> <p> c) BSC IP in</p> <p>add cbtstersiglnk:btsid=610,ipver=ipv4,bscip="",btsip="", btssnm="",brdid=0,abislnktp=cdma1xonly,bearertp=ip,peerip=""</p> <p>by LST SUBSYSTEMd) BTSIP in</p> <p>add cbtstersiglnk:btsid=610,ipver=ipv4,bscip="",btsip="", btssnm="",brdid=0,abislnktp=cdma1xonly,bearertp=ip,peerip=""</p> <p>by LST BTSLNKe) PEERIP (PEUBa IP) inadd cbtstersiglnk:btsid=610,ipver=ipv4,bscip="",btsip="", btssnm="",brdid=0,abislnktp=cdma1xonly,bearertp=ip,peerip=""</p> <p>by LST IP</p> <p> f) Check the Max cell radius and change if needed. For most of the BTS it is 31.4. Run the batch File.</p> <p>5. Save file - SAV CBTSCFG6. Download Software </p> <p>DLD CBTSALLSW: BTSID=710, LDTP=DLDACT, LDOPTION=ALL;</p> <p>(During downloading specially note the downloading of following software:1. FPGA software of CMTR.</p> <p>2. FPGA software of CCPM.</p> <p>3. CPU software of CCPM. </p> <p>4. cfg file. )</p> <p>7. If any activation failed than download software again but only Different Load optionDLD CBTSALLSW: BTSID=710, LDTP=DLDACT, LDOPTION=DIFF;</p> <p>8. Save file again. SAV CBTSCFG9. Load Software version of Stand By BCKM:</p> <p>BKP CBTSFILE: BTSID=111, OBJTP=BCKM, SWTP=CPUFollowing Steps are for checking the Status:</p> <p>1. Check the Software version BTS Boards.</p> <p>GET CBTSBRDVER: BTSID=111;</p> <p>The result should be like the below:</p> <p>Board Version Information------------------------</p> <p> BoardType BoardID Software Version Logic Version Remark </p> <p> BCKM 0 V300R002C01B022CP0006 (U5)018 </p> <p> BCKM 1 V300R002C01B022CP0006 (U5)018 </p> <p> BCIM 0 V300R002C01B022CP0006 (U74)003(U17)019 </p> <p> CRDM 0 V300R002C01B022CP0005 (U30)003(U37)005(U54)004 </p> <p> CCPM 0 V300R002C01B022CP0006 (U26)002(U51)003 </p> <p> CCPM 1 V300R002C01B022CP0006 (U26)002(U51)003 </p> <p> TRM 1 V300R002C01B022CP0006 (U5002)003(U6500)132(U7001)129 </p> <p> TRM 3 V300R002C01B022CP0006 (U5002)003(U6500)132(U7001)129 </p> <p> TRM 5 V300R002C01B022CP0006 (U5002)003(U6500)132(U7001)129 </p> <p>If there is some problem like different Software Version then Download Software again. 2. Check the validity of different types of Software of BTS Cards</p> <p>DSP CBTSSW: BTSID=111;</p> <p>The result should be like this:Query Result </p> <p> ------------ </p> <p> Software Type</p> <p>File Name</p> <p>Software Status File Length(byte)Download </p> <p>Time </p> <p> BCKM CPU SoftwareBCKM3606.BZP </p> <p>Currently valid 20736492008-06-20 06:50 </p> <p> BTS Configuration Data CBTSCFG.BIN </p> <p>Currently valid 5504 2008-06-26 01:05 </p> <p> CMTR CPU Software CMTR.BZP </p> <p>Currently valid 1173855 2008-06-20 06:30 </p> <p> QC54BCIM CPU Software CIM_8270.BZP </p> <p>Currently valid 1764514 2008-06-20 06:46 </p> <p> QC54BCIM FPGA SoftwareQC54BCIM_FPGA.BZP Currently valid 254097 2008-06-20 06:43 </p> <p> CMTR FPGA Software QCK1MTRX_FPGA.BZP Currently valid 1390838 2008-06-20 06:24 </p> <p> CCPM FPGA Software QCK3CCPM_FPGA.BZP Currently valid 392134 2008-06-20 06:39 </p> <p> CCPM CPU Software QCK3CCPM.BZP Currently valid 1306321 2008-06-20 06:41 </p> <p> CRDM FPGA Software CRDM_FPGA.BZP Currently valid 756825 2008-06-20 06:35 </p> <p> CRDM CPU Software CRDM.BZP </p> <p>Currently valid 407647 2008-06-20 06:37 </p> <p> (Number of results = 10) </p> <p> --- END </p> <p>Total Software should be 10 and Status of all must be Currently valid If any software is missing download that specific Software by using:</p> <p>DLD CBTSSW:</p> <p>** This command only downloads the Software but will not activate. You have to activate the software manually. </p> <p>For this go to Equipment Panel &gt;&gt; Master Rackand Right Click the Specific board and Activate the Specific software manually.3. Check the GPS DSP CBTSBRDSPECSTAT: BTSID=111, BRDTP=BCKM, BRDID=0, MTRLGY=MET; </p> <p> DSP CBTSBRDSPECSTAT: BTSID=111, BRDTP=BCKM, BRDID=1, MTRLGY=MET; </p> <p> Execution Result </p> <p>---------------- </p> <p> BTS Name = Chowk </p> <p> BTS ID = 111 </p> <p> Board Type = BCKM </p> <p> Board ID = 1 </p> <p> Reference Clock Source = Clock Reference in Board </p> <p> Receiver Module Model = Resolution-T </p> <p> Receiver Module Mode = GPS </p> <p> GPS Satellites Traced = 10 </p> <p> GLONASS Satellites Traced = 0 </p> <p> Latitude = North 26 degrees 46 minutes 47 seconds 437 milliseconds</p> <p> Longitude = East 82 degrees 9 minutes 1 seconds 946 milliseconds </p> <p> Altitude = 90.00 m </p> <p> Status of Software PLL = Locked </p> <p> Current UTC Leap Second = 14 </p> <p> Time System = Standard Time </p> <p>GPS Satellite Traced should be at least 4. If less than 4 rectify it.</p> <p>4. Check BER</p> <p>DSP CBTSLNKSTAT: BTSID=111, BRDID=0; </p> <p>DSP ERRCODERATIO: FN=2, SN=24, LNKNO=0; </p> <p>5. Check Time Zone</p> <p>LST SYSMSGPARA: CN=111, CCMINF=SCHM;</p> <p>Time zone should be +5:30.</p> <p>Otherwise change by: MOD SCHM: SUBITEM=CRR_CLASS, CN=112, LOCTMOFF=LF43;</p> <p>6. After all these steps Run the RF Script for this site and Set BTSAUTOLOAD On by:</p> <p>SET BTSAUTOLD: BTSID=111, SWT=ON; </p>