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Stian Berg Larsen n7267967. Exercise 1. Understanding file formats: VECTOR and RASTOR . RGB / CMYK. 291 KB. 1,07 MB. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Stian Berg Larsen n7267967

Stian Berg Larsenn7267967Exercise 1Understanding file formats: VECTOR and RASTOR


1,07 MB

In this example you can clearly see the difference between RGB and CMYK. Also, the size differs a lot. For use on-screen choose RGB, for print your better of with CMYK.3 Indexed / Save For Web216 KB39,4 KB

Visually no big difference from the RGB. Even the size is about the same in the Indexed example. But as you can see, Save for web really gets the size down. This is important when saving for web. (obvious?) Bitmap / Duotone11,9 KB256 KB

These on the other hand is very different from the first examples.Bitmap is clearly smaller in file size and in visual quality. The duotone is about the same size, but contains only 2 colors (or 2 tones).LiveTrace

35,3 KBThis is an example of a LiveTrace. This is now presented in vector graphics, which means that it doesnt loose any quality when zoomed or stretched to a bigger size. Vector is very good to use while making logos or other scalable graphics.Exercise 2Clock Face sketchesSketches

Here are some sketches Ive made. I just drew what came into mind, and Im pleased with the result.

The sketch to the left contains to watches. I misunderstood the task, but made clock faces for all categories later on. Though I do like the watches too.Sketches

First here is the signature clock face. Its a classic style, with day and month showing in the middle of the clock.

Second sketch is another time-zone example. 2 sets of hands as you can see, illustrating 2 different zones. Sketches

The fantasy clock face I sketched here is the one I chose to illustrate in Photoshop. I like the concept, and its not too complicated.

And here are my third time zone concept. Turn the dial to show the time. Easy!Final design

Fantasy clock faceThis is my final clock face. A fantasy clock face, where the back rotates to show what time of day it is. In the day its showing a nice sunny day, and in the night the moon gets up, along with the stars.Exercise 3 Composition / LayoutPop art

Not too much to say here. Played around with color and tracing.I was aiming for the style Warhol used in his pop art.5 layers composition

This composition was made using the 3 images shown on this page. Its made up by several layers, and by editing the pictures to get the effect I wanted.It looks like a dream world, with the earth in the skies in the background.Exercise 4Typography4x4 grid (Letter a)

Playing around with the letter a in a 4x4 grid. I tried different fonts and sized and mixed around with a lot, but these are the ones I ended up using.4x4 grid (Letter s)

Playing around with the letter s in a 4x4 grid. I tried different fonts and sized and mixed around with a lot, but these are the ones I ended up using.Words with meaning

Exercise 5Self portraits(reconstruction)Line drawing

This is my line drawing portrait.Filtered out details in photoshop, and made it more sketchy.

Also added a background to give it more of a sketchy feeling.


And my chiaroscuro.Had to use a photo we took earlier, as I was smiling too much in all the shots from the photoshoot.

The background is made in Photoshop, using several clouds. Made them red, and toned them down.

Overall a photo/composition Im very happy with.

I do think it could be a littlebit more contrast in the face to make it even more chiaroscuro, but thats easier to do with lightning while taking the photo.Caricature

Caricature.Not too much to say here.

To be honest I didn't really know what to do. I would love to hand in a sketch made by hand, but Im terrible at hand drawing, so that's not going to happen.

This is my approach on a big-head caricature.

Meanwhile Ill practice my hand drawing skills, and maybe next time Ill be able to present some sketches that way.Comic character

Comic character.

I was thinking about simpsons, and thought Id give it a shot.

This was an attempt to make me look like Homer Simpson, from the tv series The Simpsons.

Used liquify and other tools inside of photoshop to get this.