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Steps Toward Independence and Responsibility Slide 2 About US About STIR About YOU Slide 3 An Introduction to the staff: Deb Tonda Chuck Andy Sarah Slide 4 Two Truths and a lie: Andy Magruder Sarah Payne Slide 5 Project STIR provides you with tools to: Advocate Educate Who are we advocating for? Who are we trying to educate? How? Slide 6 Training program for self-advocates Leading by example - what you accomplish in your own life Telling your own story Advocacy- Helping others speak up too and become leaders by example Lead by example Tell your story Encourage others to lead Slide 7 > Knowing Yourself > Communicating Assertively > Problem Solving and Negotiating > Rights and Responsibilities > Self Advocacy and Self Determination > Being Part of the Community > Starting a Self Advocacy Group Slide 8 Classes will be two different nights a week Monday Thursday Try to attend the same class every week Limited to 12 students Slide 9 Participate in discussions and other activities Role playing is not required, but highly recommended You may be asked to do homework assignments. Be committed! Three unexcused absences **An absence is excused if you call ahead of time Slide 10 Kirk-tran Tickets Carpool?