stian westlake: six trends of the future

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Nesta's director of policy and research Stian Westlake sets out his six trends set to impact on the political future. Stian was speaking at Future Shock:


  • 1. Six politicalfuturesStian Westlake, NestaT: @stianwestlake

2. Politics: through a glass, darklyManifesto tracker[We will] sanction the launch ofnew cable networks to bringwider choice to consumers, notjust for entertainment, but forthe whole new world of tele-shoppingand tele-bankingConservatives, 1983[We will] create a national,broadband network whichintegrates telecommunicationsand broadcastingLabour, 1983 3. The rise of the robots 4. A collaborative economy? 5. Sixscenariosfor thecolla-borativeeconomyRise of themicroentrepreneurHyper-productive goods International monopoliesA million local economies On demand, convenientand embeddedIncreased sustainability 6. The future of healthData LoopsDigital PeerSupportDynamicBehaviouralChangeSmartWearables PhonesPatient+CarerClinician 7. What shouldwe teach? 8. Industrial policy (shhh!) 9. The comingbattle overdataProductivity boost for datavores4%11%6%9%Data collectionData analysis & reportingData deploymentData score 10. New democratic ideas 11. Looking out for the future

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